Special Delivery

“You know I will make you cum. It’s not ‘rape’ if you cum, and cum, and cum. Your cunt is grabbing the dildo, begging for it. I like holding you just on the edge. When you cum–and you will cum–you can think about what you’d say to the judge and jury…”

  oh he made me cum

and cum

and cum

“Not a single person would convict me of ‘rape’ but they might squirm in their seats, imagining your ‘plight’. Imagine that, that group of your peers, all turning jealous-green imagining what you went through, poor slut, being fucked slowly with a dildo, a big vibe on your clit, until you come, all wet and slippery and slick.”

“I see you, clenching, trying to hold it back. It won’t help, you know. Imagine this…in the next room there, see my Newfie? He’s just waiting for you to cum. He loooves the taste of it, can’t get enough of it. I’ll slide my cock in your mouth, that’s what that special ring gag is for, after all, and let the dog have at your pussy. He’ll lick and lap you until you cum again. And he’ll keep licking, because he loves girl cum so much. You might call that a real cum-undrum!”

“I’ll be too busy to stop him, of course, fucking your throat until I cum, you swallowing every single drop. I’ll hear him, he’s a loud licker, but he’ll be busy, and I’ll be busy, and you’ll be busy cumming.”

“Imagine that confession before the court…”

He tied me down, with my legs open wide, and made me cum with that dildo in my pussy, and that horrible big vibrator on my clit and forced me to cum…and when I did, he let his big dog out and that beast licked me and licked me and I came and came and came…it was exhausting…

“I’m sure I’ll be convicted of being a wicked man. And I’ll be getting phone calls from all those jurors…the ladies will be begging for that same predicament, while the gents will be asking me how I got the mail lady to come into the house in the first place…”


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