The Window ~ View 2

because Tip is impatient…~n~


The sun beat down on them as they sat around the pool.

“Hey, sweetie, go get me a beer.”

She rose gracefully, crossing the deck.

“Oh DAMN!” she moaned.

“What?” His tone was incredulous, belaying his inner grin.

“I did. I can’t believe it…” She twisted the door handle, disbelieving. It refused to budge.

Of course she hadn’t

He had.

“Well, at least you know how to break in now! Let me get the window for you.”

He rose, had her wait as he pushed in the screen. His big hand held the inner window up. Guiding her through, he paused her, placing his big hand on the small of her back as she lay half-in, half-out.

“That’s a mighty cute view,” he said.

“Not funny. Let me in…”

He quickly lowered the window, trapping her.

“HEY! Totally NOT funny. Hey!”

Her yelp changed tone as he tugged down her bikini bottom, sliding his fingers over the cleft of her ass. His ‘mmmmmhmmmm” carried clearly through the window.

“What the hell….” she yelped, struggling. Her toes curled as he sank his fingers into her cunt.

“Well, you have no objections to that, now, do you? Little slut.”

He fingered her until she was close, then pulled his hand away, wiping himself on her ass cheek. Pulling the key from the little pocket inside his trunks, he stepped around her and unlocked the door.

“What the fuck? What are you…”

She braced herself on her palms, canting her head up at him as he strode into the kitchen.

“You’re a sight, that’s for sure.”

“You bastard! I was right on the edge…”

“I know,” he said, his tone sing-song and totally unsympathetic. She hated when he was an asshole like this.

“Will you stop and let me out of here?”

“Nope. You’ve got to work for your freedom.”

Her eyes widened.

“What the …”

His cock shoved into her mouth before she could speak another word.

“If you bite me, or fight me, you’ll stay in that window all day,” he said, his fingers cupped around her throat, his shaft buried deep between her lips.

“I’ll take your silence for agreement. Now…suck it.”




The Window ~ Interlude

She told the story while blushing furiously.

“It was sooo stupid. I can’t believe I got stuck like that. Did you see the stupid sunburn?”

He nodded, smoothed cream on the burn, ointment on the scratches on her lower back. He knew she was an airhead at times, constantly forgetting to unlock the knob lock for instance. Someday he was just going to replace the handle. She didn’t need to be constantly keeping it locked anyway.

He ate, settled her in bed, went to his computer to watch a little porn. Once he knew for certain that she was sleeping, he opened a private window on his computer and started sifting through images. He had never told her about the little security cams hidden around the house. It had nothing to do with her, really, though he did jerk off now and again when he would find her masturbating. There was the quick thrill of the voyeur; but beyond that, watching what she did to get herself off, without realizing he was watching, was sexy. He used these tapes as learning experiences, often duplicating things she did when they fucked. Watching her eyes widen as he smacked her pussy before lapping at her clit had nearly made him come even before fucking her. It gave him a step up, a power that he knew that she didn’t. He always liked being a step ahead.

Quickly he scanned through the various cams until he found what he was looking for. The view was from inside the kitchen. He watched as she tried to open the door, laying her head against the window in annoyance. He watched her move in and out of view, until she came up to the window. Bending, her beautiful tits framed perfectly, she popped out the screen, leaned inside. He straightened when the heavy inner window came crashing down, though she had told him she’d somehow reached back and stopped it. Her wrist must be very sore from the way she caught the fucking thing, he thought, rewinding and watching the window fall again. He felt a little bit sick, truth to tell;  she could have been terribly harmed. It was definitely time to consider replacing the old windows. He watched while she struggled to lift it, failing again and again. Watched when she slumped, defeated, watched when she began to struggle. It had gone on for a long, long while.

Speeding up the video again, he paused when he saw a shadow appear behind her. From the glare of the sun beaming in the window it was impossible to see what it was. He backed up the feed, then watched in real time.

“Well I’ll be fucking damned,” he said softly, leaning closer to the computer screen. He couldn’t see clearly what was happening, but he could watch the results on her face; that expression on her face when she came was imprinted in his memory. Funny she hadn’t mentioned having this experience. He watched until he saw the window open, saw her gently steered inside, the window closing. The glare totally blocked the view of who her rescuer was from inside.

He clicked on a different icon, seeking the view from outside. Ah, there. He could see a man coming up on the porch, but not the face, damn the glare. Watching, he saw the scene unfolding, watched the unknown person lapping at her cunt, watched him fucking her. Unconsciously, he began rubbing himself. When his balls tightened, as the stranger stiffened, he spurted onto the floor. Shocked, he looked away from the screen at the blobs of cum between his feet. Fuck, that had been hotter than he could imagine.

Still, it was interesting that she hadn’t mentioned it. You’d think if your girl was raped while stuck through a window that she’d at least have a crying jag or something, rather than sleeping soundly in their bed. Being well fucked would do that to a girl, he guessed.

He clicked off the computer, grabbed a napkin and wiped up his junk, then headed to bed. Laying in the dark he began to think about how best to handle the situation. When the solution occurred to him, he smiled into the darkness, snugging her close to him, and fell asleep.



The Window- View 1

If she had the leverage, she would have kicked the wall. Hanging over the window sill, half-way in, half-way out of the house, she had given up all hope of rescue until her husband got home from work. The sun shone on the back of her legs, heating her up. She’d have the strangest sunburn, one that was growing more uncomfortable by the minute.


If only she’d thought to check the lock before going outside to clean the pool. If only she’d hung a spare door  key in the garage like she was always saying she was going to do. If only she hadn’t decided to boost herself up onto the window sill, popping the screen, and had the inner window casing fall. Thank the powers that be that she’d been able to reach behind and catch it before it fell upon her back–thinking that she could be laying stuck here with a broken back had terrified her for hours. The old window was too big and heavy to lift from this position, wedged against the small of her back.

Carl was going to shit himself laughing, when he saw her bikini-clad ass hanging out the window this way.

A hand stroked across her nearly bare bottom, startling her from her thoughts.

“Well, well, what do we have here?”

The voice was distorted by the window resting against her body. Too fatigued from the uncomfortable position to lift her torso and see who was rubbing her butt, she moaned.

“Thank god. Can you lift up the window and help me out?”

There was no answer. Had she imagined it? Was there no one there after all? Her legs were suddenly kicked apart, and she realized what was about to happen.

“No! No you can’t…”

But the head of his cock rubbed her inner thigh in denial.

yes,” it seemed to whisper, “yes I can….”

Fingers tugged the small bit of fabric to one side, before stroking at her slit. Her ass and pussy were hot from the relentless sun beating down on them.  The seeking fingers lifted away. She tried to wriggle, to kick out, but her belly hurt from laying over the windowsill for so long and her legs were nearly numb. The reprieve was momentary; she felt something wet rubbing against her hot pink flesh. A tongue. His tongue! He was licking her. She didn’t mean to moan when the arrow of his tongue stabbed into her cunt hole. She hadn’t meant to respond when the seeking tip of muscle flicked at her clit. Long lapping strokes along her slit were followed by short quick stabs into her. She whimpered now, feeling the undeniable stirrings of need growing in her pussy. He suckled her clit like a baby sucks on a bottle, until she shrieked and shivered and came hard. The tongue lapped at her, long after it was comfortable. Her clit throbbed in the aftermath of her orgasm, yet he kept lapping. When she came again, she nearly fainted at the overwhelming rawness. Two orgasms?  She’d never had two orgasms back to back in her life. Fingers slipped inside her cunt, fucking into her as the sucking lips gobbled at her aching clitoris.

“Goddddddd,” she screamed, feeling the sudden spurting from deep in her belly. She swore she felt him laugh against her pussy. She lay collapsed over the window frame, shaken by the fierceness of the orgasms he’d sucked out of her. The heat of him moved away from her cunt, and part of her wanted to cry with the loss. This did not resemble any account of ‘rape’ that she’d ever read before. What rapist gave his victim orgasms? More than her husband had in the last month, even?

Hands grabbed at her thighs, lifting her legs into the air as the seeking prick slid into her opening.


She yelped, feeling the size of his rod and the not-ready-for-something-that-big tightness of her cunt. Still, her cunt, now desperately wanton,  only needed a few strokes before it welcomed the punishing, brutal thrusts. She’d never been fucked like this before. Despite the overload of orgasms, she felt her pussy clench around his surging cock, felt the quiver growing inside, until it burst. The pounding grew harder, grinding into her as she came. Again she thought he laughed, but he didn’t speak another word as his body filled her. Through the window there were only faint grunts and the slapping sound of a man’s body against hers, and the squeaky rattle of the window frame wiggling against her back. There was no counting the number of times her cunt clenched on the intruding cock, wetting him, slicking the hot tunnel he was pounding with her juices. The fingers on her thighs tightened, pulled her back hard into the last thrusts, rubbing her back against the bottom of the window as he ground into her. Knowing he was coming was a relief, but her pussy pulsed with its own needs now.

When he pulled away the sound was wet and syrupy and loud enough to be heard through the window glass. Legs falling uselessly against the siding, she whimpered. The window opened suddenly. Hands lifted her legs, pushed her inside. The window fell with a thunk as she lay on the floor, stunned. She’d just had the best fuck of her life.  She half-crawled to the window to see who it might have been.

There was no one there. But his come was deep in her belly.