“Hold her open…yeah, knees back and wide, just the way we like ’em…”

“You’re going to cum. No holding it back with this on your clit, and the big ole vibe in your cunt. You feel it, I see your ass wiggling there. Wiggle away, squirm and try to move it. Not gonna happen. You’re gonna cum, cum hard.”

His breath stank of old coffee, his curled fingers pressing against the top of her mons, the beast of a vibrator whirrling it’s fat, churning head against the sensitive clitoris.

“You’ll cum, we’ll make you cum, maybe even make you squirt. Make your pussy all slick and juicy. We like ’em that way, we do. You’ll cum until we let you stop for a breather, and then we’ll make you cum some more. Until you’re almost drained of it.”

A bottle tip squirted into her mouth. She wanted to spit it out but she was so thirsty.

“Atta girl….gotta keep you hydrated, keep you nice and sopping wet. Your cunt is already red and quivering. You’re gonna cum now, aren’t you?”

Her body clenched, bucked, heaving as the vibe tore the orgasm from her. Shivering and clenching, she tried to move away from the bastard ball making her clit scream.A steady “ung ung ung” came from her gagged-open mouth as the next ripple of pleasure was teased from her.

“She’s a gusher all right, boy’s,” came the gleeful voice of her captor.

“Once you’re wrung right out of orgasms, we’re gonna take turns fucking you. One by one, using your holes, all stretched and sensitive and tender. The best time to fuck a cunt, you know? When it clenches tight around our cocks, when you make those sexy noises as we use you, when we make you cum some more, even when you think you can’t.”

“It’s the best time,” came a voice from across the room.

“The Best.” Came another. And another. And another.

She came again, hard.


7 thoughts on “Cum”

    1. Thanks michelle…it’s embarrassing, isn’t it, how much these sorts of tales get us off? This was in my head for weeks before I decided to share it. 😀


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