The Window ~ Interlude

She told the story while blushing furiously.

“It was sooo stupid. I can’t believe I got stuck like that. Did you see the stupid sunburn?”

He nodded, smoothed cream on the burn, ointment on the scratches on her lower back. He knew she was an airhead at times, constantly forgetting to unlock the knob lock for instance. Someday he was just going to replace the handle. She didn’t need to be constantly keeping it locked anyway.

He ate, settled her in bed, went to his computer to watch a little porn. Once he knew for certain that she was sleeping, he opened a private window on his computer and started sifting through images. He had never told her about the little security cams hidden around the house. It had nothing to do with her, really, though he did jerk off now and again when he would find her masturbating. There was the quick thrill of the voyeur; but beyond that, watching what she did to get herself off, without realizing he was watching, was sexy. He used these tapes as learning experiences, often duplicating things she did when they fucked. Watching her eyes widen as he smacked her pussy before lapping at her clit had nearly made him come even before fucking her. It gave him a step up, a power that he knew that she didn’t. He always liked being a step ahead.

Quickly he scanned through the various cams until he found what he was looking for. The view was from inside the kitchen. He watched as she tried to open the door, laying her head against the window in annoyance. He watched her move in and out of view, until she came up to the window. Bending, her beautiful tits framed perfectly, she popped out the screen, leaned inside. He straightened when the heavy inner window came crashing down, though she had told him she’d somehow reached back and stopped it. Her wrist must be very sore from the way she caught the fucking thing, he thought, rewinding and watching the window fall again. He felt a little bit sick, truth to tell; ย she could have been terribly harmed. It was definitely time to consider replacing the old windows. He watched while she struggled to lift it, failing again and again. Watched when she slumped, defeated, watched when she began to struggle. It had gone on for a long, long while.

Speeding up the video again, he paused when he saw a shadow appear behind her. From the glare of the sun beaming in the window it was impossible to see what it was. He backed up the feed, then watched in real time.

“Well I’ll be fucking damned,” he said softly, leaning closer to the computer screen. He couldn’t see clearly what was happening, but he could watch the results on her face; that expression on her face when she came was imprinted in his memory. Funny she hadn’t mentioned having this experience. He watched until he saw the window open, saw her gently steered inside, the window closing. The glare totally blocked the view of who her rescuer was from inside.

He clicked on a different icon, seeking the view from outside. Ah, there. He could see a man coming up on the porch, but not the face, damn the glare. Watching, he saw the scene unfolding, watched the unknown person lapping at her cunt, watched him fucking her. Unconsciously, he began rubbing himself. When his balls tightened, as the stranger stiffened, he spurted onto the floor. Shocked, he looked away from the screen at the blobs of cum between his feet. Fuck, that had been hotter than he could imagine.

Still, it was interesting that she hadn’t mentioned it. You’d think if your girl was raped while stuck through a window that she’d at least have a crying jag or something, rather than sleeping soundly in their bed. Being well fucked would do that to a girl, he guessed.

He clicked off the computer, grabbed a napkin and wiped up his junk, then headed to bed. Laying in the dark he began to think about how best to handle the situation. When the solution occurred to him, he smiled into the darkness, snugging her close to him, and fell asleep.




13 thoughts on “The Window ~ Interlude”

    1. I can’t wait to finish it…I just haven’t had time since *finally* getting healthy …maybe this weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€ So glad you like my dirty little mind!


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