Sorry I have been neglecting the dark side for a while ….

I stopped because I was having…I dunno…second thoughts? That whole Castro thing really made me freak out.

But we’ve been talking some about that…the nature of intent, the role of porn in that intent, and the culpability (if any) in erotica/erotic writers in the actions of deviants who believe that acting out on these fantasies on non-consenting people is okay. Because. It. Is Not. Okay.

It haunted me, you see. That someone might read here and get an idea to do something bad, something sexually deviant to some unknowing someone because they got the nugget of an idea from me.

Which was why I stopped writing that one series. And why I stopped letting my dragons loose much at all.

But after talking it over with a few of my fellow erotic writers, I think I am okay with going back, with trying again, with giving my dark fantasies another spin out in the light of day.

Thanks for bearing with me. As I carve out time to write more, look for some of the nastiness to return. Yanno…because we all have these thoughts somewhere in our psyche…

we are not alone

YOU are not alone

just…don’t act on them,  on someone who is not in consensual relationship with you, okay?

Thanks for understanding…


3 thoughts on “Absent….”

  1. I’m so glad you’re back. It was shocking and disturbing to consider that we fantasize about something that became someone’s nightmare. But the difference is consent…even consensual non-consent. Right? IDK. But you are so right…we have these thoughts. For me, it’s often with some internal conflict and sometimes I’m more accepting. But here’s the thing. I’m not violent. I’m not demented. I’m fairly well balanced and … um … as normal as the next person and as normal as I want to be. AND I still have these fantasies in my head and still enjoy reading your erotic writings. So…there you have it.

    I’m thrilled to see you here again, my friend!


    1. yes…this…all of this…*gestures to your comment*…that’s what I was struggling with. My dragons have been locked up ever since the Castro thing…I’ve read and written stories about this and …if my words gave any nut-job validation to do such as that? But the discussion the 4 of us had was a way to break through that self-imposed lock, and let me see that the writer is not culpable. The writer writes–it is the individual who is making the choice to act out in an inappropriate fashion, not me. Phew.


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