His fist tightened in her hair as he pushed her face into the bed. Naked, exposed, excited, and fearful, she shivered.

He’d said nothing when he came in except “strip”, pointing to their bedroom.

She turned quickly to comply. His face was dark with that raw, hungry beast that rose every now and again.

The beast that wanted to hear her yell in pain, the beast that wanted to lick the tears that would well and spill down her face. The Beast that hungered.

He’d followed her, of course, and she felt as though he was stalking behind her, herding her. Β She began to unbutton her shirt as she moved into the room, but he’d whipped her around and ripped the two halves apart with one violent tug. Buttons flew around the room, even as his mouth fell to savage the skin that rose above her peach lace bra.

With a violent yank he pulled the straps down her shoulders, then spun her to unclasp the hooks. He used the metal to run a jagged line of pain down her back, pressing them hard against her flesh and dragging them downward. She whimpered, tried to push him away then, but in moments found her wrists bound behind her with the lacy lingerie.

He tore at her skirt, her panties, baring her to his needs. Fingers probed, making her gasp as two of them entered her bottom, wiggling and stretching.

“You better be wet. That’s all the lube your ass gets.”

His cock rubbed up her slit, down, then back up.

“As I thought. Whore.”

With a sudden hard push, his head was in her anus, stretching her uncomfortably. This was no gentle preparation, but a taking. A rape. A using. She was his to use, his to fuck, his to beat.

She moaned into the covers as he plunged relentlessly into her bottom. He slapped as he fucked, her hip, her back, her thigh until the heat of the blows lit her fuse. It was raw, animal fucking, and she came hard as his balls slapped her cunt, came again as his fingers dug into her tender hips, came again when he ground the base of his shaft into her butthole, screwing his cock as deep as he could. She felt the pulsing rise of cum, felt the roar from his belly as he claimed her ass as his by filling it with his spunk.

She was his.

Face ground into the coverlet, asshole throbbing and leaking his juice, she smiled quietly to herself.


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