The Window- View 1

If she had the leverage, she would have kicked the wall. Hanging over the window sill, half-way in, half-way out of the house, she had given up all hope of rescue until her husband got home from work. The sun shone on the back of her legs, heating her up. She’d have the strangest sunburn, one that was growing more uncomfortable by the minute.


If only she’d thought to check the lock before going outside to clean the pool. If only she’d hung a spare door  key in the garage like she was always saying she was going to do. If only she hadn’t decided to boost herself up onto the window sill, popping the screen, and had the inner window casing fall. Thank the powers that be that she’d been able to reach behind and catch it before it fell upon her back–thinking that she could be laying stuck here with a broken back had terrified her for hours. The old window was too big and heavy to lift from this position, wedged against the small of her back.

Carl was going to shit himself laughing, when he saw her bikini-clad ass hanging out the window this way.

A hand stroked across her nearly bare bottom, startling her from her thoughts.

“Well, well, what do we have here?”

The voice was distorted by the window resting against her body. Too fatigued from the uncomfortable position to lift her torso and see who was rubbing her butt, she moaned.

“Thank god. Can you lift up the window and help me out?”

There was no answer. Had she imagined it? Was there no one there after all? Her legs were suddenly kicked apart, and she realized what was about to happen.

“No! No you can’t…”

But the head of his cock rubbed her inner thigh in denial.

yes,” it seemed to whisper, “yes I can….”

Fingers tugged the small bit of fabric to one side, before stroking at her slit. Her ass and pussy were hot from the relentless sun beating down on them.  The seeking fingers lifted away. She tried to wriggle, to kick out, but her belly hurt from laying over the windowsill for so long and her legs were nearly numb. The reprieve was momentary; she felt something wet rubbing against her hot pink flesh. A tongue. His tongue! He was licking her. She didn’t mean to moan when the arrow of his tongue stabbed into her cunt hole. She hadn’t meant to respond when the seeking tip of muscle flicked at her clit. Long lapping strokes along her slit were followed by short quick stabs into her. She whimpered now, feeling the undeniable stirrings of need growing in her pussy. He suckled her clit like a baby sucks on a bottle, until she shrieked and shivered and came hard. The tongue lapped at her, long after it was comfortable. Her clit throbbed in the aftermath of her orgasm, yet he kept lapping. When she came again, she nearly fainted at the overwhelming rawness. Two orgasms?  She’d never had two orgasms back to back in her life. Fingers slipped inside her cunt, fucking into her as the sucking lips gobbled at her aching clitoris.

“Goddddddd,” she screamed, feeling the sudden spurting from deep in her belly. She swore she felt him laugh against her pussy. She lay collapsed over the window frame, shaken by the fierceness of the orgasms he’d sucked out of her. The heat of him moved away from her cunt, and part of her wanted to cry with the loss. This did not resemble any account of ‘rape’ that she’d ever read before. What rapist gave his victim orgasms? More than her husband had in the last month, even?

Hands grabbed at her thighs, lifting her legs into the air as the seeking prick slid into her opening.


She yelped, feeling the size of his rod and the not-ready-for-something-that-big tightness of her cunt. Still, her cunt, now desperately wanton,  only needed a few strokes before it welcomed the punishing, brutal thrusts. She’d never been fucked like this before. Despite the overload of orgasms, she felt her pussy clench around his surging cock, felt the quiver growing inside, until it burst. The pounding grew harder, grinding into her as she came. Again she thought he laughed, but he didn’t speak another word as his body filled her. Through the window there were only faint grunts and the slapping sound of a man’s body against hers, and the squeaky rattle of the window frame wiggling against her back. There was no counting the number of times her cunt clenched on the intruding cock, wetting him, slicking the hot tunnel he was pounding with her juices. The fingers on her thighs tightened, pulled her back hard into the last thrusts, rubbing her back against the bottom of the window as he ground into her. Knowing he was coming was a relief, but her pussy pulsed with its own needs now.

When he pulled away the sound was wet and syrupy and loud enough to be heard through the window glass. Legs falling uselessly against the siding, she whimpered. The window opened suddenly. Hands lifted her legs, pushed her inside. The window fell with a thunk as she lay on the floor, stunned. She’d just had the best fuck of her life.  She half-crawled to the window to see who it might have been.

There was no one there. But his come was deep in her belly.




Bound for Trouble

“How very vulnerable you are, little slut.”

He moves into her view, holding a thick black rubber cock.

“You let me kiss you, fondle your tits, suck and bite your nipples. You let me take off your clothing, let me tie your wrists, let me push you onto the bed, let me cuff your ankles to my spreader bar, let me rub your clit.”

He strokes a finger down her cheek, rubs it along the silver tape holding her lips silent.

“Your eyes — so expressive. The fear excites you, I can see it.”

His hand pinches one erect nipple, twisting it cruelly. The pain burns a path to her clit, makes her eyes slip shut for a moment, breathing deep against the hurt. When she opens them, he is standing by her feet, looking at her pussy.

“Your cunt is swollen, gleaming with wetness. Such a hot little slut you are.”

His hand grabs the center of the spreader, lifting it, placing the black phallus against her slit. It only takes a moment for him to thread a rope that she hadn’t known was there around her cuffed wrists, around the spreader bar. Slowly, he pulls the rope. Her legs and arms raise, until her wrists hit the headboard, and her ankles are in the air over her shoulders. The look in his eyes changes and she shivers. A fresh splash of juice spills from her pussy as excitement rises to a new level.

“Look at you, so vulnerable. So open. So ready. For what, though? For me to fuck you with this dildo, stretching your hole wide and making you cum like the whore you are? I agreed to your demand of ‘no anal’…but here you are. Vulnerable. And your ass, so white, so round, so tender.”

His hand smooths over the pale moons of her ass, the touch light and teasing.

“What pulls my attention from all that white is that little rosy-brown pucker. It winks at me, teasing me, provoking me. It is saying “you can’t touch me’…”

His finger circles the areola of her anus. Her shiver is immediate and her eyes widen. He presses the dildo into her pussy, eyes locked with hers as his other finger continues to swirl around the brown ring.

“…and that makes me want to touch it. Makes me want to stretch it, fill it. My thumb would be a nice test. To feel that muscle yield, to have the ring of it tighten, a round brown plum on my thumb.”

He laughs at his own joke, and she feels her heart quicken. She said no, absolutely no anal. She was given a safeword, but with the tape, he can’t hear her. Was she fucking insane to have trusted someone who she had met on the internet just a few months ago? Her pussy leaks more juice.

“Perhaps this lovely fat dildo should take the plunge. It’s all nice and slick from your pussy. Yes, I know, I know you’ve cum already. It’s wet and slippery, and it wouldn’t take much effort to press it deeply right into that sly winking hole back there. Stretch your bum good, make it ready. I’ll take you just this way, so I can watch your eyes as I fill your ass with my cock.”

He moves away from the bed, crosses to his bag, takes out an item. A Hitachi. OH, she thinks, unsure. She’d heard they were too much, too intense. And she’d said NO anal. Torn between fear and lust, she watches him plug the device into the wall by the bed. She swallows hard. He moves between her open thighs, positions it just so, the bulb pressing hard against her clit. He flickes the switch and her body jolts at the sensation. The big vibe slips from its position.  He shakes his head, moves away, returns with the duct tape. He fusses with the device for a few minutes, then tapes it to the inside of her thigh. A flick of the switch shows him that it’s placed perfectly against her clit, and no wiggling will dislodge it. He smiles, pats her cheek.

“I’ll let you rest here awhile with my friend, while I decide whether I’m a man of my word.”

He moves away from the bed, heads for the bathroom. He pauses before he enters, turns back to her.

“Or not.”


He walked down the quiet, tree-lined street, with his dog, Bruno.  He was a nice looking man, in great physical shape. His dog was similarly muscled, sleek-furred, and calm. Their demeanor clearly said “don’t fuck with us”, and their quiet confidence had caught the eye of more than one female driver.

He was looking for a mark, casing the neighborhood. The B & E’s he had committed over the last two years had gone unreported because he was extremely careful, very picky, and he had a secret weapon.  He patted Bruno’s head affectionately.

He made note of the middle-aged woman trimming her bushes on the side yard. No one else home, middle of the day. He’d be sure to case it again this evening to see if there was a Mr.Hedge Trimmer  who came home after 6 p.m.

He thought fondly back to a job he’d pulled in a town about 50 miles west of here. He’d not thought much about the double case-out, and if not for Bruno, would have been flat-out busted. He was earnestly fucking the woman he had robbed, had her tied on the bed and watching the dog with fear in her eyes. Dayam that turned him the fuck on. Then back door had opened.

Thankfully, Bruno kept the gentleman of the house pinned in the corner when he came into the room. He’d gotten a  huge adrenaline  rush as he’d continued fucking the wife while the husband watched. And since he’d gotten so excited about it, he bent the Mr. over the end of the bed, and had a go fucking his ass, while Bruno stood guard near his head. The look in the wife’s eyes as he’d plumbed that fat ass near her feet had kept him in jerk-off fantasy fodder for a month. Even now, months later, he could get hard just remembering.

***   ***   ***

She sat up with a start. Had she been dreaming? Or had she heard something. It wasn’t uncommon for her dreams to wake her.  But no…she thought she could barely hear something   from downstairs. Could be coons in the trash cans out back, that wasn’t an uncommon occurrence.  She didn’t bother dressing. Coons wouldn’t care if she was naked.

She stepped into the kitchen and froze when she heard the menacing growl. Not a coon. A dog. And by the wee bit of light coming in the window from the moon, a giant of a dog at that.

“Easy boy.” She didn’t hold out her hand, not yet. Not with the menacing gleam of  teeth in moonlight.  She heard the squeak of the floor in the dining room a moment before she felt the presence of someone, behind her in the doorway.


His voice was deep, and she shivered. She was naked, and a strange man was standing behind her. She was in shadow but still. She stiffened as she felt the smoothness of a gloved hand slip over her hip and around the curve of her bottom.

“Well, I’ve never been greeted in quite this way before.”

She shivered again. And, annoyingly enough, she felt a tiny curl of lust uncoil in her belly. She’d had dark fantasies for years. But had never ever ever thought of enacting them. She’d read somewhere that 82% of all women have rape fantasies. She was comfortable enough with the statistic to call herself normal and move on with her life.

She heard a shifting behind her, and the sudden prod of his cock against the cleft of her ass.

“Bend over and grab your ankles, slut.”

She didn’t move.


At the firm tone, the dog moved forward until he was inches away from her. She shrank back, feeling that cock press into the small space between her thighs, laying along her labia.

“Please…” she tried to stop the whimper; she had her pride, after all. She never wanted to be like those silly girls in those pseudo-romances, all squealing and tears, until, swooning, they  succumbed to “his” great lovemaking, and became his sex slave for life. Not, that was not her style at all.

Trouble was, that dog was scaring the piss out of her, and she wasn’t at all sure, just now, what her style was.

“Bruno, scent.”

In seconds the mans arms were around her, pulling her back to lean against him. She staggered, almost falling, and then felt it. The dog’s nose was buried in her pussy. It dragged along her clit, and there was …gods yes, his tongue was licking at her.

She moaned.

“Little whore. If you don’t follow directions, I’ll set him loose, and he’ll eat you. There’s nothing he likes better than the meat of pussy. Imagine those big teeth biting into your very vulnerable cuntlips, chewing them off, then lapping at you to get every tender bit.”

She moaned low in her throat. He wouldn’t. The dog wouldn’t. Would he?

“yes. okay.” she mumbled.

“Bruno. Stand away.”

Her heartbeat echoed dully in her head as the dog stepped back a few paces and sat. There was a sharp crack and she jumped as his hand slapped against her ass.

“You’ve been given an order, cunt. Obey.”

She bent, grasping her ankles. She felt humiliated, vulnerable, exposed.

The head of his cock pierced the fat lips of her pussy, finding and filling her hole in one stabbing thrust. He groaned.

“Nice, tight pussy.  And wet. You’re fucking cunt is wet, you old whore.”

He fucked her hard, using her hips to pull her back into his wicked thrusts. She felt it coming, her orgasm. She wanted to deny it. But as her cunt clamped down around his cock, there was no place to hide the fact that her body was enjoying the stimulation.  He pressed deeply into her, each thrust jarring her, threatening to tip her over.

He came, a fountain of juice that leaked out of her pussy as he ground his pelvis against her bottom.

“Don’t fucking move, cunt.”  He called the dog over, and she shuddered as she felt the wet tongue lapping at her pussy. He hit her clit, her lips, and darted to the entry of her hole, catching all the wetness there.

“On your knees, whore. Bruno wants his reward.”

“oh, no, no pleaseplease…” she cried, but at his sharp slap on her pussy, she all but fell to her knees.

She felt the dog behind her, clambering up. His claws scratched at her back, making her cry out, until he was positioned. His belly fur tickled her ass, her back and she felt the prodding poke of his penis. It hit her pussy, slid up to her asshole, as he tried to find a place to put it.

“Trouble, Bruno? Lemme help.”

She felt his hand probing her pussy, gathering wetness, and then the sudden, shocking thrust of his finger into her asshole.

In seconds, with his master’s assistance, the head of his slick and rubbery dog dick was pressing into her bottom. She shook her head, but didn’t dare move. She didn’t want the dog to bite her. The shock came as his cock grew bigger, longer, thicker than his owners. It was wet, and felt like a baseball bat was lodged in her ass.

She whimpered, she moaned. “Please. Hurts. Please.”

The dog began humping her ass. Faster than she’d ever known before, his cock like a piston driving into her puckerhole, stretching her. She wondered if she’d be damaged. Can an asshole be broken? It hurt, filled her with the need to press down, press it out of her.

“I like that it hurts. I like that very much.  And Bruno is very much enjoying your tight asshole. I think he might be smiling.”

There was a click, and the light in the kitchen went on. She blinked in the sudden brightness.

“I think we need to get some pictures of you two lovebirds.” He chuckled, and the sound was not pleasant. She thought her ass was going to be split as the dog humped away at it, thrusting in hard short strokes, filling her rectum with the stream of juice that was doggy jism.  She remembered about the knot that grew at the end of the fucking, to hold that jism inside his mate, to aid in impregnation.  She thought she felt something growing just inside her ass.

“Oh…his knot…”

“Yes. His knot will hold you there while I take some sweet pictures of the two of you. And you’ll be a good little dog-whore, and smile up at me. And of course, when I leave, you won’t report this to the cops….or else these pictures will be sent to everyone in your email account. You wouldn’t want your pastor to know you’re a doggie bitch, do you?”

He laughed again, and she felt tears run down her cheeks. Her ass hurt as the knot grew, pressing and stretching her rectum wider. The dog was still thrusting, slowing now, and she felt a funny tingle.



Her head fell forward as her body quivered. The spray of liquid from her pussy shocked her.

“You whore! You came from having your ass fucked…by my dog. Congratulations! You are now a certified dog cunt.  And coming while he fucked your butthole? That makes you the nastiest of whores.”

There was a flash and snap as he took her picture. He moved around her shooting the mating from every angle.

She knew she’d never tell. Never.


*** *** ***

He walked down the street, smiling.  His dog sniffed at trees as they strolled along. He hadn’t been in town long. A lovely woman in a Pontiac cruised past him, looking at him over the tops of her sunglasses, and smiling invitingly.