They’d paddle boarded out to the quiet cove at deep dusk. To watch the stars come out, he’d said, his tone just a touch of yearning to it. Who didn’t want to be yearned after, really? It was warm, bumping towards the deeper heat of summer. Out here in the mid-Atlantic, the bay had thousands of small inlets and shoals for a pair of young lovers to slip away to. She’d agreed, albeit a tad reluctantly. She liked paddle-boarding, and she liked the water, but at night, the inky blackness above and below kind of freaked her out a little. But he’d convinced her that there was nothing like laying back on the board and watching the stars bloom across the night sky.

She clung to her board trying to figure out where it all went wrong. She was going to die, and all because she wouldn’t fuck Steven.  They’d played a bit in the water; the setting sun did not dispel the muggy heat of the day. But the play had turned darker, as he’d snagged her bikini top, freeing her generous breasts. He’d felt her up, pinching her nipples and trying to suck one, before she’d broken free, swimming to her board.

“Stop, just stop. I don’t want to have sex with you out here. Steven…noo!”

She’d yelped as he dove underwater, grappled with her legs to tear her bottoms off.  Bursting through the water, he’d flung them far away, catching her ankle as she tried to go after them.

“C’mon,” he’d whined. Now it wasn’t appealing at all. Now she was mad, naked, and trying to keep this asshole from molesting her.

“No. No, no no. You took my stuff. Go get it. I’m NOT going to fuck you. I’m done with you. I had no idea that having a date under the stars was synonymous for netflix and chill. No.”

At her urging, he moved off to find her top. In the dark, she lost sight of him quickly.

“Good luck finding your way home, naked whore!”

His words, from somewhere off in the distance terrified her.

“Come back here! You can’t leave me out here alone…”

“Just. Fucking. Did.”

And that was why she was now sitting on her board, naked, with no way to easily get back to where she started from. Far off in the distance were lights from one of the small towns, but out here, the lights were blocked by the trees that grew right to the waters edge. At some time during their wrangling, her paddle had floated away. Or the bastard had taken it.

She cried a little. Then lay back on her board and looked up. She gasped. The sky was alive with lights. The haze of the Milky Way shone down on her, the hues of stars just filling the air from horizon to horizon. The waves rocked her tenderly, and she almost fell asleep-until the cool water slipping over her skin woke her.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed, her heart racing. She’d rather be awake when she drowned. Then she frowned. Maybe. Maybe not? There was a quandary to be thought about.  She shivered. The cold water was wrapped around her legs, stealing her body heat. She swore she could feel the press of the cold against her vagina.

keep your heat as long as possible, she thought, clamping her thighs together. She shrieked. Something cold and rubbery was between her thighs. A piece of sargasso maybe. It was moving in the water, rubbing at her slit. A flick across her clit. She shivered again. Must be the water moving it. It could not be..not be…

A sharp thrust could not be mistaken for seaweed moving in the ebb and flow of the ocean. Her mouth opened as the cold thickness speared into her pussy. Suddenly she was wrapped in cold rubbery arms, her skin feeling the pricking of tiny …what was it? Not claws, nor needles, but definitely something puncturing her skin, holding on, squeezing her.

Warmth poured through her. She felt flushed, drowsy, then utterly relaxed. The thing moving between her thighs moved deeper into her cunt, but she didn’t even worry about it. She was floating, filled and flowing with the water. Her back arched as a powerful orgasm jolted through her, like lightning on a stormy night.

Gasping, she became just a bit more aware. Her ass was being pried apart, and her nipples had dozens of tiny strings wrapped around them. She was covered in  rubbery bits, but the hold felt comforting. Soothed, she floated.

It thrust into her, fucking her harder and deeper than she’d ever been taken before. Her cunt was stretched so wide she thought she might burst. Her anus was full, her ass should be screaming from the pain. She’d tried anal once, and hated it. But the intense fullness was accompanied by such a rush of wanting, the desire for it to keep fucking her, never stop fucking her pussy and ass. For her tits to be sucked or filled-whatever it was doing to her, to never ever stop.

In the water around them, a glowing luminescence filled the water as the beast jetted it’s junk into her open womb. She shrieked as a particularly hard thrust jammed into and through her cervix. She didn’t feel the eggs being deposited there, didn’t feel the saturation of cum that fertilized them. Nor did she know that 6 weeks from now, she’d be back in the ocean, driven by the instinct the beast had laid into her, to return to the water to birth his young.

The egg carrier was pleased. Humans made the best egg holders. He jetted more cum into her belly, bloating her. She squeaked, shuddered, arching with her own paroxysms. His sex juice made her accept him, made her crave his filling her. He understood some of her strange noises. The ‘fuck meee”  meant more motion in her baby channel. He was happy to oblige. His penis enjoyed female humans the best. Their baby channels were hot and juicy, his penis slicked up and through their holes, as they greedily took all his juices.

He speared her nipples deeply, just for the enjoyment of feeling her body convulse around him. She was so full of his sex juice he could pierce her body through the entire dark time. He swam lazily as he fucked her, enjoying every orgasm wracking her. When she was no longer conscious, he kept her head above water, but continued to drive in and out of her pussy and ass. She was trembling constantly now, the overload of juices in her system setting her into overdrive.

For a short time he was fiercely viscous in his pounding of her soft holes. It made his penises feel so good , making her squeal and shudder on them. As the moon set, and the first faint tinges of dawn began to spill over the edges of the sea, he pushed her up upon the sand. Soon she would awaken, and move onto the land and human things.

But in a short while, she’d be back, with his babies wriggling in her belly, anxious to be born, anxious to drink their first and only drink of human milk. And he would fuck her one last time before taking his offspring out to the deep green ocean.