The Urinal

“turn your pretty head here…”

“Yeah, c’mon girl…”

Her mouth was held open by a spider gag, her hands tied to each side of a urinal pipe. She turned her head as far away from the men mocking her as she could. The sharp acrid tang of urine filled her nostrils, making her want to gag. A male laugh, some jostling, and then the sudden stream of hot piss spraying on her tits. The ‘wife-beater” white tank shirt clung to her, her dark nipples clearly showing beneath the thin white cotton. It was one of his, the fit somewhat baggy, the scoop neck riding low, giving the crowd a generous view of her full breasts. The piss dampening the front did the rest.

Her jeans absorbed the run off, the cold bite of the concrete floor amplified by the cooling wet mess. The noisy bar was filled with people, male people, who had to piss.


Two, three at a time, aiming for her open mouth. A few scored a shot or two before she would flinch away, trying not to swallow. A small pool of vomit beside her betrayed where she’d failed in that regard, and the resulting emptying of her tummy.

This was her punishment. This was what became of slut-slaves who back talked their owners, who refused to do the chores set for them, but mostly, for arguing.



Or what He called

being pissy.

“Let the punishment fit the crime.”

Another stream of pee hit her hair, dribbled into her ear, interrupting her thoughts. It was going to be a very long time until closing.




The Closet

Even if she could have mustered enough breath to scream, the thing stuffing her mouth didn’t allow a sound to escape. He moved quickly down the darkened hallway, hand fisted in her hair. Her gait was lopsided as she loped along with him–his grip on her tresses bent her sideways, her head pulled to his shoulder. Finally he stopped, pausing outside her closet.


His tone was crisp, bordering on brusque. Her hands fumbled the keys attached to her belt loop. The tug on her hair increased.

“No tricks”

She tried to shake her head no, no of course not, but tears filled her eyes at the sharp pull against her scalp. She found the right key, lifted it to him. A quick insertion, a turn, and the closet door opened. Inside, a soak sink, her janitors cart, brooms along the walls filled the small space. He tugged the cart out, shoved her in, closing the door. It was a small space; with the two of them there it was impossibly close.

He seemed unaffected by the claustrophobic setting.

“Take out your tits.”

He waited a second, then using her hair, shook her head, hard. The sharp ping on her scalp, the dizziness had her moaning into the gag.


Shaking, her hands fumbled, lifting her white tee-shirt, tugging her bra down. Her tits flopped free, damn over-large freaky things. His free hand moved down, weighing each one, pinching the nipples, squeezing the firm globes of flesh with bruising intensity.

Of a sudden, He shoved her forward, face-first into the deep well of the sink. She smelled the sharp tang of the cleaner she’d rinsed down here mere minutes before. His hand pulled free of her hair, accompanied by the roughness of his voice.


His fingers were quick on her snap and fly, her jeans tugged down to her calves. Her panties were gone in moments.  She felt the nudge of his fingers, the roughness of them searching between her thighs. She screamed, tried to, as they invaded her, one in her anus, one in her pussy, pushing, pushing.

“Hot cunt. Hot tight ass. Which should I choose?”

His voice was mocking. Head down in the sink she didn’t hear his fly lower,  the sudden push against her cunt  the only clue to his choice. She tensed, but in seconds the fat head of a strange cock had pierced her pussy. Another push and more of his length entered her. A push, a grunt, and he was fully sheathed. She imagined that thick cock nudged up under her belly button, shoving its way into her secret places.



Withdrawal and thrust.

His cock danced in and out of her hole, a timeless dance of carnal desires. She noticed her body slicked with wetness, felt the tell-tale slicking of it running down her inner thigh. Traitorous. Her cunt oozing. Traitor, enjoying the living version of her perverted fantasies.


So fucking stupid. Her heart pounded, her head swam, dizzy from her position, face down ass up. Dizzy from the intensity of the surprising surge of lust.

Stupid. She shook her head, tried to not respond. Her cunt twitched, yearning for more abuse.

He pulled out, pressed against her rectum, pushed his way in, brutal and hard.

She screamed into the gag, wanting to vomit as her ass was breached.

“Fu-Fu-Fucking whore…” he grunted with each thrust, driving deep between her buttocks, each stroke a burn of pain, then shame at her growing arousal.

The orgasm came without warning. Her nipples peaked into hard pebbles, her clit stood to attention, her cunt clamping tightly as if trying to claim the cock that drilled into her ass.

His spurts answered her shaking quivers.

“Count to 100 before you think of leaving here. I have friends if you disobey…whore…”

The door opened, closed. Head in the sink, slowly she rose, pulling the gag from her mouth. Turning on the cold water, she splashed her face, sipped from her palm to relive the dryness of her lips and tongue.  With trembling fingers, her pulled her panties and jeans up, fastening them. In her head she was counting.

She opened the door warily. The long dark hallway of the quiet school corridor seemed empty. She flicked off her closet light, shut the door behind her. Ass aching, panties full of cum, she walked gingerly out of the building. There was only her car in the lot. No sounds broke the stillness of the night, until her sneakers slapped on the steps as she dashed to her car.


“You’re a real bastard. I told you to never bother me at the school.”

Laughter cut through her phone.

“Well, *I* didn’t ‘bother’ you at work. That was all Erik’s idea. I merely agreed to share you for the experience. And it was one of your top five fantasies…”

Erik, his best friend and fellow dom. The two of them enjoyed these little Top-swapping games. As did she.

“Yes Sir…”

He could hear the smile in her voice. He could hardly wait until next weeks surprise.