The Massage

He lay under the sheet facedown. The feeling was, despite the girlish word, floaty. His arms, shoulders, back, and neck had all been thoroughly and systematically massaged. This new woman was even better than his last massage therapist. He sluggishly rolled over to his back, his mind groggy with the release of toxins and tension.

“Good?” she said, her voice husky.

“Mmmm,” was all he could muster, his eyes still closed.

She shifted the pad that had been beneath his ankles, moved it under his knees, easing tension in his lower back.

“Arms up in the paddles,” she said, her tone as soft and soothing as the New Age music playing in the background of the dark and warm room. He complied. Though he’d never done it this way before, every therapist had their own style. He barely felt the strap across his wrists. Something slipped into each hand.

“The weights will help stretch out those wrists,” she murmured. “let me know if they’re too hot.”

“mmm,” he replied, “perfection.”

“Good,” she whispered, her hands pressing up from his elbows to his armpits. He felt the stretch, the wonderful tension, then release as her oil slicked hands slid up and down his skin.

Moving down his torso, across his chest, down the sides of his hips, her fingers worked little deeds of pure magic.

“Something different now, your legs will part, but be supported by the table.”

He didn’t even make a sound, only a contented, silent breath in, out. He barely felt the table shifting, the separation of his legs. Fresh warmed towels lay across each thigh as her fingers worked across the soles of his feet, arching and flexing them. Lifting his left foot, he felt the soothing warmth of something cradle his heel, then a strap across. Her fingers slid up his calf, tormenting the muscle there, the one that had kept cramping up on him all week.

“Aaaah,” he said, arching just a little as she worked through the tender spot.

“Too much?” she said, her voice a soft caress.

“Nooo,” he sighed as the tension eased, the pain melted.

“You had quite the knot there. But gone now. I’ll work out the tension on that side all the way up, okay?”

“Do whatever,” he mumbled, the release of pain such a pleasure.

His right ankle was similarly cradled in warmth, then bound. Hands and feet soothed by the warmth, he tensed a little as she worked up from his knees, across his thighs, and cupped his balls.


“Don’t worry. It’ll ease your muscles if I massage everything,” she all but crooned. Her fingers began to knead and tug gently.

“You’ll get hard…that’s perfectly fine.”

She continued to stroke him and he indeed felt his erection spring to life. Still, if she was expecting it, so what. The curious dichotomy of the tautness of his erection, coupled with the relaxation everywhere else made him feel floaty again.

Her hand pumped over his erection, squeezing painfully one moment, then teasingly soft the next. And then she stopped. He opened one eye. In the darkness, he thought he saw her slipping her smock over her head.

“Whoa..” he said as she approached the table.

“Yes, my pretty man,” she crooned, turning on a machine that whooshed and thumped. “you can yell while I fuck you. Rape you. But no one will hear you. She quickly slipped a ballgag between his lips when he opened his mouth to speak.

“You’ll need this, too,” she said, rolling a silicone ring over his swollen shaft. He arched against the pinch of it.

“It keeps you harder, longer. I’ll enjoy the hell out of that.”

She turned back to the table he could barely see. He tugged at his wrists, his ankles, but he was securely buckled to the restraints. She turned back to him, smiled as she watched him struggle.

“I know. It’s so unusual for a man to be raped, isn’t it? I know you have a lovely wife, but you also have a lovely cock. And I want it. You just lay back and enjoy , okay honey?”

“Oh, and you’ll be wearing this, too,” she said, holding up a rubber shaft. “I’ll be gentle. Maybe,” she giggled softly.

He did struggle then, though he felt soft and languid. He knew where she was going to put that. His back arched when she pierced his anus with the lubricated toy. His cock jolted, growing painfully harder.

“Look at that glorious thing,” she crooned, stroking a finger over the tip, making him shudder.

Her fingers once again encircled him, roughly massaging him, holding him on the edge of pain.

“I know, it hurts so good, doesn’t it baby?”

Her fingers twisted his shaft, making him groan against the gag, making him arch.

“Enough foreplay, ” she said. “I need this beast inside of me!”

Stepping up on a stool, she straddled him. He saw her breasts were full, her nipples erect, and pierced. His eyes focused on the shiny metal bits as she eased her pussy down over his shaft. She didn’t stop until he was fully seated inside of her. He couldn’t stop the groan of pleasure even as he struggled for freedom.



“Oh honey, of course I can do this. I am doing this. Doing you. Fucking your wickedly huge cock. Dear gods,” she shuddered, lifting herself up, then slamming back to his belly.

“I wish I could free your hands so that you could pinch my tits,” she growled, fucking him faster now, her breath becoming a steady gasp. His eyes closed as her fingers began massaging his pecs, played with his nipples. The torture of her skilled hands! Pleasure and pain burst through him. The need to cum built as well, but curtailed by the rubber ring around his shaft, he knew when he finally did cum, his cock would surely explode.

Her cunt pushed down against him, swiveling and grinding on him. She came, once, twice, more. He felt the velvet fist of her pussy ssssqueazing down on him as each orgasm wracked her, and still she fucked him.

Raped him, he corrected his thought.

The thing in his rectum added a dimension that was nearly indescribable. The pain of something in there like the biggest shit he needed to take, and the inability to push it out was frustrating and erotic. His balls tightened, his back arched. His anus squeezed down on the dildo in his ass and he felt the boiling rush that would no longer be contained.

“Aaaaaaaaaaa,” he gritted out around the gag.

“Yesss,” she growled, “yes, fill me with your hot cum!”

It was an order and a caress. When it was over, she slid off of him. Still erect, his cock glistened in the soft light. Her juices, and his, slicked down his shaft. Twitches and small seeps of cum still moved his erection.

Her lips closed over him, and he groaned as she sucked his dick deeply into her throat. Her lips popped off the tip, smacking.

“Mmmm, you taste amazing. Give me more of that sweet gunk, more!” Her lips fastened over the head of his shaft, as her clever fingers began to painfully massage the rigidness. She sucked and pulled, pulled and sucked, until he felt a second eruption building. How was this even possible, to come again so soon, he wondered.

“Now,” she said, and rolled the ring up and off of his cock. He erupted. Jets of cum slapped onto her face, onto his belly, then into her mouth as it closed over him once again. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking and rubbing with her tongue down the length of him. His body shook with the aftermath of two huge orgasms. His knees felt weak.

Her fingers moved down his legs, his ankles. He lay there, feeling drained.  Taken advantage of. Used.

And hot. Gods, he was so hot. It was embarrassing how much he had enjoyed that. He thought guiltily of his wife, of the pleasure she’d had in giving him the gift of the massage. How she hoped he would be pain free after the work was done. Boy, pain free was the understatement of the century.

He gurlged as she slowly pulled the dildo from his ass, then jolted as she rammed it back. What the fuck?!

“Thought you were done? Oh baby, we still have 15 minutes left!” She laughed.





They’d paddle boarded out to the quiet cove at deep dusk. To watch the stars come out, he’d said, his tone just a touch of yearning to it. Who didn’t want to be yearned after, really? It was warm, bumping towards the deeper heat of summer. Out here in the mid-Atlantic, the bay had thousands of small inlets and shoals for a pair of young lovers to slip away to. She’d agreed, albeit a tad reluctantly. She liked paddle-boarding, and she liked the water, but at night, the inky blackness above and below kind of freaked her out a little. But he’d convinced her that there was nothing like laying back on the board and watching the stars bloom across the night sky.

She clung to her board trying to figure out where it all went wrong. She was going to die, and all because she wouldn’t fuck Steven.  They’d played a bit in the water; the setting sun did not dispel the muggy heat of the day. But the play had turned darker, as he’d snagged her bikini top, freeing her generous breasts. He’d felt her up, pinching her nipples and trying to suck one, before she’d broken free, swimming to her board.

“Stop, just stop. I don’t want to have sex with you out here. Steven…noo!”

She’d yelped as he dove underwater, grappled with her legs to tear her bottoms off.  Bursting through the water, he’d flung them far away, catching her ankle as she tried to go after them.

“C’mon,” he’d whined. Now it wasn’t appealing at all. Now she was mad, naked, and trying to keep this asshole from molesting her.

“No. No, no no. You took my stuff. Go get it. I’m NOT going to fuck you. I’m done with you. I had no idea that having a date under the stars was synonymous for netflix and chill. No.”

At her urging, he moved off to find her top. In the dark, she lost sight of him quickly.

“Good luck finding your way home, naked whore!”

His words, from somewhere off in the distance terrified her.

“Come back here! You can’t leave me out here alone…”

“Just. Fucking. Did.”

And that was why she was now sitting on her board, naked, with no way to easily get back to where she started from. Far off in the distance were lights from one of the small towns, but out here, the lights were blocked by the trees that grew right to the waters edge. At some time during their wrangling, her paddle had floated away. Or the bastard had taken it.

She cried a little. Then lay back on her board and looked up. She gasped. The sky was alive with lights. The haze of the Milky Way shone down on her, the hues of stars just filling the air from horizon to horizon. The waves rocked her tenderly, and she almost fell asleep-until the cool water slipping over her skin woke her.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed, her heart racing. She’d rather be awake when she drowned. Then she frowned. Maybe. Maybe not? There was a quandary to be thought about.  She shivered. The cold water was wrapped around her legs, stealing her body heat. She swore she could feel the press of the cold against her vagina.

keep your heat as long as possible, she thought, clamping her thighs together. She shrieked. Something cold and rubbery was between her thighs. A piece of sargasso maybe. It was moving in the water, rubbing at her slit. A flick across her clit. She shivered again. Must be the water moving it. It could not be..not be…

A sharp thrust could not be mistaken for seaweed moving in the ebb and flow of the ocean. Her mouth opened as the cold thickness speared into her pussy. Suddenly she was wrapped in cold rubbery arms, her skin feeling the pricking of tiny …what was it? Not claws, nor needles, but definitely something puncturing her skin, holding on, squeezing her.

Warmth poured through her. She felt flushed, drowsy, then utterly relaxed. The thing moving between her thighs moved deeper into her cunt, but she didn’t even worry about it. She was floating, filled and flowing with the water. Her back arched as a powerful orgasm jolted through her, like lightning on a stormy night.

Gasping, she became just a bit more aware. Her ass was being pried apart, and her nipples had dozens of tiny strings wrapped around them. She was covered in  rubbery bits, but the hold felt comforting. Soothed, she floated.

It thrust into her, fucking her harder and deeper than she’d ever been taken before. Her cunt was stretched so wide she thought she might burst. Her anus was full, her ass should be screaming from the pain. She’d tried anal once, and hated it. But the intense fullness was accompanied by such a rush of wanting, the desire for it to keep fucking her, never stop fucking her pussy and ass. For her tits to be sucked or filled-whatever it was doing to her, to never ever stop.

In the water around them, a glowing luminescence filled the water as the beast jetted it’s junk into her open womb. She shrieked as a particularly hard thrust jammed into and through her cervix. She didn’t feel the eggs being deposited there, didn’t feel the saturation of cum that fertilized them. Nor did she know that 6 weeks from now, she’d be back in the ocean, driven by the instinct the beast had laid into her, to return to the water to birth his young.

The egg carrier was pleased. Humans made the best egg holders. He jetted more cum into her belly, bloating her. She squeaked, shuddered, arching with her own paroxysms. His sex juice made her accept him, made her crave his filling her. He understood some of her strange noises. The ‘fuck meee”  meant more motion in her baby channel. He was happy to oblige. His penis enjoyed female humans the best. Their baby channels were hot and juicy, his penis slicked up and through their holes, as they greedily took all his juices.

He speared her nipples deeply, just for the enjoyment of feeling her body convulse around him. She was so full of his sex juice he could pierce her body through the entire dark time. He swam lazily as he fucked her, enjoying every orgasm wracking her. When she was no longer conscious, he kept her head above water, but continued to drive in and out of her pussy and ass. She was trembling constantly now, the overload of juices in her system setting her into overdrive.

For a short time he was fiercely viscous in his pounding of her soft holes. It made his penises feel so good , making her squeal and shudder on them. As the moon set, and the first faint tinges of dawn began to spill over the edges of the sea, he pushed her up upon the sand. Soon she would awaken, and move onto the land and human things.

But in a short while, she’d be back, with his babies wriggling in her belly, anxious to be born, anxious to drink their first and only drink of human milk. And he would fuck her one last time before taking his offspring out to the deep green ocean.

The Babysitter

The job at the pizza parlor had fallen through, mostly, she supposed, because she didn’t have size 44DDD tits like the other girl who’d interviewed with her. Still, if she hadn’t gone for the interview, she might not have seen the sign outside the ladies room on the public notice board there for “Babysitting, Saturday Nights”.

She rang the bell. This was her second ‘interview’, the first having been over the phone with Mr. and Mrs. Wendell. The door opened before she could build up too many nerves. The woman who answered the door was pretty. Mid-30’s, brunette, classy up-do and great make up.

“You must be Marci, right?”

“Yes,” she replied, hoping that her nerves didn’t make her sound all squeaky, since Mrs. Wendell had a smooth, honeyed voice.

“Right this way, honey,” Mrs. W said, gesturing towards an arched doorway. “Please, call me Lou. That Mrs. Wendell makes me feel positively ancient!” She let out a tiny giggle.

“Now, Marci, honey, you have your license, right? Andy will take a copy just for safety sake, you understand.” She lead the way into and through a beautiful solarium. Marci was amazed at the size of the house. She was going to need a map!

“You’re up at the college?” At Marci’s nod, she continued.

“Studying general business, right? Well, we’ll discuss all the business end of things in a few minutes then. Just know that you’ll be well compensated…Mr. Wendell is very fair and generous with all of our employees.”

“Andy honey, Marci is here.” She called, as they went down a short run of steps into a hallway. A few doors lined the right side while on the left hung some wonderful misty art pictures.”

The hall opened into a dimly lit room. There was a flickering light ahead and she could see there was a giant-screen tv.

“Men and their tv’s, right?” Lou giggled.

“Wow,” said Marci, totally dazzled. A hand came up from behind her and she would have yelped but for the rag over her face.

“A little nap, sweetheart,” she heard as she faded into black.


She woke, confused. The light was dim.  A cool breeze wafted across her body raising her nipples. There was something odd about it, but she felt wispy and dazed. A tingle ran from between her legs, and she realized it was a tongue, warm and wet, lapping at her open pussy.  Lifting her head, she could see the top of an updo…

“Lou?” she said, her voice a faint rasp.

“Lou is warming up your sweet cunt for me.”

The voice, deep and resonant, came from behind her. Tilting her head back, she saw a man, his face in shadows. A thick, enormous cock jutted from his belly.  It was unlike any of the other cocks she’d ever seen before. All two of them.

“I know, you’re a bit confused by all of this. We’ll help you figure it out as we go on.”

He stretched out his hand. He held a remote. With a single click the enormous screen at the front of the room turned on. A girl was there arms and legs secured spread-eagle, laying on a mattress with a woman’s head between her legs. A man stood near her head stroking his cock.

The girl was her. 

“We film all our scenes, Marci, but just for our own enjoyment. In the future, I’ll play some of your tapes so that you can appreciate what’s been happening. It’s beautiful to watch people sexing with each other, fucking and enjoying our bodies.

He moved beside her, then straddled her. The tip of the enormous dick almost touched her lips.

“I want you to meet your “baby”, the “child” you’ll be taking care of this evening. My wife and I prefer to stay in, and you’ll stay in with us.”

She wanted to shake her head no. This could not be happening. It was too far-fetched. It was stuff you read about or heard in the paper, but it wasn’t real. It wasn’t her. The girl on the screen tossed her head, and the cock rubbed her lips.

“Open for daddy. If you think about biting or using your teeth, I’ll have to put an unpleasant gag in your mouth. You won’t like it at all, but I’ll still fuck your throat.”

She had only given head once and had not enjoyed the experience. And Danny had been far less endowed.

“Yes, I know, you’re going to gag on it. That’s okay. I like when that happens. You might even puke. That’s okay too.”

He crawled higher up, until his ass was sitting on her tits.

“I can feel your nipples on my cheeks. They’re so fucking hard they feel like little cleats!”

He brushed the slightly oozing head over her lips. Fearful of the gag, she parted her mouth a small bit. It was all the invitation he needed, and he pushed firmly into her. She felt the glide of velvety-soft skin over her tongue, then gagged when he kept pressing forward, hitting her uvula and pressing onward. Her lips moved to say “no” and he moaned.

“yeah, like that little girl, fuuuuck,”

He pulled back, then eased forward again, just as his wife sucked Marci’s clit between her teeth. Her hips arched at the sensation, her mouth opened wide, and he slid hard and fast to the back of her throat.

She was torn by sensations, pain, pleasure, gagging, lack of air, panic, and the deep pull from inside her belly that presaged her orgasm.

He pulled out, slapping her cheeks with his rigid shaft.

“Good girl, I’m nice and hard now.”

He slid down her body, pushing his wife away with his ass. Her mouth became busy at his anus as his cock lined up with Marci’s cunt.

“So wet,” he sighed softly, as he began to sheath himself in her. She could hear his wife slurping until he’d moved forward too far for her lapping mouth to reach.

“Put your finger in her ass,” he directed her.

Marci watched the screen as his buttocks moved deeper into the girl spread on the floor, and the brunette rose to her knees between his legs, fishing under him. She saw the woman smile, even as she felt something pressing against her anus. Her cunt was stretched, albeit slowly, as Mr. W eased his thickness into her, and the intrusion of a finger into her bum made her eyes widen with shock.

“nooo,” she moaned, “I can’t do that…”

“Shhh,” he whispered, “Of course you can,” and he leaned down and kissed her,  sucking her moans into his mouth. “You’re so fucking delicious,” he said softly, kissing her again as she cried out.

“Three,” said his wife triumphantly.

“Good girl,” he said, “stretch her out and fuck her good with your talented fingers.” He bent forward, but rather than kissing her, he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and teasing it with his lips.

So many sensations it was impossible to separate them all. He fucked slowly into her, slowly out, while his wife diddled her asshole. And then he bit her nipple, hard. She arched, and came, squirting.

“Goooood girl, cum all over my cock, yesssss,” he encouraged her, picking up the rhythm. “You like the pain, yes.”

His hips began to move faster, pressing himself harder and deeper into her. He’d yet to bottom out in her sweet cunny. He enjoyed the sensation of Lou’s fingers in the girls ass, the way they stroked his shaft as she wiggled and rotated them. The sweet babe was moaning and tossing her head now, between the riot in her ass, his renewed assault on her tit, and his pumping cock.

She screamed as he hit her cervix hard, then came again, harder than the first time. He didn’t give her a break or breather, just pressed through the welter of sensitivity, causing her to wimper and moan more. Her asshole ached, her nipple was throbbing from the ravages of his teeth and hands, and she was going to orgasm again.

He was pounding into her, grunting with the effort.

“FOUR,” his wife cheered, popping yet another finger into the tight confines of the girls ass.

His fingers gripped her tits as handles as he pumped furiously.


He didn’t finish, his cock draining his balls deep into her belly, string after string of salty sperm. Rolling away, he watched as Lou slipped up, and began slurping the juices from the swollen, leaking pussy he’d just abused so delightfully. He noted that Lou’s fingers were still buried in the babysitters asshole, but decided to not make an issue of it. Crawling up to her mouth, he presented her with his cock.

“Clean it up now, girl. That’s what babysitters to, and this is your baby. Until I grow one in your belly, of course. Suck it gently, that’s it.”

He began to stiffen as she moaned around his shaft. His wife was making her cum again, the naughty thing.  He pulled out, then moved to unfasten the cuffs that held their new babysitter in place.

He turned her on her belly, his wife’s tongue still darting between those puffy lips, her eyes glazed, cum on her cheeks and forehead. She was a beautiful mess already and the night was so young.

He tucked her knees up, raising her ass, then secured the ties to hold her. She was too sex-dazed to struggle, he noted. Lou had fingers in her cunt, in her ass, licking between and around both holes. The girls bottom wagged around. Trying to get away, or trying to get more, it was hard to tell.

He slapped Lou on the ass.


With a pout, she pulled her hands away.

“I’m going to hurt your ass when I rape it. I will not be gentle like I was on your cunt.”

The words, rough and raw, made the girls bottom tighten, made her quiver, but only a low moan came from her lips. His cockhead slipped easily into her ass, but her moan grew louder.

“I know,” he crooned. He pounded into her, savaging her butthole. She whimpered, she moaned, and she squirted again; he felt the splash of it on his knees as he punched her back door, his cock like a battering ram against her tender flesh. It didn’t take long for her whimpers to become tears, for her to struggle so sexily against the assault. Every sound, every tear made him harder.

“Yesssss,” he groaned at last, pumping her bowels with his jizz.

He pulled away, then lay on his side beside her, chest heaving.  The only sounds were from her soft weeping, then the “fffwpt, fffwpt” of Lou’s tongue lapping at the girls ass as she scavenged for his seed.


They walked her to the door after midnight. She was dazed, sore, drained.

“So, next Saturday, same time?” said Lou hopefully, as Andy pulled several bills from his wallet. He handed them to her. She lifted her hands.

“I can’t…that makes me….you know…a whore.”

“You are a whore. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be compensated for your time. Don’t think of it as being paid for sex…we do that for enjoyment. I’m paying you for the time you spent in our home, that’s all.”

She took the bills, and headed to her car.

“You didn’t say if you could make it next week?”

Lou’s face was tragically needy. She fingered the bills in her pocket. Babysitting, her ass. Indeed, her ass. She looked back at Lou.

“At six, right?”

Lou smiled.