Bound for Trouble

“How very vulnerable you are, little slut.”

He moves into her view, holding a thick black rubber cock.

“You let me kiss you, fondle your tits, suck and bite your nipples. You let me take off your clothing, let me tie your wrists, let me push you onto the bed, let me cuff your ankles to my spreader bar, let me rub your clit.”

He strokes a finger down her cheek, rubs it along the silver tape holding her lips silent.

“Your eyes — so expressive. The fear excites you, I can see it.”

His hand pinches one erect nipple, twisting it cruelly. The pain burns a path to her clit, makes her eyes slip shut for a moment, breathing deep against the hurt. When she opens them, he is standing by her feet, looking at her pussy.

“Your cunt is swollen, gleaming with wetness. Such a hot little slut you are.”

His hand grabs the center of the spreader, lifting it, placing the black phallus against her slit. It only takes a moment for him to thread a rope that she hadn’t known was there around her cuffed wrists, around the spreader bar. Slowly, he pulls the rope. Her legs and arms raise, until her wrists hit the headboard, and her ankles are in the air over her shoulders. The look in his eyes changes and she shivers. A fresh splash of juice spills from her pussy as excitement rises to a new level.

“Look at you, so vulnerable. So open. So ready. For what, though? For me to fuck you with this dildo, stretching your hole wide and making you cum like the whore you are? I agreed to your demand of ‘no anal’…but here you are. Vulnerable. And your ass, so white, so round, so tender.”

His hand smooths over the pale moons of her ass, the touch light and teasing.

“What pulls my attention from all that white is that little rosy-brown pucker. It winks at me, teasing me, provoking me. It is saying “you can’t touch me’…”

His finger circles the areola of her anus. Her shiver is immediate and her eyes widen. He presses the dildo into her pussy, eyes locked with hers as his other finger continues to swirl around the brown ring.

“…and that makes me want to touch it. Makes me want to stretch it, fill it. My thumb would be a nice test. To feel that muscle yield, to have the ring of it tighten, a round brown plum on my thumb.”

He laughs at his own joke, and she feels her heart quicken. She said no, absolutely no anal. She was given a safeword, but with the tape, he can’t hear her. Was she fucking insane to have trusted someone who she had met on the internet just a few months ago? Her pussy leaks more juice.

“Perhaps this lovely fat dildo should take the plunge. It’s all nice and slick from your pussy. Yes, I know, I know you’ve cum already. It’s wet and slippery, and it wouldn’t take much effort to press it deeply right into that sly winking hole back there. Stretch your bum good, make it ready. I’ll take you just this way, so I can watch your eyes as I fill your ass with my cock.”

He moves away from the bed, crosses to his bag, takes out an item. A Hitachi. OH, she thinks, unsure. She’d heard they were too much, too intense. And she’d said NO anal. Torn between fear and lust, she watches him plug the device into the wall by the bed. She swallows hard. He moves between her open thighs, positions it just so, the bulb pressing hard against her clit. He flickes the switch and her body jolts at the sensation. The big vibe slips from its position.  He shakes his head, moves away, returns with the duct tape. He fusses with the device for a few minutes, then tapes it to the inside of her thigh. A flick of the switch shows him that it’s placed perfectly against her clit, and no wiggling will dislodge it. He smiles, pats her cheek.

“I’ll let you rest here awhile with my friend, while I decide whether I’m a man of my word.”

He moves away from the bed, heads for the bathroom. He pauses before he enters, turns back to her.

“Or not.”