The Window ~ View 2

because Tip is impatient…~n~


The sun beat down on them as they sat around the pool.

“Hey, sweetie, go get me a beer.”

She rose gracefully, crossing the deck.

“Oh DAMN!” she moaned.

“What?” His tone was incredulous, belaying his inner grin.

“I did. I can’t believe it…” She twisted the door handle, disbelieving. It refused to budge.

Of course she hadn’t

He had.

“Well, at least you know how to break in now! Let me get the window for you.”

He rose, had her wait as he pushed in the screen. His big hand held the inner window up. Guiding her through, he paused her, placing his big hand on the small of her back as she lay half-in, half-out.

“That’s a mighty cute view,” he said.

“Not funny. Let me in…”

He quickly lowered the window, trapping her.

“HEY! Totally NOT funny. Hey!”

Her yelp changed tone as he tugged down her bikini bottom, sliding his fingers over the cleft of her ass. His ‘mmmmmhmmmm” carried clearly through the window.

“What the hell….” she yelped, struggling. Her toes curled as he sank his fingers into her cunt.

“Well, you have no objections to that, now, do you? Little slut.”

He fingered her until she was close, then pulled his hand away, wiping himself on her ass cheek. Pulling the key from the little pocket inside his trunks, he stepped around her and unlocked the door.

“What the fuck? What are you…”

She braced herself on her palms, canting her head up at him as he strode into the kitchen.

“You’re a sight, that’s for sure.”

“You bastard! I was right on the edge…”

“I know,” he said, his tone sing-song and totally unsympathetic. She hated when he was an asshole like this.

“Will you stop and let me out of here?”

“Nope. You’ve got to work for your freedom.”

Her eyes widened.

“What the …”

His cock shoved into her mouth before she could speak another word.

“If you bite me, or fight me, you’ll stay in that window all day,” he said, his fingers cupped around her throat, his shaft buried deep between her lips.

“I’ll take your silence for agreement. Now…suck it.”




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