“Keep your face down. I only want ass.”

Her nose a scant inch from the water in the toilet, she shivered. A mix of revulsion and excitement raced from her cunt to her nipples. They touched the cold porcelain of the john as she braced her hands on the rim of the seat, as he held her hips in his hands, fucking her asshole.

The toilet stank of his shit, taken just a few minutes ago, and which he hadn’t bothered to flush. He’d called her in to admire the fat log of poop in the toilet. And made her look closely. She thought she might vomit. That’s when he told her to keep her nose down there, admiring his shit, while he decided to avail himself of her on-display asshole.

Keeping her eyes closed, she tried to breathe in short snatches through her mouth, but the gag kept rising, the stink all-pervasive. She shifted, trying to snatch some clean air.

“Stand the fuck still.”

His words growled into the room as his cock hammered roughly into her, stretching her, making her anus throb with the relentless push and tug.

“Gonna fill you..fill you fulll…..”

The gutteral groan presaged his release; she could feel the thickening of his cock as it spurted inside her bowels. There was a slick pop as he pulled out, the quick hot splash of cum on the top of her ass cheek.

Reaching around her, he grabbed her hair, wiping poo from her hole off his shaft.

“Now you can flush.”

Turning, he shoved his cock into his jeans and went back to watch the game.



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