You’ll find no apologies for the darker tales that lurk within…for here… here,  you will find the stories that dare to be told. If i am imagining them…then surely there are those out there longing to read them. ~n~


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Nilla
    Dark stuff here…scary.
    But still I feel drawn to this page…
    You should move some of your older stuff to this page….the stories with dragons in it. “Not afraid of the dark” for instance..

    1. I’m thinking I might do that…it takes a bit of time to move things and that is one thing I don’t have a great measure of…not just now anyway. I’m writing stories for VM the night before the publish with zero “slack” in my queue…some weeks are just like that, yanno? Anyway, I’m glad you are not scaring your panties off (yet)…



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