House Call

“I don’t have a lot of time.”

The sibilant whisper against her ear blew a soft puff of hot breath against her skin. Gooseflesh pebbled across her neck. Her other ear, pressed against the cold wall, heard nothing but the noises of the house as it settled for the night. Her breasts pressed against the chill surface, nipples pearling into tight buds after the warmth of her bed.

Her hair was pulled into a taut ponytail, held by his hand, controlling her head with the tight grasp. She inhaled sharply as his free hand pressed into the split of her ass, pressing against that dark, private rosebud. If she could have shaken her head no she would have. The whine she would have whimpered was sealed behind the duct tape covering her mouth.

“He’ll be home soon, won’t he? Cuddling close to you in your bed, his arms wrapping around you, his cock slipping between your pale thighs. He’ll fuck you, perhaps, before he falls asleep. His mouth will suckle on your tits, his hands will grasp your hips as he slides in and out of your eager hole. I suspect you’ll be less eager for this…”

His voice trailed away as the sound of a zipper unzipping came to her. There was the faintest of snicks as the snap was undone, and the sound of fabric sliding down skin, a subtle sound for all its threatening promise. The heat of a cock pressed into that tight crevasse, pressed harder at her bumhole. The fist holding her hair tightened as the shaft began to enter her.

“It’ll be easier if you don’t fight. We both know you love it up the ass, don’t we? And when he spoons you tonight, perhaps some of my gift will seep out of your ass, and paint his thighs. Take it, take it deep…”

He grunted as his cock pierced her entry, as the tight grip of her anus parted to allow him entry.

He filled her, hurt her. The full heat of him pressed behind her back and inside her warmed her; the throb from her rectum kept pace with the her heartbeat. A single tear slid down,  down her cheek and then the wall where she was pressed tightly against it. Her breath came in a rasping grunt through her nose, barely heard over his thrustings. His hand grabbed her hair even tighter, her eyes widening, tearing at the pull. She knew his eruption was near. But for those few noises, the house was silent.

“My gift…” he panted quietly in her ear. She shivered, knowing he was close.

He withdrew, his cock thick and heavy against her ass. Pausing a moment he slid between her thighs. She struggled then, knowing what his ‘gift’ was.  Before she could even attempt to wriggle free, he was once again inside of her, deep in her belly. She swore she could feel the sudden pulsing jets of his come filling her womb with his seed. She was ovulating, dammit! She shuddered as he released her hair, leaning numbly against the wall. He guided her across the room to the bed by her hair, bracing a pillow under her hips. A bulbous plug pressed against her, into her. The tape was pulled gently from her mouth.
“Tell him you fell asleep masturbating,” he whispered, his hand pinching one plump nipple as she lay in a semi-stupor. “Then morning sex. He’ll be a father –and you’ll be a lovely mommy–by autumn.” He kissed her on her mouth, the gentle touch at odds with his assault on her ass.

He slipped away, though she didn’t hear his footsteps in the house. The room was illuminated a few minutes later by the slash of light against the wall and ceiling. Her husband was home from work. Yet she knew she’d never tell him about the ‘housecall’ from her OB/GYN.



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