Stranger (1)

His cock was buried in her ass before she could move. Limbs tangled in sheets, she woke with the painful intrusion.

“Don’t. fight. me.”

His mouth was at her ear, the words staccato. His breath was warm, tickling. Her brain struggled to make sense. Was she dreaming? But the pain in her ass, the hard, grunting thrust was no dream.

“Take it all.”

Who was he? How had he gotten into her apartment? Though she whimpered and moaned, her body, held securely under his, was trapped too snugly to break free.

“It’s my ass now, and you’ll take every inch of my cock, whore.”

h u r t ss s” she cried, the word shaking as he thrust deep.

“Good,” he growled, then bit her shoulder. Her scream was muffled by the pillow, but no one would have heard anyway, her condo was too well insulated.

She felt like he was tearing her body, the steady hammering of his hips into her rectum an ache that throbbed deep into her core. Her orgasm shocked her, soaking the bed under her.

His cum splattered over her back as he withdrew. His hands smoothed it over her ass, her hips, before slapping her hard. They slid under her, scrabbling for her tits, finding them. She arched as he squeezed, pinching her nipples.

“Stay right here. Count to ten. Don’t move before then. I’ll know. You won’t like what happens.”

The bed shifted as he moved, then he was gone.





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