The Babysitter

The job at the pizza parlor had fallen through, mostly, she supposed, because she didn’t have size 44DDD tits like the other girl who’d interviewed with her. Still, if she hadn’t gone for the interview, she might not have seen the sign outside the ladies room on the public notice board there for “Babysitting, Saturday Nights”.

She rang the bell. This was her second ‘interview’, the first having been over the phone with Mr. and Mrs. Wendell. The door opened before she could build up too many nerves. The woman who answered the door was pretty. Mid-30’s, brunette, classy up-do and great make up.

“You must be Marci, right?”

“Yes,” she replied, hoping that her nerves didn’t make her sound all squeaky, since Mrs. Wendell had a smooth, honeyed voice.

“Right this way, honey,” Mrs. W said, gesturing towards an arched doorway. “Please, call me Lou. That Mrs. Wendell makes me feel positively ancient!” She let out a tiny giggle.

“Now, Marci, honey, you have your license, right? Andy will take a copy just for safety sake, you understand.” She lead the way into and through a beautiful solarium. Marci was amazed at the size of the house. She was going to need a map!

“You’re up at the college?” At Marci’s nod, she continued.

“Studying general business, right? Well, we’ll discuss all the business end of things in a few minutes then. Just know that you’ll be well compensated…Mr. Wendell is very fair and generous with all of our employees.”

“Andy honey, Marci is here.” She called, as they went down a short run of steps into a hallway. A few doors lined the right side while on the left hung some wonderful misty art pictures.”

The hall opened into a dimly lit room. There was a flickering light ahead and she could see there was a giant-screen tv.

“Men and their tv’s, right?” Lou giggled.

“Wow,” said Marci, totally dazzled. A hand came up from behind her and she would have yelped but for the rag over her face.

“A little nap, sweetheart,” she heard as she faded into black.


She woke, confused. The light was dim.  A cool breeze wafted across her body raising her nipples. There was something odd about it, but she felt wispy and dazed. A tingle ran from between her legs, and she realized it was a tongue, warm and wet, lapping at her open pussy.  Lifting her head, she could see the top of an updo…

“Lou?” she said, her voice a faint rasp.

“Lou is warming up your sweet cunt for me.”

The voice, deep and resonant, came from behind her. Tilting her head back, she saw a man, his face in shadows. A thick, enormous cock jutted from his belly.  It was unlike any of the other cocks she’d ever seen before. All two of them.

“I know, you’re a bit confused by all of this. We’ll help you figure it out as we go on.”

He stretched out his hand. He held a remote. With a single click the enormous screen at the front of the room turned on. A girl was there arms and legs secured spread-eagle, laying on a mattress with a woman’s head between her legs. A man stood near her head stroking his cock.

The girl was her. 

“We film all our scenes, Marci, but just for our own enjoyment. In the future, I’ll play some of your tapes so that you can appreciate what’s been happening. It’s beautiful to watch people sexing with each other, fucking and enjoying our bodies.

He moved beside her, then straddled her. The tip of the enormous dick almost touched her lips.

“I want you to meet your “baby”, the “child” you’ll be taking care of this evening. My wife and I prefer to stay in, and you’ll stay in with us.”

She wanted to shake her head no. This could not be happening. It was too far-fetched. It was stuff you read about or heard in the paper, but it wasn’t real. It wasn’t her. The girl on the screen tossed her head, and the cock rubbed her lips.

“Open for daddy. If you think about biting or using your teeth, I’ll have to put an unpleasant gag in your mouth. You won’t like it at all, but I’ll still fuck your throat.”

She had only given head once and had not enjoyed the experience. And Danny had been far less endowed.

“Yes, I know, you’re going to gag on it. That’s okay. I like when that happens. You might even puke. That’s okay too.”

He crawled higher up, until his ass was sitting on her tits.

“I can feel your nipples on my cheeks. They’re so fucking hard they feel like little cleats!”

He brushed the slightly oozing head over her lips. Fearful of the gag, she parted her mouth a small bit. It was all the invitation he needed, and he pushed firmly into her. She felt the glide of velvety-soft skin over her tongue, then gagged when he kept pressing forward, hitting her uvula and pressing onward. Her lips moved to say “no” and he moaned.

“yeah, like that little girl, fuuuuck,”

He pulled back, then eased forward again, just as his wife sucked Marci’s clit between her teeth. Her hips arched at the sensation, her mouth opened wide, and he slid hard and fast to the back of her throat.

She was torn by sensations, pain, pleasure, gagging, lack of air, panic, and the deep pull from inside her belly that presaged her orgasm.

He pulled out, slapping her cheeks with his rigid shaft.

“Good girl, I’m nice and hard now.”

He slid down her body, pushing his wife away with his ass. Her mouth became busy at his anus as his cock lined up with Marci’s cunt.

“So wet,” he sighed softly, as he began to sheath himself in her. She could hear his wife slurping until he’d moved forward too far for her lapping mouth to reach.

“Put your finger in her ass,” he directed her.

Marci watched the screen as his buttocks moved deeper into the girl spread on the floor, and the brunette rose to her knees between his legs, fishing under him. She saw the woman smile, even as she felt something pressing against her anus. Her cunt was stretched, albeit slowly, as Mr. W eased his thickness into her, and the intrusion of a finger into her bum made her eyes widen with shock.

“nooo,” she moaned, “I can’t do that…”

“Shhh,” he whispered, “Of course you can,” and he leaned down and kissed her,  sucking her moans into his mouth. “You’re so fucking delicious,” he said softly, kissing her again as she cried out.

“Three,” said his wife triumphantly.

“Good girl,” he said, “stretch her out and fuck her good with your talented fingers.” He bent forward, but rather than kissing her, he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and teasing it with his lips.

So many sensations it was impossible to separate them all. He fucked slowly into her, slowly out, while his wife diddled her asshole. And then he bit her nipple, hard. She arched, and came, squirting.

“Goooood girl, cum all over my cock, yesssss,” he encouraged her, picking up the rhythm. “You like the pain, yes.”

His hips began to move faster, pressing himself harder and deeper into her. He’d yet to bottom out in her sweet cunny. He enjoyed the sensation of Lou’s fingers in the girls ass, the way they stroked his shaft as she wiggled and rotated them. The sweet babe was moaning and tossing her head now, between the riot in her ass, his renewed assault on her tit, and his pumping cock.

She screamed as he hit her cervix hard, then came again, harder than the first time. He didn’t give her a break or breather, just pressed through the welter of sensitivity, causing her to wimper and moan more. Her asshole ached, her nipple was throbbing from the ravages of his teeth and hands, and she was going to orgasm again.

He was pounding into her, grunting with the effort.

“FOUR,” his wife cheered, popping yet another finger into the tight confines of the girls ass.

His fingers gripped her tits as handles as he pumped furiously.


He didn’t finish, his cock draining his balls deep into her belly, string after string of salty sperm. Rolling away, he watched as Lou slipped up, and began slurping the juices from the swollen, leaking pussy he’d just abused so delightfully. He noted that Lou’s fingers were still buried in the babysitters asshole, but decided to not make an issue of it. Crawling up to her mouth, he presented her with his cock.

“Clean it up now, girl. That’s what babysitters to, and this is your baby. Until I grow one in your belly, of course. Suck it gently, that’s it.”

He began to stiffen as she moaned around his shaft. His wife was making her cum again, the naughty thing.  He pulled out, then moved to unfasten the cuffs that held their new babysitter in place.

He turned her on her belly, his wife’s tongue still darting between those puffy lips, her eyes glazed, cum on her cheeks and forehead. She was a beautiful mess already and the night was so young.

He tucked her knees up, raising her ass, then secured the ties to hold her. She was too sex-dazed to struggle, he noted. Lou had fingers in her cunt, in her ass, licking between and around both holes. The girls bottom wagged around. Trying to get away, or trying to get more, it was hard to tell.

He slapped Lou on the ass.


With a pout, she pulled her hands away.

“I’m going to hurt your ass when I rape it. I will not be gentle like I was on your cunt.”

The words, rough and raw, made the girls bottom tighten, made her quiver, but only a low moan came from her lips. His cockhead slipped easily into her ass, but her moan grew louder.

“I know,” he crooned. He pounded into her, savaging her butthole. She whimpered, she moaned, and she squirted again; he felt the splash of it on his knees as he punched her back door, his cock like a battering ram against her tender flesh. It didn’t take long for her whimpers to become tears, for her to struggle so sexily against the assault. Every sound, every tear made him harder.

“Yesssss,” he groaned at last, pumping her bowels with his jizz.

He pulled away, then lay on his side beside her, chest heaving.  The only sounds were from her soft weeping, then the “fffwpt, fffwpt” of Lou’s tongue lapping at the girls ass as she scavenged for his seed.


They walked her to the door after midnight. She was dazed, sore, drained.

“So, next Saturday, same time?” said Lou hopefully, as Andy pulled several bills from his wallet. He handed them to her. She lifted her hands.

“I can’t…that makes me….you know…a whore.”

“You are a whore. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be compensated for your time. Don’t think of it as being paid for sex…we do that for enjoyment. I’m paying you for the time you spent in our home, that’s all.”

She took the bills, and headed to her car.

“You didn’t say if you could make it next week?”

Lou’s face was tragically needy. She fingered the bills in her pocket. Babysitting, her ass. Indeed, her ass. She looked back at Lou.

“At six, right?”

Lou smiled.



The knock on her door came just fifteen minutes after she’d placed the emergency call. He came in carrying a battered black toolbox, and wearing that onesie outfit that all plumbers wore. The coveralls had been mustard yellow in some long-ago time, she supposed. Now it was stained, and smelled faintly of rust and dark wet places as he brushed past her.

In the bathroom, she watched as he opened the tool box, took out an enormous wrench and began dismembering her tub faucet. A grunt was followed by an ‘hmmmm’, which was followed by more banging.

“Got a big problem here,” his voice was as rusty-sounding as her pipes looked.

“Okay,” she said, though it was far from “okay”. The hit to her bank account was gonna hurt, and here it was, coming near her vacation time.

“Got some new faucets out in the truck. You can come take a look and pick one you want.”

She rolled her eyes behind his back. A faucet was a faucet was a faucet, wasn’t it?

“Fine,” she said, her tone dry. “Can’t you just pick one for me?”


Wordy bastard, she thought, shaking her head.

“Fine,” she said again, then turned to the hallway.

His arms came around her from behind, pressing her to the wall.

“Not all that’s ‘fine’,” he murmured, his coffee-breath snaking around her neck to make her gag.

“Hey!” She would have said more but a dank rag was pushed into her mouth.

“Grunt all ya want. I like hearin’ it.”

His arm kept her head pressed to the wall, while the other hand tugged down her sweatpants. She hadn’t worn underwear today, and his hand slid over the bare skin of her ass before slapping the soft curve.

She tried to push off of the wall. After a very brief struggle, her hands were tied behind her back with her own tee-shirt, her tits were hanging out of her bra, and she was bent over the arm of her couch. She’d fought her way down the hallway, battering at him, to no avail. His fingers dug into her hips as his cock pressed against her slit. He was going to rape her and she could do nothing to stop it, stop him.

He pressed, but not against her pussy lips.

She shook her head, no, oh god no! He pressed harder, she clenched her anus tight. He slapped her hard and she jolted.  OH, but it hurt! In that moment with concentration slipping, he pierced her.

The slap had been a caress compared to this. His thick hardness shoved into her tight and unwilling bottom. She screamed and grunted around the dirty wad in her mouth, would have torn and twisted his skin if her fingers weren’t bound in the fabric of her shirt. She felt the scratchy rasp of hair against the bottom curve of her ass, and knew he was now balls deep in her.  Her belly carried the weight of a man’s cock. Fingers clenching hard into the soft flesh of her hips, she felt the incredible relief of his shaft slipping away. The relief was short-lived, as his hips flexed, and his cock once again snaked up the line of her bowels.

There was a tingle in her clit. Struggling against the pounding length was impossible, and her body adapted to the sensations. The pain was a burning heat, but her pussy was beginning to stir. She felt her nipples pearl, the knots of flesh rubbing against the cool leather of the couch.

It wasn’t possible.

His body moved in hers, driving a path deeply into the cleft of her ass, her anus throbbing from the relentless assault. At the same time, her cunt clenched and she felt the unmistakable sensations presaging an orgasm.

She didn’t feel the cock burping its load in her butt, but his satisfied grunt informed her. Her body shook and trembled as she tumbled from her own sensory overload. Her pussy clenched, her head pressed into the coolness of the sofa, and her back arched as the orgasm rocked through her.

“Fuckin’ hot tamale, you are.”

Her eyes closed, as she winced. She wasn’t anyone’s ‘hot tamale’. She wanted to be released, she wanted to be finished. The cumming hadn’t been enough to quell the throb in her cunt.

Unceremoniously, she was yanked upward by her hair, led back to the bathroom.

“No wigglin’ or you could pierce somethin’ important.”

She felt the cold metal pressing against her rectum, and shook her head, squealing.

“Aaaw, a little enema won’t hurtcha. Gotta get all that DNA evidence outta your butt, you ass fuck whore.”

He laughed, slapping her hip. The sound of running water threw her into panic, and in seconds, the stream was filling her. Her belly quivered and shook with this second intrusion.

“You best hold this until your ass is on the pot, else you’ll lick it up with your tongue.”

She chose to not doubt him, and clenched hard as he withdrew the pipe from her butt. He guided her to the toilet and told her to release. The sounds, the gush of fluid, the stink…all were so totally embarrassing, despite the fact that he had caused them all. She wanted him to go away, but he was watching everything. He reached into his toolbox and came up with a small bottle of dishwashing soap.

Once more she was yanked up by her hair. Her gut trembled as he bent her over, shoving the tip of the bottle into her asshole. The squirt was cold and she felt the soap burn against her raw skin. Once more he pressed the pipe against her anus, and the gurgle of water filling her tailpipes was as loud as the ocean in her ears.

“Nice belly full of suds now, eh, ass fuck whore?” She flushed at the taunting.

“Best hold it hard now…soap makes it way slippery…”

It was harder this second time, to hold the liquid as he pressed her down to the toilet seat.

“Squirt those soapy bubbles, whore,” he laughed, kicking apart her legs and watching the soapy, shitty liquid squirting from her.

“Very bubbly back there..”

His fingers slipped between her splayed legs.

“Smells like shit…then again I’m used to it.”

His finger found her clit, rubbed it roughly.  He laughed when she moaned around the rag.

“Hot fuck, you’re so ready, aren’t you whore?”

Her eyes closed, her back arched, her tits thrusting forward. She burned. Throbbing, aching, yearning, she was on fire with a lust she’d never felt before. Three thick fingers slid into her cunt, curling upward and fucking her roughly. She pressed down, grinding on him, seeking more. A fourth finger slid inside, stretching her painfully. She humped his hand, growling.

A quick yank tugged her from the toilet. He dropped her on the floor, kneeling between her legs, and began pressing his hand against her cunt.

“Ya want it, dontcha? Want my entire fucking hand inside your greedy-assed cunt?”

She  stared up at him. He must have read the answer in her eyes, as his smile widened. His fingers pinched at her clit, rubbed bubbles across her pussy lips. She whimpered as his thick hand pressed against her, then pushed deeper. The soap burned her tenderest flesh, adding to the fiery lust. His slick hand popped into her, and she yelped, then moaned.  Her pussy lips closed around his wrist. Fingers curled inside her as his fist twisted this way and that, fucking her with each simple movement.

The orgasm was wildly intense, cum jetting from her like a broken pipe. He wasn’t gentle about tugging his hand from her, but again, the deep pain turned her on.

“Fucking cunt,” he said, rising. She lay curled on the floor, floating in another state of awareness as the aftershocks of the powerful orgasm rumbled in her belly. She didn’t notice when he left the room, and barely paid attention when he moved into the shower and began fixing the faucet.

She came back to awareness when he threw the heavy wrench into the toolbox which was by her head.  The sharp clatter of the tool landing in the box jolted her fully awake.  Her shoulder hurt where she’d been laying on it; but her hands were free. Her only garment was her bra, her tits still flopped out of the cups. The side of her breast was freezing from laying on the bathroom floor.

“I’m all done. Almost.”

He tugged her roughly to her feet, then pulled her into the tub. She had a moment to admire the new fixture before he pushed her to her knees. Stepping out of the tub, he turned, his cock out. She opened her mouth to question him, when the hot shot of urine splashed against her face.

“Oh! No!”

Shielding her face with her hands, she felt the hot spray aimed at her tits, her belly, the vee of her thighs.

“You might wanna check out the shower.” He zipped up his coverall, and picking up his toolbox, strode out of the bathroom. She heard the front door close, even as she scootched up and turned the water on.

The spray hit her, dousing her with cold water, then warming quickly. As the needle sharp spray pummeled her body, she leaned against the wall. Her body ached. Her mind floated. A smile played about her lips. The upstairs toilet was having some flushing issues…

In the Dark Quiet Places

The holiday lights were off. The last of the shoppers had gone home for the night. A week until the “big day” and the stores were closing later than ever.

It was two in the morning as she locked the store gates, her tired feet throbbing as she hefted her tote bag and purse down the long corridor. Only a few security lights gleamed as she made her way to the elevator that would take her to the employee garage.

The doors opened at last, as she shifted her weight to give relief to aching toes. She slid inside, punching the U for Underground Parking, then leaning forehead on the far wall, she closed her eyes and braced for the ‘falling’ feeling. A quick resting of her eyes would be lovely. The doors shut, then opened right away. Before she could turn and look, a hand pressed her head into the corner.

“Don’t move.”

The doors closed, the elevator began to descend.

He, for the voice  could only be male, pressed her into the corner.

“Don’t move, don’t look, and you’ll be fine. Got it?”

She didn’t know the voice. She didn’t know what to do. Go down fighting had always been her motto, but here she was, pressing herself into the corner as demanded. Did he have a weapon? A gun? A knife?

Her voice was a breath of a whisper. “Please, don’t hurt me…”

His hand moved up under her skirt, cupping her vulva. Leaning into her, pinning her with his body, she felt heat, yet shuddered. In her head she was screaming “no no no” but her body was definitely reacting to the thumb rubbing against the top of her slit.

Fingers eased into her panties as she heard the steady unzipping behind her. The elevator chimed that it  had reached its destination. The door opened and the curling swirl of cold air sent shivers up her spine. He moved away for a second, the doors shut. And the lights went out.


Hands reached for her in the darkness, roughly tugging her skirt up, her panties down. Her hips were tugged back, her legs opening for balance. The hot rub of a wet cock on her slit pressed deeper, splitting her lips, piercing her folds, and making an insistent entry into her hot cunt.


“Shut up, fuckhole. That’s what you are, a hole to be filled. It’s wrapped in a pretty package, to be sure. But this is the part of you that interests me tonight. Your hole. Not your sassy red mouth. Not your lovely fat titties. Just your hole.”

He fucked into her, the rubbing of his wet shaft making her squirm. She wasn’t fully ready. There was some pain in the friction, not that he seemed to notice.


“I don’t have a problem with that. In fact? That makes this even better for me.”

His pace increased, and it seemed that his cock did get harder, longer, more aggressive. His breathing grew harsher, the elevator made little squeaks as he barreled into her. Her fingers pressed into the walls, her forehead banging into the corner. When she came, it was a surprise. She wanted to shout “no! I don’t get off on this sort of violent sex…” but her body didn’t believe a word of it, and leaked sex-juice.

His fingers dug into her hips, drawing moans from her at the fierceness of the grip, leaving finger-shaped bruises as he jackhammered his cock into her tight cunt. His teeth bit at her shoulder, her neck as his orgasm spurted from him, deep into her belly.

“Put my juice up inside that dark warm belly of yours. Maybe next time I see you at the mall your belly will be round. My sperm loves dark quiet places. See you around.”

There was a soft sucking sound as he pulled out, then the feel of him wiping his sticky shaft on her ass and skirt.  Several things happened almost simultaneously. The door pinged open, the lights came on, and then the quick rush of footfalls moving away fast. She stayed for a moment, pressed into the corner. Her face burned. Her roommate would tease her mercilessly for coming in with dried cum on her clothing. What would she tell her boyfriend about this? Would she tell him anything? What if she did get pregnant?  The cool kiss of air on her ass had her adjusting her clothing quickly. She tugged her coat around her, trying to warm herself. His juice was inside her. His cum was sending swimmers up inside her belly, maybe to take root and grow there. Head down, she hurried to her car, fighting tears.


“You did it?”

“Mission accomplished.”

“You’re the best, man!”

“I aim to please.”

“You aim to get paid, for getting laid.”

“Trust me, she loved it.”


“That she was. But you knew that anyway.”



“Let me know if she breeds up. If not I’ll try again.”

“Thanks, man. I mean it. I’ve wanted a kid for a while. She’s been stubborn as hell about my wearing a condom. I can’t wait to hear what she says.”

“Remember you promised a three-way fuck some day.”

“I won’t forget.”

Carnie Carnality

“Step right up, lay-dees and gennlemen… every fantasy come true! Hur-ry, hur-ry, hur-ry… why hello there little lady.”

He was suave and handsome and had calculating eyes.  The garish sign behind his booth at the entrance of the tent said “$20.00 for the show of your life!”

She hated carnivals. Yet somehow her friends had convinced her to come with them. Their cries of “it’ll be fun,” and “c’mon–don’t be a spoil-sport” had driven her to acquiesce. Having boys for friends was sometimes fun, and sometimes a pain. She’d seen countless drag racing shows, blood n guts movies, and now this. To punish them for being such jerk-offs, she’d decided to wear her tightest and shortest shorts, and her new halter top. Tied and the neck and mid-back, plunging low in front, all three buddies had stood there, gap-mouthed. She never dressed girlie when they were hanging, always in jeans and tees. They knew she had tits, they’d joked about it often enough, that she was the only ‘guy friend’ they knew with jugs, but now they had empirical proof.

She’d stood, hip-shot, and wolf whistled at them, which had devolved into mock wrestling, jostling, and one sly titty squeeze as they melee’d in the hallway.

Where exactly the three guys had gone off to was a mystery, and here she was standing here, being oogled by a carnie with hungry wolf eyes.

His voice dropped low, speaking only to her.

“For you, sweet cheeks, $10 bucks….but only coz  you’re the prettiest thing I’ve seen all day.”

With a reluctant sigh, she passed him the ten, trying to ignore his attempt to peer into her cleavage as she passed. Guys were pigs.

Inside the dimly lit tent, were rows of folding chairs in a circle around a stage. A tired-looking “showgirl” stood just inside the door, passing out masks. She was also wearing one, with pretty feathers around the forehead and temples.

“Put it on dear, it helps with the show.” The one she was handed was just plain black, however.

There were maybe twenty or so people already seated, and she figured she’d sit in the back, at first.

“Nah, they’re trying to get people to sit down front, hun,” said a masked man, who was obviously an usher. He pushed her towards the front. She plodded down there, feeling very put out with her friends.

The dim lights went out, blinked on brightly, making the small crowd moan, then burst into a colorful dazzing show, whirling around the room like a kaleidoscope gone mad. Music thrummed through speakers, drowning out all other sounds. It was tribal, heavy on the drums. She felt the pulse, pulse, pulse of it through the seat of her chair, like a vibe set on low. It made her very tight shorts dig against her pussy as she shifted in her seat. Twisting only pushed the thick seam up against her clit, and she almost moaned aloud at the sudden shocking arousal she felt.  ‘Guess who needs some vibe ‘n porn time,’ she thought to herself, shifting again.


The voice was over amplified, and made her want to clap her hands over her ears.


With a rousing cymbal crash, the lights went dark, then bright, then off.

She sat blinking behind the mask. OMFG, really? She was upset that she’d paid $10 for this rot.

Another cymbal crash and a rush of air and a single beam of light on center stage – and there he stood. Clad in black, from top hat to shined shoes, and clad in a long, floor sweeping cape, the ringmaster glared around the room.

There was a magnetism about the theatrics, or about him. She stared up at him. It felt, when he spoke, like he was talking to her.

“You have fantasies. I know it. You know it. Fantasies are powerful things. Bringing them to life takes enormous power so I need you all to BELIEVE!” His voice rose slowly from  a near-whisper to a roaring crescendo. His finger stabbed out, pointing at the crowd.

“You. And YOU…and” his voice dropped, a sinuous thread of darkness “you.”

This time he was pointing at her.

“Come. Come here, girl.”

She didn’t want to. She was too embarrassed to demur. Oh fuck. Standing slowly, she was assisted, firmly, to the steps on the back of the stage. Before going up, her mask was exchanged for one of feathers. Well, at least she’d get something out of this.

She was led to stand before him. He cupped her chin, staring into her eyes. Every move theatrical, he slid his hand away, stalking around the stage.

“Yes. I can make this happen. Even this. Go. You must be prepared.”

She had no fucking idea what he meant, but in seconds the male usher had moved to ‘guide’ her back down the stairs. She was ushered into a tiny room, told to strip and put on the spangly bra and panties that were laid out. And heels. She hated heels.

“Really?” But she was talking to no one. The guy was gone.

“Hurryitup” He hissed against the door, and she jumped back. Not gone, just standing guard. Fuck. Why she was going along with this was a mystery. Something in the eyes of the Ringmaster, maybe. In moments she had peeled off her shorts, and slipped on the bikini bottoms. A perfect fit, actually. In moments, the spangly top was on, and she admired the winking of the gold sequins as she moved. She looked mah-velous! The shoes, also gold, almost defeated her, and it took the usher coming in to help get them on her. She leaned heavily on him, having never worn stiletto’s so high before. Pausing before the steps, she took a deep breath, and clutched his arm.

“Bend yer fuckin’ knees,” he whispered at her, and it seemed to help.

“look like a fuckin’ penguin if you don’t,” he said as he released her to walk across the stage on her own.

In her absence, a table of sorts had appeared. It was long and narrow and about waist-high, with straps hanging down each side. She only had a second to see it, because he  stepped in front of her, once more cupping her chin and staring into her eyes. She blinked. His fingers gripped harder.

“Yes! We shall make it So!”  Pushing something on the side of her mask, the eye holes were suddenly shuttered. She opened her mouth to yell, but in moments something was pushed into her mouth, behind her teeth. She felt buckles tightening behind her head, and when she would have struggled, felt her hands held in a vice-like grip. She was tugged forward, and felt the table bump her hips. In moments she felt straps wrapping around her wrists, around her thighs. Her legs were kicked apart, pulled apart, held apart, her head hung down, her wrists tied and secured.

She could not stand. She could not move. She couldn’t even close her legs.


A hand reached between her thighs, and unsnapped the crotch of the panties. She hadn’t known that was there! Fuck!

As if the word conjured it, a cock pressed against her pussy, parted her lips, entered her tunnel. He fucked her hard, each thrust making her grunt with the force.

The table never moved. There were sighs and moans from below. She felt like the stage was turning, and perhaps it was, giving everyone a chance to see her being fucked. There was a grunt, fingers digging into her hips as he emptied his balls into her, the feeling of his shrinking cock pulling out.

Thank god it was finally ov-

Another cock filled her. This one was slender, but long, banging her cervix with every thrust. He was a grunter, every press into her accompanied by a small “uungh”, until he too came in her.

As soon as he was done, another cock filled her. This one was heavy, thick, stretching her. She was moaning, groaning. The other two hadn’t — but this one…

She wondered why she’d not fought. Led like a lamb to slaughter. This was one of her most powerful erotic fantasies. Maybe the Ringmaster had read her mind. She’d told no one about these rape fantasies. Good girls didn’t.

She came, squirting her sex-juice all over the fat cock that was reaming her. He was violent, hurting her in ways that made her all liquid inside. It hurt, and it felt so fucking good. Like she’d always imagined it would.

She didn’t know how many cocks, how much cum. Her ass was never touched, except for an occasional enthusiastic swat by one of the many who fucked her.

“And now the end, your deepest nightmare, your most cherished fantasy.”

She shook her head. She knew this one. No this wasn’t ever to come true, see the light of day. . .

She was released from the table, the gag quickly changed to a large open ring. A thick, heavy plug was inserted into her ass, making her shriek through the open donut of her mouth. A rope tied around one ankle, around her torso, and she was bent sideways, standing on one leg, arms behind her back.

A hand fisted in her hair, tugging her forward, impaling her open mouth on a thick cock, while another stepped between her splayed legs and entered her pussy. She came, and again. One long orgasm, from the pressure in her ass, the gagging cock rubbing her throat raw, the plunging cock in her aching pussy.

The music swelled to a loud series of drumrolls as both cocks filled her with their sticky offerings. She was untied, her gag removed, wrapped in something. It smelled like the Ringmaster, and was likely his cape. Blindfolded, she was carried off stage to the mellifluous tones of his voice, and brought back to the tiny changing room.

“I get a turn now,” said the usher, ripping off her mask, and pressing her over the chair that held her clothing. He pulled the plug out of her ass, making her yelp.

“Any more yelling and I’ll drag you down to visit the clowns. You don’t want the clowns to fuck you…trust me.”

Shaking her head violently, she bit her lips as he fucked her ass slow and deep. At long last he came, spurting into her butt.

“Get dressed and go out the back way. I’ll wait to show you. Don’t want the clowns to see you.” He chuckled evilly to himself as he tucked his cock into his pants and heading out the door.

Despite her shaking, it only took moments to rip off the sparkly outfit and don her own clothing. She felt cum leaking from her, soaking the crotch of her shorts.

Opening the door, eyes downcast, she let the usher lead her out the back of the tent, and out into the bright day.

“Go round there, make a right and a left, and you’ll be in the midway. And girlie? Thanks for the fuck. Nice ass.”

She shuddered, feeling the ooze slicking her bum as she walked quickly away.

Her friends were shooting hoops at bottles, a hopeless game of chance, yet they managed to pool their winnings and get her a stuffed bunny.

“So, where were you? ” They asked as they headed towards cotton candy.

“Just catching a show,” she said, somewhat evasively.

“Us too! And we got to help!” There was male laughter and hooting.


“yeah, we got to help some babe live out a fantasy.”