from the bathroom, sounds of peeing

“You haven’t let me have an orgasm in over a week you know. I have a meeting downtown today and I’m all antsy. You could have let me get off last night. Now I have to go and be all “professional” while I’m thinking of you pounding me.

from the kitchen

“I forgot to set the coffee up last night. I can make you a cup of tea if you want. Or, you know,  You can just go to the coffee shop drive through and grab one on your way to work.

in the car

“Why are we going this way? I told you there was an accident on 94. I’m going to be late.”

on the phone

“I didn’t know you needed that today. You  never tell me these things–okay you did tell me and I forgot but you forgot to remind me. And you haven’t given me an orgasm in over a week, so how can I remember shit like that?”

on the phone

“Right…I totally forgot that you asked me to get the oil changed. I’m off on Thursday. Remember? No orgasms, and I forget things? Sheesh babe…”

in the car

“So I told Janeen…I know  You remember Janeen. How could you not  know her? Remember? She has that brother who did that stock market thing and…well I told you. Anyway she said that Colleen said that she’d heard…what? I am getting to the point. For chrissake, you’re such an asshole today.”

from the kitchen

“Look, it’s all I had time for. I’m sorry you don’t like grocery store pizza. Well, suck it up sunshine. I was at work today same as you.

sound of pained squeal

“Owowowow! That hurts…oh! You..NO! OUCH! Fuck. FUCK! FINE…

sounds of spanked flesh

“I’ll eat my “cardboard pizza” standing, thank you very much…”


sounds of intense moaning

“I…oh no…another…ohahmahgawd….”

shivers and shakes of orgasm

“no…no sirplease not another…please sir…i’msosorrrreeeeeeeeiiiiaaaahhh…”

sound of mewling carrying over the intense buzz of a Hitachi wand. Sound of duct tape ripping, then slapped onto flesh. sharp squeals, grunts, the squeak of a bed as a bigger body moves away. The faint rasp of ropes being pulled, the groans of a woman having another orgasm.

sound of a male voice

“This is what happens to petulant whiny subs. Enjoy your night, slut.”