Slut TV

She woke to the thrumming vibrations against her pussy. 


Where the fuck was she? What the…a moan came from within her. She was going to cum, and 

it was dark and she was cold but she was hot and her pussy was shaking and cumming and her head 

curled backwards and her back arched

the spray of girl juices jetting out of her cunt wetting her thighs.

Where was she what was happening omg it hurt 

so sensitive

oh oh oh


“That’s a good girly girl. Another orgasm for the camera…There you have it, my sick pervies. That’s 8 orgasms for the wicked Dom in Nebraska. Who’s putting their money up for the next?”

The big vibe turned off. The girl on the bed collapsed, fainted or fast fallen into sleep.  He watched the monitor on the computer, scrolling through the perverted comments, the vicious commentary.

“Nosir, no mutilation allowed,” he muttered. Though he scowled,  he spoke towards the camera which didn’t face him, but the supine figure on the bed. Her chest rose regularly.


“Folks, we’re here to get perverted fun out of our ‘guest’….I’m looking for more paying customers here, willing to pay to make it happen.”

There was a pause, and a sudden burst of activity.

“We have a duel here. Anal intrusion with the big butt plug versus another 8 orgasms. Mr. Nebraska is certainly getting his rocks off tonight, aren’t you? The poor gal is wore out from the other 8 an hour ago, and this recent round. Sure you …” He paused, blinked at the amount suddenly deposited into the sex account.

“Well, I guess you do then.”

Careful to keep his back to the camera, he moved the big vibe against her cunt, slapped it first to wake her.

“More fun and games, girlie,” he said as he flicked it on, then moved out of the screenshot.”Oh, I see he’s upped the ante now,” he spoke, moving around the room. There was the unmistakable sound of chain. For a moment his back was in frame. Her body arched and she yelled loudly as he pinched a nipple firmly and put the first clamp on. He reached across and repeated the motion with its mate. Reaching up, he tugged down a hanging hook, and affixed the chain that connected the clamps to it. Moving out of the view of the audience, he turned a knob that lifted the hook–and the clamp’s chain–higher. It was tight, taut when he stopped.

dizzy hurts dizzy omg omg

her nipples burned like hellfire where the clamps held tight

the tiniest movement tugged the tender 


relentless in the pull

the pain of another orgasm building hold it back hold it back her nipples couldn’t take



The orgasm tore through her, her writhing body arching and wriggling, tugging ruthlessly on the chains on her nipples. The pain drew a second fast orgasm from her oozing cunt.

“Folks, you’re getting a mighty fine show here but if I don’t see the next round of contributions start coming in, many of you will miss the rest of this fine show.”

He watched the totals begin to grow. And grow. And grow. Best gig ever, he mused. He wouldn’t get to fuck her, but there was nothing in his contract that said he couldn’t jerk off quietly.  Another message came through the computer. The perv in Nebraska was one fucking cruel bastard!

“Okay, anal plug being added, folks. Thank our generous Nebraskan rancher.”

She came twice while he was inserting the plug. He was starting to lose count. His most incredible girl ever!

“Have you ever seen a slut cum like this before? She’s quite the horny little cunt, isn’t she? I think we’re over halfway now, and she’s looking like she’s running out of…oh wait, nope! There’s another gusher…”


cunt throbbing ass hurting so full so full so wet omg no she was 

coming again

coming apart feeling her atoms begin to separate into the stars



She couldn’t believe it was her on the video.

“You were very mean to me Master.”

“You loved every minute of it.”

“I did.”

Blushing, she tucked her head against his shoulder. Mr. Nebraska indeed.

“You might be famous after this, slut. The girl who wouldn’t stop orgasming or something. Mr. Smith had a pretty big hard-on when I came back to get you. You made his night.”

“It was…an interesting experience. I’m glad you have a copy of the tape because I don’t remember a lot of it.”

She gently bit his shoulder, then his ear lobe, whispering her thanks softly against his ear. His hand stroked down her back, pinched her ass.

“Happy birthday slut.”