What Was In the Water

“Did you feel that?”

“A fish. They swim all the time you know.”

“It’s fucking dark out here. It’s frigging midnight!”

“It’s frigging hot. And look up, dimwit. It’s not dark…there’s gotta be a million stars out there.”

“I don’t care about up there. It’s dark down here. And there it is again. It touched my leg. UGH! I’m getting out of here.”

“Maybe it was a lake leech. Gonna suck your bloooood…”

“Stop it! You’re just doing that to scare me.”

“Hey, it worked.”


“Hey, how can I be a shithead AND an asshole?”

“Because you’re talented?”

“Funny. I’ll race you out to the float.”

“I am NOT swimming out that far. In the dark. In the middle of the night.”

“I’ll let you play with my cock…”

“Right. Let me. You’re almost begging me to do it. Come over here and let me…”

“C’mon, you can do it.”

*sounds of splashing as he swims away*

Fucking jerk. The water is cold. Okay, not cold, but chilly. I’m not hot anymore. And oh fuck there it is again…oh!

Something wraps around her leg, tugs her over until she falls into the water with a splash. She jumps up and opens her mouth to scream but something thick and cold and rubbery and tasting of the muck from the bottom of the lake is in her mouth almost half-down her throat and she can barely breathe and some other bit is slithering up her leg and wiggling against her pussy lips and …

why did i swim naked…choking..get out…get away from me ….ohhhhhAAAA!!!

She is impaled on something even thicker than what fills her mouth. Her hands are caught and held to her front, her body tugged forward. Her back arches as she is tugged deeper still into the water, until her head is barely above it but her body is beneath, bending forward to receive the invader of her holes.

The tight sphincter of her rectum is breached far too easily. No screams can pass the tentacle in her mouth. Horror blends with lust as she is fucked in both bottom holes. She coughs a little, almost throwing up as the thing in her mouth squirts something into her throat.

Something grabs at her nipples; they are tugged taut, held tightly. It hurts, but there is an unwelcome heat growing in her pussy. Her body shakes with the force of the fucking, and the quivers of her own orgasm. She shouldn’t be cumming, should be fighting and screaming. Another orgasm wriggles through her cunt, spasming along the thick cold length of the thing she cannot see which impales her. It writhes in response to her climax, twisting and curling restlessly within her belly. Pulses move through it, thick knots passing up and up, hurting as they press her clenching pussy wider, ever wider. Her body stiffens as it breaches her cervix, as she feels the heavy thickness begin to fill her. Her flat belly swells as it continues to pump.

Screams are held in her throat as more liquid gushed down to her tummy. She is held tightly, unable to move, unable to protest and unable to stop the steady attack on her body by the thing in the water with her.

“I made it babe, c’mon out! You can watch for shooting stars while I fuck you!”

The thing tucked her up and, still moving within her, swam her towards the floating raft. She tried to shake her head no, but the thing held tightly. It didn’t move quickly through the water, but fucked like a piston in pussy and ass. Another gushing filled her, and it paused its forward momentum. She felt it leaving her ass, leaving her pussy, and a warm drizzle of something leaking from her. Then they were at the float.  The thing was hefting her up there, the suction cups holding her nipples pulling away with a soft snook sound. The last tentacle, for surely it was a tentacle, slid from her mouth. She let out a small moan as she pulled herself to the middle of the raft.

“There you are! See? I told you! You did it!”

She didn’t make any reply, other than a soft moan as he tugged her close.

“Mmmmm, that’s a nice warm wet pussy there. I had a feeling you’d be excited to be fucked out under the stars.”

She lay staring at the stars as his cock pushed inside of her, pushing its load deep inside, making her regret the impetuous removal of her IUD this morning.



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