She tapped away at the keyboard, ignoring the antics happening in the tank behind her. A tentacle rose out of the water and stroked down her hair.

“Stop. I’m trying to work on my paper here.”


“Ya, ya..thanks….look, Mer, this is due tomorrow. I need to finish.”

With obvious reluctance the tentacle withdrew. There was a tangling tumble of limbs in the tank, accompanied by much sloshing and splashing of water.

“You two! Cut it out!.”

She slid further away, shielding the laptop from the worst of the water. Normally she loved watching Mer and Lin play-fighting. Watching their limbs twining and turning around each other was mesmerizing, as was their sudden sleekness as they moved with amazing speed around the enormous, multi-storied tank.

She’d been hired by the Caretaker to help maintain the tank.  Adept at diving, she would go in several times a day, enjoying the otheworldness of the watery world. There were many species of fish, living corals, shellfish, lobster. The crowning glory of the tank, however, was the pair of octopi who called this place home. Raised in captivity, the two cephalopods were larger than their wild brethren. Part of her interview was to see how well she would interact with them. They had twined around her, touching her everywhere. The fact that they could ‘speak’ to certain people telepathically  had freaked her out at first, especially since she was one of those ‘certain’ people. It was this single reason why she’d gotten the job and not other “more qualified” people from campus. She’d been hired on the spot, and the income certainly helped with the expenses of being a second year student.

She glanced over towards the tank. With solid glass walls, she could see over the top and across the tank, and by tilting her head, deeper into the tank via the glass wall before it disappeared into the floor. If she chose, she could get up and walk down the ramp that wound down, circling the entire tank. An observer could see any and all parts of the tank from that walkway. From her vantage, she got a quick flash of Mer as he jetted by, followed quickly by Lin. The two were either racing or playing tag.

:TAG! come play!:

Lin paused, then rose to the top of the tank, and stretched out to touch her arm. She smiled as that thin tip wrapped around her wrist, tugging gently.

“I don’t have my gear on,” she said out loud.

:Come play: Lin urged again. :we will keep you on top:

With a last reluctant look down at her work, she sighed. Seventy eight words was not even close to the  middle of her work. But her job here was keeping up with the tank, not school work, and keeping the octopi happy was job one…schoolwork could be done during quiet times when the occupants of the tank rested. Besides, hadn’t she thought a lot lately about dropping out for the semester and working here full-time? The Caretaker had offered the position to her innumerable times. The pay, the housing, the beasts themselves were so fun to be with…it was pretty fucking tempting, with the added bonus of not having homework. She closed the laptop, pushing it across the table.

“Okay, you guys, you win! I’m coming in!”

She allowed the tentacle to tug her towards the tank.

“Let me go, Mer. I can’t go in with my street clothes on.”

The tentacle slid off of her wrist and rested at the top of the tank. She could see one large blue eye looking up at her as she began to shed her clothing. Reaching down, she slid out of her workout pants, then tugged her tee-shirt up and over her head. She dug in the pocket for a hair scrunchi, then pulled her long dark locks into a tail. Which Mer tugged right out again.

:Like loose. Looks like seaweed:

She snorted, but guessed that would be somewhat of a compliment, from an aquatic creature.

:Hurry! Play tag!:

“I have to put my clothes up, you inpatient beasties!”

She laughed as she glanced over at the tank, where 8 tentacles, four dusky red, four pale gold, hung out of the top of the tank. Now she had two sets of eyes peering at her. And she could feel their excitement. They were sometimes just like kids, wanting to play now! She set her laptop and clothing on the far side of the table where she had been working, then adjusted the top of her bikini.




She laughed as they chimed the response she’d taught them. She ran flat-out, then leapt,  propelling herself up and over the rail of the tank, the last holdover from her youthful gymnastics days. She dove, feet first, into the water behind Lin and Mer, splashing them.

She put all her effort into stroking around the tank but in two short breaths, a tentacle was twining up her leg, another around her belly.


“Yes, you both did. I didn’t even get halfway to the Rock.”

The giant black rock was the centerpiece of the tank. The Owner had gotten it from Hawaii, long before taking “volcanic artifacts” had been outlawed. It was a nice place to sit out of the water but still feel part of the aquatic community. Occasionally she would see Mer climb out of the water and move around up there for a while. The first time she’d seen him do that she’d been stunned. But on even rarer occasions, they could and would come out of the water and move across to the table where she worked. It never failed to freak her out, even though she really liked the silly creatures.


They swam, they chased, they played ‘hide and seek’ which Lin invariably won.

“I still say it’s cheating that you can fit into that teeny tiny crawl space.”

There was the sound of silent amusement in her head. Not human laughter, but the feeling of it. They communicated as much through emotions as they did with words. The Caretaker had mentioned that their vocabulary had improved dramatically since she’d been their primary human interaction, which pleased her. It was pretty cool to have a positive impact on a creature. She swam over to the Rock, and lay just out of the water. By extending a hand she could wiggle her fingers in the water, teasing some of the smaller fish to come close. There was a feeling of exuberant energy today; the two octopi were not sated by tag or hide and seek. They were currently racing around and around the tank.

When they went silent she craned her head, looking for them.

“I know you guys are up to no good. Where are you?”


She slid closer to the water’s edge.

“Mer. Lin. Where are you two?”

Peering down into the water, she saw only the ripple of light dancing through the water, and a lone clown fish far below. She’d never had them go so totally quiet on her before. Concerned, she slipped into the water, and swam a few strokes. Without her gear she couldn’t dive deeply, but she took a few deep gulps of air, and pushed herself down, looking for them.

She could hold her breath for quite a while, but there were limits. Popping to the surface, she gasped for air.

“Okay, guys,” she said, her voice breathy from her exertions. She tread water, still looking down, still trying to catch her breath before diving again. “You’re starting to freak me out here. Where are you?”


The water around her erupted at the two beasts exploded from some hidden crevasse. The water boiled with the sudden waving of tentacles everywhere.


She flailed to keep afloat as water flew, blinking through tendrils of hair. Octopus arms wrapped around her, holding her above the water, with the distinct feelings of incredibly deep humor…and caring.

Octopus love? She mused.

:We love you. We do:

Two different voices chimed in her head, as tentacles covered her. Arms and legs were wrapped, a tentacle stroked down her cheek. She felt cold water on her breasts.

“Guys, I think you knocked my swimsuit around. Let go of one arm at least…”

She tried to tug her arm away but she was held fast.

:We take care of you:

It wasn’t the first time a tentacle had touched her breasts…it was bound to happen when swimming with them. But it was the first time that she felt the intent behind the touching.

“Oh…no…you can’t do that…I’m not an octopus…”

Something pushed her bikini bottom aside, and pressed against her lower lips.

“No, guys…really…ugng..”

Her mouth was suddenly filled by the tentacle that had been stroking her cheek.

:We take care of you:

A sudden surge of sexual need suffused her. Was it their need? Or hers? And why now? She was confused, filled with an intense need to be fucked.


The voices were filled with a quietly intense ecstasy. Something pushed into her. It was firm, but unlike a human cock. It was flexible, and stroked at inner places that sent her reeling over the edge. There was a pressing against her anus, but she was too caught up in sexual frenzy to protest. In fact, the filling of her rectum only added to the sex haze, the intense need for more.

Her nipples pearled to hard points as sensations washed through her body. Shivers and chills wracked her as she came, the hot gush of her fluids warming the water around her. Mer and Lyn’s tentacles twirled and danced through the milky haze, growing more excited. The pushing inside of her became rougher. Their size grew, until she felt stuffed with them. The tentacle cock in her ass pulled out as the one in her pussy pushed deeper. In a moment the two reversed, working thrusts and withdrawals in opposition to one another. She quivered and shook through another intense orgasm. Tentacles coiled around her, grabbing at her tits, stroking her ass, twining in her hair. Yet they continued to keep her head above water. The tentacle in her mouth slid free; she sucked in gutfulls of air, her heart racing as she was racked by continuous orgasms.

They didn’t stop.

She thought ‘this is one hell of a way to die’ just before she blacked out. Her body continued to spurt, the tentacles continued to fuck.

“You boys need to stop or you’ll break her like you did the last one.”

:We like…we like much:

“Yes, I know. But you need to put her up for a while to rest. She’ll play again.”

The Caretaker helped to haul the young woman up from the tank as the pair of octopi pushed her up and over the edge. He carried her to the table and laid her gently on the planking. She was made of sturdy stuff, he thought, caressing one puckered nipple gently. Red rings covered her body from the arms of her lovers.


She awoke slowly, feeling drained. She was laying on the picnic table, covered in a light blanket.

“Drink this.”

The Caretaker offered her a tall glass with green liquid inside.

“You’ll be better soon. They had a lot of fun with you today. Next time will be easier–they’ll be a bit less randy…and you’ll understand what they’re all about.”

It hadn’t been a dream.

“No. It wasn’t a dream.”

“Whoa…you  can read my thoughts too?”

“Only the ones on the surface. Just as they can read you, so too can I. How else could I communicate with them? They picked you. They like you. We want you to stay.”

“I’m not sure about what all just happened–I’m not. But..”


She looked down at the glass.

“Aah…I…liked…it. Does that make me a sick person?”

He laughed gently, then reached out and rubbed her calf.

“No, it just makes you special.”

“Then yes…I’d like to stay. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

“Good. We’re glad to have you as part of our little odd family then.”

He didn’t explain that she might be, even now, incubating.

That would come later.


10 thoughts on “Octopii”

    1. Those are two qualities that I like in people…sick and pervy!! Thanks for enjoying this little dark tale…could there be more in store? (you gave me a wicked idea…so yeah…)


      1. Hoping to get some time to write…today is catchup on cleaning…the blog, the house…you name it, it wants for ‘tidying’…!


    1. HI DEE!!! I love this comment. It is very much what I go through when I write them, too…how naughty, how…deviant…and yet…how hot, too. Thanks for “getting it”…


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