em bare assed

you stand as well as you are able. your wrists attached to the bar that also holds your ankles spread wide, uncomfortably far apart. if you tip, you’ll bash your face on the floor. except he’s anticipated that. you feel the tethers around your thighs, see them disappearing behind as you look between your wantonly splayed legs. you assume he has fastened them to the bedpost.

you also see his feet, his legs, the fold of his lap.

he sits in the chair behind you, staring at you.

looking at your round bottom, displayed and ready for whatever implement he chooses to mark you with.

it is embarrassing to be so vulnerable. embarrassing and humbling to be so turned on by thinking of him sitting there, looking at every exposed inch of you.

are his eyes even now caressing where you want his hand to be? are they moving over and around your plump pussy, the lips spread open, the deep pink slick with your desire to be fucked? can he see the sweet wet swelling of your clit as it thrusts forward for his caress?

your nipples rise as you shiver, your body attenuated to his presence behind you, begging wordlessly for his attention.

“You have  a big ass.”

his words make you squirm; a blush blooms on your cheeks. the heat of it spreads down your throat, over your breasts.

“A really big ass.”


what you may have said is lost in the flush of humiliation and embarrassment when you hear the click/whirr of his camera, capturing this moment for all time. he says the words that make you quiver with the need to cum, a sordid mixture of awkward self-consciousness and jubilant adoration.

“this is bloggable.”

there is a pause, and you open eyes you hadn’t realized you’d shut in your chagrin. he has risen, moved out of your viewpoint. the toy closet opens with a foreboding squeak.

his feet reappear, but his next words suffuse you once more with that rush of adrenaline born of mortification.

“be sure to include the picture, slut”



She couldn’t move. Sure, she could clench and unclench her muscles, but any other movement was halted. Blindfolded she couldn’t see what held her in stasis, where she was, nor could she remember quite how she got to this place, what she’d been doing.

What had she been doing? Gym? Coming home from work? Walking downtown? It was perplexing how foggy her brain was.

In the background was the soft whirr of a fan, the stirring of air on her skin. Her nipples pearled in response. The sound of a door opening halted the muddled whirl of thoughts.

“Hello pretty.”

Footsteps moved closer, a warm hand pressed against her belly, then slid upward to cup her breast. A finger flicked her nipple. A garbled moan came from her open mouth response. She couldn’t close her mouth, she realized.

“Good girl. I think you’re ready now.”

‘Ready?” she thought, confused. ‘Ready for what?’

A cold splash against her vulva made her belly tighten, made a quick grunt of shock emit from her throat. A faint hum presaged something slick pressing between her legs, sliding over her clit, through her channel, and into her cunt. She tried to shake her head no, but that too was immobile. Her pussy accepted the tool readily enough. He pushed and pulled, fucking her slowly. Every few strokes, the vibe would be pulled free of her sucking hole and roll over her lips, her clit. The sensations were overwhelming.

“Such a greedy cunt.”

There was no way to protest his bland comment. It stung, the matter-of-fact tone as he continued his assault on her body.

“You may wonder why you can’t move. I’ve found that merely tying a woman to the bed still allows too much freedom of movement. I want my girls to be as close to immobile, and yet unharmed as possible.  I had to get a bit creative, as you’ll find out. Later.”

The bed shifted as he rose, moving away. He’d pressed the vibe inside of her, but the lube allowed it to shift, and slip free. It pressed high, right against her sensitive bulb. No amount of tightening would move the thing, and pleasure vied with the sensitive touch of pain.

Again the bed moved as he sat.

“Tsk. Naughty pussy.” The vibe was moved away, and several hard slaps fell between her legs. Again she attempted to move her head in protest, as guttural gurgles came from her splayed lips. Quickly he reinserted the dildo, the curved tip of it scraping along that sensitive spongy top of her vagina. Her hips lifted, seeing more of that sensation.

“What a greedy pussy you are. Just how I like my pretties.” His voice was filled with amusement. A loud hum filled the room, echoing around and through her. He pressed it between her legs, moving it up, down, and around that slick slit. She whimpered, trying to move away. Movement, however, was futile. But what he was doing to her–it was too much. Too intense. She tried to struggle, but could only lay there, open and vulnerable, and take what he was doing to her.

An orgasm shuddered through her. Her pussy clamped hard on the vibe inside, adding its own tremors to the sensory overload. She felt spacy, breathing hard as the quivers began to subside. The vibe was not quite touching her now, but she could hear it, feel the air move just over her pussy lips.

“You can’t move away. You can’t bend and writhe. I love to watch the struggle as my girls cope with the overload of sensation. The way your face contorts, your nipples contract, your pussy convulses. I’ll take your picture as you cum, and cum again.”

He paused, rubbing the vibe against her puffy lips, a wisp of a touch.

“There is something so primal, beautiful, evocative in the violence of your release. I will watch you cum many times today. I’ll use your mouth when I can’t stand the pressure of my cock any further, then return to your cunt. I’ll cull the pictures later, taking the best of the best to remember you by. You, pretty pussy, will remember none of this. You’ll wake in your own bed, feeling sore, used, exhausted. But you won’t remember why.”

He laughed, a soft sound almost hidden by the louder hum of the big vibrator.

She wanted to speak, to plead, to know what drug he had given her to immobilize her so completely. She felt the coil of rope on wrist and ankles. The tight binding of a collar around her throat. He pressed the head of the humming ball against her clit and she felt nothing but the shocking bolt of lust wrapped in pain.


She woke in her bed.

Her head ached, her throat was dry. Her pussy throbbed. What? She didn’t remember coming home, only recalled leaving work, dressed for Claire’s party. Remembered  eating those lobster canapes, drinking champagne to celebrate her promotion…then nothing. She must’ve gotten totally wasted.

She sat up, groggy, hoping that whomever she’d fucked had left, and she wouldn’t have to go through that uncomfortable “morning after” dance.

The urge to pee was the only thing that made her get up. She might have lazed in bed for another hour, but her throbbing clit and aching bladder had other plans.

Stepping into her bathroom, she sat, eyes closed as she peed. Rising, she flushed, and decided to brush her teeth. Morning after mouth sucked. Looking at the mirror she recoiled.

A photograph taped there.

A woman, spread eagle on a bed.

PVC pipes covering her legs, her arms.

Mouth held open with a wire thing.

Her hand moved to her pussy, covering the sudden throb.

The erotic scene made her dizzy. And the face was unmistakable.



(you know, gynocologists are an easy target for someone like me. i’ve recently added a gyno tale to my masturbation fantasies, and thought…why haven’t i done *more* of these?)

She knew the drill. Feet in the stirrups, butt scootched forward to the edge. Knees wide, pussy bared for anyone to view. You’d think one would get used to it, she mused, having an annual checkup for all of her adult years. You did something 20 or so times, it should get easier.

It didn’t.

Added to that embarrassment factor, having a new doctor, her prior one having retired, and it totally tipped the scales into “oh fuck, why” status. Oh, it could be, should be a good thing. Certainly her old doctor wasn’t “perfect”– he could be a bit rough at times, but that was old school. The door opened, interrupting her musings. And fuck! Did he have to be so striking? His eyes were amber, and sparkling. Sure, and wasn’t it totally obvious that the man loved his work, handling women’s pussies all day, the snarky side of her brain chirped.

“Ms. Melissa West? I’m Dr. Berman. Nice to meet you. I understand you were a patient of Dr. Nesmer…?” At her nod he continued. “Well, it’s nice to meet you. I’ve inherited a lot of his patients, and I understand that it can be hard to transition to a new doctor, let alone an OBGYN.”

He paused, shaking her hand, then holding it for a moment.

“I want to reassure you, things have advanced greatly in the gynecological field in the last 20 years or so. Things are vastly improved for your comfort. So lay back, relax, and let’s get on with things, okay?”

A nurse with twinkling blue eyes came in and moved to stand beside her.

“A few new things with this new chair. Let’s adjust you. Can you scootch back a bit…it’s so uncomfortable to have your fanny hanging off like that, isn’t it?”

The nurse, young and perky, kept up a cheerful patter as she adjusted the headrest, adjusted arm rests, fastened a series of straps around wrists, ankles, and waist. With a last cheery smile and a light finger stroke down her arm, the nurse turned away. Taking up a light cotton cover, the pretty assistant spread that over her belly, up and over her knees, effectively blocking any view of the handsome doctor as he moved to sit between her legs.

From the end of the table, she felt and heard a drawer open, shut. A warm gloved hand pressed against her pussy. The shiver was quick, a mix of nerves and to her embarrassment, pleasure.

“The first change is to use warm instruments. So much more comfortable. But even before that, a new policy change here.”

He leaned around her left knee, staring intently at her.

“When I did  my thesis for my doctorate, I noted that my sexual partners were always very limpid and relaxed after having several orgasms.”

She blinked. Did he mean to infer….

“Therefore,” he went on, ignoring her suddenly open mouth, “I’ve begun giving all patients sets of multiple orgasms before doing any internal examination. Relax. Have fun.”

His head disappeared behind her veiled knees once more. There was a squirt of something warm and wet against her.

“Lube” the doctor’s voice announced cheerily.

Fingers began caressing her outer lips, her clitoris, down around her anus and back up. Pinching and pulling and rubbing.

The moan escaped before she could snatch it back.

“That’s good, honey,” the nurse crooned, rubbing Melissa’s shoulder as she watched the doctor. “I’ll leave you to his care now. Doctor, I’ll go do the check in with your next patient.”

“Thank you Dee,” he murmured. There was a humming buzz and something pressed against her clit. She arched, whimpering, not noticing or caring that the nurse had left, quietly shutting the door behind herself. Although…wasn’t she supposed to stay?  It seemed that something wasn’t the way it was supposed to be…

The thought flew from her mind as fingers massaged in and out of her pussy, as the vibe rumbled merrily against her clit. The first orgasm hit like a velvet wall, the waving undulations shocking her.

“Tender on the clit, but ah well, science must be observed,” he said, his voice a million miles away between her splayed thighs. The vibe stayed on her clit, making her moan and squirm to get away. Three fingers began sliding into and out of her sensitive pussy, as she quivered and shuddered. It was too much, too much sensation. Pleasure wrapped in pain, another orgasm sent her reeling. And still the vibe played against her pussy, making her clit scream. She couldn’t move away, couldn’t resist.

“Good little pussy, get all that juice in here for me…”

The next orgasm swamped her, made her fall into the darkness as her cunt convulsed. The blanket pressed aside, and she swore she felt something hard and thick enter her, yet her pussy clamped and convulsed so hard and it was so dark and …


She woke slowly, a bit groggy. Her pussy throbbed. The doctor entered the room.

“Your exam came out fine, Ms. West. No signs of any anomaly. I would recommend that you work towards having an orgasm a week-not your old-style OBGYN here, Miss.”

He smiled down into her bemused face.

“Using the parts in there is a good thing. Have a wonderful day. See you soon.”

Patting her hand, he slipped silently from the room. Sliding into her shoes she tried to remember when she had ever felt this loose and limber. She scheduled her next appointment at the front window, little realizing that she’d be back much sooner, with a wee, plus-sign-marked ‘stick’ in hand. For she didn’t leave alone.

She was full of swimmers.