The Massage

He lay under the sheet facedown. The feeling was, despite the girlish word, floaty. His arms, shoulders, back, and neck had all been thoroughly and systematically massaged. This new woman was even better than his last massage therapist. He sluggishly rolled over to his back, his mind groggy with the release of toxins and tension.

“Good?” she said, her voice husky.

“Mmmm,” was all he could muster, his eyes still closed.

She shifted the pad that had been beneath his ankles, moved it under his knees, easing tension in his lower back.

“Arms up in the paddles,” she said, her tone as soft and soothing as the New Age music playing in the background of the dark and warm room. He complied. Though he’d never done it this way before, every therapist had their own style. He barely felt the strap across his wrists. Something slipped into each hand.

“The weights will help stretch out those wrists,” she murmured. “let me know if they’re too hot.”

“mmm,” he replied, “perfection.”

“Good,” she whispered, her hands pressing up from his elbows to his armpits. He felt the stretch, the wonderful tension, then release as her oil slicked hands slid up and down his skin.

Moving down his torso, across his chest, down the sides of his hips, her fingers worked little deeds of pure magic.

“Something different now, your legs will part, but be supported by the table.”

He didn’t even make a sound, only a contented, silent breath in, out. He barely felt the table shifting, the separation of his legs. Fresh warmed towels lay across each thigh as her fingers worked across the soles of his feet, arching and flexing them. Lifting his left foot, he felt the soothing warmth of something cradle his heel, then a strap across. Her fingers slid up his calf, tormenting the muscle there, the one that had kept cramping up on him all week.

“Aaaah,” he said, arching just a little as she worked through the tender spot.

“Too much?” she said, her voice a soft caress.

“Nooo,” he sighed as the tension eased, the pain melted.

“You had quite the knot there. But gone now. I’ll work out the tension on that side all the way up, okay?”

“Do whatever,” he mumbled, the release of pain such a pleasure.

His right ankle was similarly cradled in warmth, then bound. Hands and feet soothed by the warmth, he tensed a little as she worked up from his knees, across his thighs, and cupped his balls.


“Don’t worry. It’ll ease your muscles if I massage everything,” she all but crooned. Her fingers began to knead and tug gently.

“You’ll get hard…that’s perfectly fine.”

She continued to stroke him and he indeed felt his erection spring to life. Still, if she was expecting it, so what. The curious dichotomy of the tautness of his erection, coupled with the relaxation everywhere else made him feel floaty again.

Her hand pumped over his erection, squeezing painfully one moment, then teasingly soft the next. And then she stopped. He opened one eye. In the darkness, he thought he saw her slipping her smock over her head.

“Whoa..” he said as she approached the table.

“Yes, my pretty man,” she crooned, turning on a machine that whooshed and thumped. “you can yell while I fuck you. Rape you. But no one will hear you. She quickly slipped a ballgag between his lips when he opened his mouth to speak.

“You’ll need this, too,” she said, rolling a silicone ring over his swollen shaft. He arched against the pinch of it.

“It keeps you harder, longer. I’ll enjoy the hell out of that.”

She turned back to the table he could barely see. He tugged at his wrists, his ankles, but he was securely buckled to the restraints. She turned back to him, smiled as she watched him struggle.

“I know. It’s so unusual for a man to be raped, isn’t it? I know you have a lovely wife, but you also have a lovely cock. And I want it. You just lay back and enjoy , okay honey?”

“Oh, and you’ll be wearing this, too,” she said, holding up a rubber shaft. “I’ll be gentle. Maybe,” she giggled softly.

He did struggle then, though he felt soft and languid. He knew where she was going to put that. His back arched when she pierced his anus with the lubricated toy. His cock jolted, growing painfully harder.

“Look at that glorious thing,” she crooned, stroking a finger over the tip, making him shudder.

Her fingers once again encircled him, roughly massaging him, holding him on the edge of pain.

“I know, it hurts so good, doesn’t it baby?”

Her fingers twisted his shaft, making him groan against the gag, making him arch.

“Enough foreplay, ” she said. “I need this beast inside of me!”

Stepping up on a stool, she straddled him. He saw her breasts were full, her nipples erect, and pierced. His eyes focused on the shiny metal bits as she eased her pussy down over his shaft. She didn’t stop until he was fully seated inside of her. He couldn’t stop the groan of pleasure even as he struggled for freedom.



“Oh honey, of course I can do this. I am doing this. Doing you. Fucking your wickedly huge cock. Dear gods,” she shuddered, lifting herself up, then slamming back to his belly.

“I wish I could free your hands so that you could pinch my tits,” she growled, fucking him faster now, her breath becoming a steady gasp. His eyes closed as her fingers began massaging his pecs, played with his nipples. The torture of her skilled hands! Pleasure and pain burst through him. The need to cum built as well, but curtailed by the rubber ring around his shaft, he knew when he finally did cum, his cock would surely explode.

Her cunt pushed down against him, swiveling and grinding on him. She came, once, twice, more. He felt the velvet fist of her pussy ssssqueazing down on him as each orgasm wracked her, and still she fucked him.

Raped him, he corrected his thought.

The thing in his rectum added a dimension that was nearly indescribable. The pain of something in there like the biggest shit he needed to take, and the inability to push it out was frustrating and erotic. His balls tightened, his back arched. His anus squeezed down on the dildo in his ass and he felt the boiling rush that would no longer be contained.

“Aaaaaaaaaaa,” he gritted out around the gag.

“Yesss,” she growled, “yes, fill me with your hot cum!”

It was an order and a caress. When it was over, she slid off of him. Still erect, his cock glistened in the soft light. Her juices, and his, slicked down his shaft. Twitches and small seeps of cum still moved his erection.

Her lips closed over him, and he groaned as she sucked his dick deeply into her throat. Her lips popped off the tip, smacking.

“Mmmm, you taste amazing. Give me more of that sweet gunk, more!” Her lips fastened over the head of his shaft, as her clever fingers began to painfully massage the rigidness. She sucked and pulled, pulled and sucked, until he felt a second eruption building. How was this even possible, to come again so soon, he wondered.

“Now,” she said, and rolled the ring up and off of his cock. He erupted. Jets of cum slapped onto her face, onto his belly, then into her mouth as it closed over him once again. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking and rubbing with her tongue down the length of him. His body shook with the aftermath of two huge orgasms. His knees felt weak.

Her fingers moved down his legs, his ankles. He lay there, feeling drained.  Taken advantage of. Used.

And hot. Gods, he was so hot. It was embarrassing how much he had enjoyed that. He thought guiltily of his wife, of the pleasure she’d had in giving him the gift of the massage. How she hoped he would be pain free after the work was done. Boy, pain free was the understatement of the century.

He gurlged as she slowly pulled the dildo from his ass, then jolted as she rammed it back. What the fuck?!

“Thought you were done? Oh baby, we still have 15 minutes left!” She laughed.