Sadistic Heat

Slowly he peeled the wrapper off the stick of gum, watching her. She lay spread across the bed, arms and legs secured so he could play. It was the first time in a long while that the kids would be gone, they had the house to themselves. And he was going to take his time enjoying every moment tormenting her.

She watched him slide the gum into his mouth, watched his eyes looking her over like a tasty morsel. She was excited already, nervous too, truth be told. It had been so long since they had played fiercely.

He’d promised fierce.

He moved to the dresser where he’d set out a ton of things. He lifted the big butt plug, waved it in the air. Geezuz but she was scared as fuck about that big bastard. To her great relief he put it back down, but she thought that he was reminding her that it was there, and might be part of the evening’s entertainment.

She shuddered to think of it, even as the idea of him dominating her, making her take it no matter her fear of it, ratcheted up the excitement. She got off on fear-play, got off on pain, got off on him doing what-the-fuck-ever he wanted, despite any of her objections. She swore her pussy was drooling with lust.

He turned toward the bed, but she couldn’t see what was in his hands.

“You know I’m gonna be rough with you tonight little girl. I’m going to hurt you good, hurt you hard. You’ll sleep good–eventually–and you’ll be sore for a few days. We’ll both look forward to that, won’t we?”

At her nod he smiled. It was the gentle smile of the man she loved, with the wicked gleam in his eyes that let her know her sadist was here and not going anywhere.

He dropped some clothes pins on her chest, then plucked at her nipples roughly. She moaned, tugging her wrists. Tied tightly, it only tightened the muscles on her chest, making her tits bobble and sway.

He stopped torturing her nipples and sat back to observe his handwork. Both nipples were erect, dusky-pink and rigid.

“Tempting as they are to suck and bite now, I have other plans.”

She caught the minty whiff of his breath; the gum was very strongly scented. She watched his mouth moving, the firm jaws, the teeth that were capable of biting hard enough to make her cry, imagined the lips sucking her nipple deep. Instead, his fingers took up a small square of something.

He placed it over her nipple, then squeezed the tightened bud.

“OW!” she yelped. “That fucking hurts…!”

“Sir. That fucking hurts, SIR, slut.”

“That fucking hurts SIR!” she yelped.

“It’s sandpaper. It’s supposed to hurt. Silly slut.”

His tone was amused; his smile grew brighter when he affixed a clothes pin over the sandpaper square. Tugging it , it popped off, making her wince and yelp again. He put it back on, tugged it again, moving it all around her nipple until he felt it was secure.

“There’s one. How’s that?”

“hurts. hurts…”

“Excellent!” he said, cheerily. “And now for the other one.”

He rubbed the sandpaper over her other nipple, making her cry out. He laughed softly as she bucked and twitched, trying to get her breast away from the rough paper. He slipped the peg over it, popped it off several times.

“That sandpaper is so darned slippery on the smooth side. Hard to get that clip to stay on there. Maybe I should use two?”

She shook her head vehemently no, unable to speak as she tried to manage her breathing. Her nipples were on fire; the clothes pins always hurt, but with the sandpaper underneath the pain was redoubled.

He slid down the bed until his face hovered over the open vee of her thighs. He breathed against her pussy, spreading her labia with his fingers. He tugged on the lips, pulling them, pinching them until her hips rose. A quick sharp slap over her pussy and his admonishing ‘down, slut,’ forced her to pay attention.

But gods she hurt already!

His lips closed over her clitoris. She grunted, trying to not raise her ass and mash her cunt into his mouth. It felt so fucking good, a counterpoint to the pain. The heat hit her unexpectedly.

His face lifted from her snatch, but the burning continued.

“Feel that? Neat, don’t you think?”

“What is that? It burns…so …hot…tingly.”

M”y gum. It’s very hot in the mouth, but I thought I’d see what happens when I stick it on your clit.”

She quivered. Having read blogs where Doms slathered icy-hot or jalapeno juice, or ginger on their sub’s pussy’s, she knew she was getting off lightly.

Or maybe not.

The burn was growing in intensity. And then his mouth was back, grabbing the gum and her clit with his teeth. He pulled his head away, blowing on the flesh.

She arched, whining.


It was hot and cold simultaneously.

His fingers grabbed her clit, pinching, rolling it between his fingers. His lips moved again, sucking on the tender nubbin, running his teeth over the fragile bit of flesh. She moaned, crying, begging.

Did she want it to stop or continue until she came?

The gum plopped onto her cunt again. His fingers stretched it out, tucking it around the tender skin. She whined again.

“It’s a little gum blanket, slut. Keeping your clit warm. Very warm.”

Her nipples burned under the bite of the clamps, the scratch of the sandpaper, and now her clit was on fire from the gum. His finger rubbed over the gum, then scooped it up and plucked it in his mouth.

“Mmmm, mint with a taste of pussy. My favorite flavor.”

She came immediately when he jammed his fingers inside of her.

“Guess your cunt likes hot spearmint, too, slut,” he said with a laugh, as he wiped his fingers on her belly.


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    1. Hi blossomuk10–thanks for taking time to comment…always most appreciated! And gum can be fun…right? LOL


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