I feel

my heartbeat


in the bruises

you left behind

after You held me

in place,

after You

fucked deeply

plunged roughly

when I moaned

in pain



I caress each mark

with my finger


I look at the tangible remnants


Your fierce passion



at the heartbeat

that echos

my pain.

And smile

for the junction

of pain and passion

is here

painted upon

on my body

by Your hands.


In the Dark Quiet Places

The holiday lights were off. The last of the shoppers had gone home for the night. A week until the “big day” and the stores were closing later than ever.

It was two in the morning as she locked the store gates, her tired feet throbbing as she hefted her tote bag and purse down the long corridor. Only a few security lights gleamed as she made her way to the elevator that would take her to the employee garage.

The doors opened at last, as she shifted her weight to give relief to aching toes. She slid inside, punching the U for Underground Parking, then leaning forehead on the far wall, she closed her eyes and braced for the ‘falling’ feeling. A quick resting of her eyes would be lovely. The doors shut, then opened right away. Before she could turn and look, a hand pressed her head into the corner.

“Don’t move.”

The doors closed, the elevator began to descend.

He, for the voice  could only be male, pressed her into the corner.

“Don’t move, don’t look, and you’ll be fine. Got it?”

She didn’t know the voice. She didn’t know what to do. Go down fighting had always been her motto, but here she was, pressing herself into the corner as demanded. Did he have a weapon? A gun? A knife?

Her voice was a breath of a whisper. “Please, don’t hurt me…”

His hand moved up under her skirt, cupping her vulva. Leaning into her, pinning her with his body, she felt heat, yet shuddered. In her head she was screaming “no no no” but her body was definitely reacting to the thumb rubbing against the top of her slit.

Fingers eased into her panties as she heard the steady unzipping behind her. The elevator chimed that it  had reached its destination. The door opened and the curling swirl of cold air sent shivers up her spine. He moved away for a second, the doors shut. And the lights went out.


Hands reached for her in the darkness, roughly tugging her skirt up, her panties down. Her hips were tugged back, her legs opening for balance. The hot rub of a wet cock on her slit pressed deeper, splitting her lips, piercing her folds, and making an insistent entry into her hot cunt.


“Shut up, fuckhole. That’s what you are, a hole to be filled. It’s wrapped in a pretty package, to be sure. But this is the part of you that interests me tonight. Your hole. Not your sassy red mouth. Not your lovely fat titties. Just your hole.”

He fucked into her, the rubbing of his wet shaft making her squirm. She wasn’t fully ready. There was some pain in the friction, not that he seemed to notice.


“I don’t have a problem with that. In fact? That makes this even better for me.”

His pace increased, and it seemed that his cock did get harder, longer, more aggressive. His breathing grew harsher, the elevator made little squeaks as he barreled into her. Her fingers pressed into the walls, her forehead banging into the corner. When she came, it was a surprise. She wanted to shout “no! I don’t get off on this sort of violent sex…” but her body didn’t believe a word of it, and leaked sex-juice.

His fingers dug into her hips, drawing moans from her at the fierceness of the grip, leaving finger-shaped bruises as he jackhammered his cock into her tight cunt. His teeth bit at her shoulder, her neck as his orgasm spurted from him, deep into her belly.

“Put my juice up inside that dark warm belly of yours. Maybe next time I see you at the mall your belly will be round. My sperm loves dark quiet places. See you around.”

There was a soft sucking sound as he pulled out, then the feel of him wiping his sticky shaft on her ass and skirt.  Several things happened almost simultaneously. The door pinged open, the lights came on, and then the quick rush of footfalls moving away fast. She stayed for a moment, pressed into the corner. Her face burned. Her roommate would tease her mercilessly for coming in with dried cum on her clothing. What would she tell her boyfriend about this? Would she tell him anything? What if she did get pregnant?  The cool kiss of air on her ass had her adjusting her clothing quickly. She tugged her coat around her, trying to warm herself. His juice was inside her. His cum was sending swimmers up inside her belly, maybe to take root and grow there. Head down, she hurried to her car, fighting tears.


“You did it?”

“Mission accomplished.”

“You’re the best, man!”

“I aim to please.”

“You aim to get paid, for getting laid.”

“Trust me, she loved it.”


“That she was. But you knew that anyway.”



“Let me know if she breeds up. If not I’ll try again.”

“Thanks, man. I mean it. I’ve wanted a kid for a while. She’s been stubborn as hell about my wearing a condom. I can’t wait to hear what she says.”

“Remember you promised a three-way fuck some day.”

“I won’t forget.”