Masturbation Fantasy

Masturbation fantasies are often short, always dark, always dirty. This one got me off big-time last week.

“Go ahead…you can try to close your legs. Won’t work, but I’ll enjoy watching your tummy and thighs quiver and strain with the effort. All you can do is take it. The vibe on your clit, my cock in your cunt, and you can’t do a fucking thing to stop me.”

“mmmmm, your slit is tight, squeezing my cock. You want it rough, you know it, I know it. The vibe will keep you cumming, make you scream and whimper through the gag. I can’t see you, your head in that big brown bag, but I can hear those sexy little whimpers. Hurts but feels good, doesn’t it, slut?”

“Soon the guys will be here. Cunt, ass, doesn’t matter which hole. They’re open and ready for use, all soft and wet from cum…mine and yours. I’ll just prop this vibe here while I go grab a beer. You just lay there and try to squirm.”

“And listen for the doorbell….”


About vanillamom

For over 8 years--(EIGHT?!) nilla and M have been a D/s couple. I'm the "small s" side of that designation, as he often reminds me. I'm silly and prone to giggling at inopportune times. He's a wicked Sadist, who feeds me my drug of choice--pain. My brain is always spinning dirty and dark little fantasies, which I sometimes share with the world. Welcome to the nilla-verse. It's wet and slippery here...with a dragon or two lurking.
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6 Responses to Masturbation Fantasy

  1. Mmmmm! *squirms*

    xx Dee

  2. The anticipation, the waiting, the unknown…all fodder to stoke the fire..

  3. Nilla, don’t forget the pictures.

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