“a little pinch now, that’s a good girl, yeah it hurts.”

“Big fuckin’ needle there, Bill.”

“Ahya, kinda has to be. Gotta get the whole dose in. Watch. Watch her titties.”

“Geezuz. Is…are…they look like they’re swelling…my gawd.”

**she moans, deep and low in her throat**

“You said it would be quick but geeze. I had no idea.”

“That’s why the dose is big. Not as much as the guernseys’ get, of course, but we’ve found it works equally well on gals.”

“Don’t think I’ve ever seen her tits that big, even when tied up with rope.”

‘Put your hands on ’em. They’ll be hot as the milk gets released. Turbo charged her hormones. You can fuck her, and she’ll be insatiable. We’ll all fuck her, ‘course. Standard part of the fee…”

“Yes, I remember. You had me sign the paper. When do we start?”

**there is a sound of a zipper going down, fast**

‘Now’s as good a time as any, right?”

The man takes the woman by the hips. She is bent at the waist, forming  a 90° angle. Her arms are tied behind her, secured to the beam above her, creating another angle. Her eyes are half-closed as she assimilates what is happening within her body. She is pink with arousal, her visibly swelling tits are hard and glistening with sweat. Her nipples are deep red, and a thin liquid drips slowly, drop by drop onto the ground between her spread legs. They are tied apart to each side of a stall door. She smells of sex, as her cunt drips in the same way her tits do. A steady low moan comes from her mouth. The men ignore her except to touch her swelling tits, and dripping pussy.

The farmer’s cock is long and slender, and slides easily inside her. IN moment’s he has come, as his need has grown throughout the preparations.

His two sons wander into the barn, cocks already drawn. The eldest moves to her mouth, while the younger brother slides into her dripping pussy. It doesn’t phase him at all that his father has just blown a wad into the hot dark hole.

The woman grunts, is silenced as the fat cock of the eldest is shoved into her hole. He fucks it like a second cunt, and she is bumped forward and back by the two younger men.

Drool and tears leak from her face, her tits are enormously swollen now, and the fluid has turned milky. Her cunt clutches at the young cock inside, as if trying to suck his juices. It is apparent that she is cumming continuously, as long streams of pussy juice have made silvery-white streaks along her inner thighs.

The farmer, recovered now, fastens a giant cup around one tit, then the other. A slender piece of tubing at the end of each cup makes it apparent that this is a human-sized milking machine. He flips a switch and a motor humms to life. She screams around the shaft in her mouth as her tits are sucked into the cups with immense suction pressure. The milk is squeezed from her tits, the white fluid flowing through the tubing and into a collection bin across the stall, as an assistant comes up behind her, fingering her ass.  The younger brother humps harder, trying to finish, knowing that the assistant wants her asshole. If he doesn’t cum soon, he’ll be pushed to the side.

Before he can cum, the farmhand hip-checks him out of the way. He doesn’t care that the farmer is there watching him dominate his kid. He wants only to fuck the round ass. Farmer says pheromones are to blame, everyone gets randy when a gal comes in for whore-mone treatments. The boy goes and waits beside his brother as he shoots into the girls belly. His cock is wet, and has lost some hardness over the exchange with the farm-hand.

The farm-hand doesn’t give a fuck. His thumbs grab some wetness from her streaming pussy, then jab into her rectum. She jolts, but returns to moaning around the cock in her mouth. The suctioning of her tits holds her attention. At least until his cock pierces through the tight ring of her rosebud. Her mouth opens on a silent scream, her throat gagged by the elder son’s pulsing pole. She chokes, coughs, cries out at the large baton filling her asspipe. His cock has been compared to a baseball bat by whores in the past. It was true, the head of his gleaming black johnson was a huge purple knot, the shaft heavily veined. The slight upward curve of his dick had made him a college favorite fuck, always managing to please his fuck partners with his g-spot hitting cock, even while stretching their tight pussies painfully. It was a win-win to a guy who didn’t mind passing out hurt with pleasure.

He fucked the whore’s  ass quickly. Her body shook and quivered from the drugs, her tits sucked efficiently by the machine, her mouth barely filled by the little runt’s cock. His long fingers dug into her hips as he pummelled her butt, sliding in and out at a rapid pace. The machine hummed and bummped along, the wet sucking sounds making his balls grow heavy with the need to fuck, to fuck hard and deep.

“He’s gonna fuck up her asshole…”

“nah, it’ll go back to normal in a while. hurt when she sits, but she’ll deal, right? not like you don’t like to fuck her bumhole right? That’s why she’s got three holes, for variety. A wet one, a tight one, and one right between. “

“Suppose so. I get half the milk right?”

ahya, she’s about done now. see the tits are starting to shrink now? few more minutes we’ll take off the machine. Let the boys finish up first. She’s a good lil fuck. Sweet lil cow-girl.”

**the sound of sucking, of male laughter, and moans fill the stall**

(raw and dirty. not proofed. just needed to get this out onto cyberpaper. phew ~n~)

19 thoughts on “Whoremones”

    1. *does a happy dance*

      yeah…this kind of tale gets me *every* time. Prime masturbation fantasy for me. Hope your’s is a good one!


  1. Oh, I remember having fantasies about being used as a handmaiden…but for men who simply wanted slutty whoring lactating women! Oh, This was….fantasy worthy for sure!

  2. Come on up little lady, there is a milk farm about 10 miles from camp, I’m sure there are a few boy’s that will want to help out, if you know what I mean. Tip

      1. From your excellent pictures, I can understand the fantasy, maybe I should buy a machine from a old farmer who doesn’t need it any more. Tip

      2. farmer Bill does Porn.

        Fetish Farm?

        Boobs n Moo’s?

        omg someone stop me!!

        nilla, falling over and laughing…

      3. Jesus Tip…I’ve been writing like a frigging fiend this morning….your little comment above ? Just made this entire story explode in my head. naughty naughty. 🙂

        two chapters done.

        You like camping right? LOL.


  3. Dear Nilla
    I’m a little late here, but I’ll just chime in anyway and tell my end of the story:
    The other night I brought my laptop to bed to catch up on blogs and found three new stories here – Yiihaa!
    And this one totally invaded my sleepy mind and stayed with me all through the night. I woke up several times whilst caressing my tits imagining how it would feel to have a machine suck them …OOOOhh
    I don’t care about the lactating bit…but my nipples and breasts are very sensitive and the most erotic part of my body and that story totally turned me on.
    Thank you! (Will immediately go back to Nilla-blog and read the next story)
    Lady P

    1. oh myyy…so VERY glad one of my stories stayed with your sleeping mind…how incredibly neat (not to mention inspiring) that is to read!

      there’s nothing a writer likes more than drawing a response from a reader…and I guess I’ve managed that with you!

      Thanks for sharing!


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