“a little pinch now, that’s a good girl, yeah it hurts.”

“Big fuckin’ needle there, Bill.”

“Ahya, kinda has to be. Gotta get the whole dose in. Watch. Watch her titties.”

“Geezuz. Is…are…they look like they’re swelling…my gawd.”

**she moans, deep and low in her throat**

“You said it would be quick but geeze. I had no idea.”

“That’s why the dose is big. Not as much as the guernseys’ get, of course, but we’ve found it works equally well on gals.”

“Don’t think I’ve ever seen her tits that big, even when tied up with rope.”

‘Put your hands on ’em. They’ll be hot as the milk gets released. Turbo charged her hormones. You can fuck her, and she’ll be insatiable. We’ll all fuck her, ‘course. Standard part of the fee…”

“Yes, I remember. You had me sign the paper. When do we start?”

**there is a sound of a zipper going down, fast**

‘Now’s as good a time as any, right?”

The man takes the woman by the hips. She is bent at the waist, forming  a 90° angle. Her arms are tied behind her, secured to the beam above her, creating another angle. Her eyes are half-closed as she assimilates what is happening within her body. She is pink with arousal, her visibly swelling tits are hard and glistening with sweat. Her nipples are deep red, and a thin liquid drips slowly, drop by drop onto the ground between her spread legs. They are tied apart to each side of a stall door. She smells of sex, as her cunt drips in the same way her tits do. A steady low moan comes from her mouth. The men ignore her except to touch her swelling tits, and dripping pussy.

The farmer’s cock is long and slender, and slides easily inside her. IN moment’s he has come, as his need has grown throughout the preparations.

His two sons wander into the barn, cocks already drawn. The eldest moves to her mouth, while the younger brother slides into her dripping pussy. It doesn’t phase him at all that his father has just blown a wad into the hot dark hole.

The woman grunts, is silenced as the fat cock of the eldest is shoved into her hole. He fucks it like a second cunt, and she is bumped forward and back by the two younger men.

Drool and tears leak from her face, her tits are enormously swollen now, and the fluid has turned milky. Her cunt clutches at the young cock inside, as if trying to suck his juices. It is apparent that she is cumming continuously, as long streams of pussy juice have made silvery-white streaks along her inner thighs.

The farmer, recovered now, fastens a giant cup around one tit, then the other. A slender piece of tubing at the end of each cup makes it apparent that this is a human-sized milking machine. He flips a switch and a motor humms to life. She screams around the shaft in her mouth as her tits are sucked into the cups with immense suction pressure. The milk is squeezed from her tits, the white fluid flowing through the tubing and into a collection bin across the stall, as an assistant comes up behind her, fingering her ass.  The younger brother humps harder, trying to finish, knowing that the assistant wants her asshole. If he doesn’t cum soon, he’ll be pushed to the side.

Before he can cum, the farmhand hip-checks him out of the way. He doesn’t care that the farmer is there watching him dominate his kid. He wants only to fuck the round ass. Farmer says pheromones are to blame, everyone gets randy when a gal comes in for whore-mone treatments. The boy goes and waits beside his brother as he shoots into the girls belly. His cock is wet, and has lost some hardness over the exchange with the farm-hand.

The farm-hand doesn’t give a fuck. His thumbs grab some wetness from her streaming pussy, then jab into her rectum. She jolts, but returns to moaning around the cock in her mouth. The suctioning of her tits holds her attention. At least until his cock pierces through the tight ring of her rosebud. Her mouth opens on a silent scream, her throat gagged by the elder son’s pulsing pole. She chokes, coughs, cries out at the large baton filling her asspipe. His cock has been compared to a baseball bat by whores in the past. It was true, the head of his gleaming black johnson was a huge purple knot, the shaft heavily veined. The slight upward curve of his dick had made him a college favorite fuck, always managing to please his fuck partners with his g-spot hitting cock, even while stretching their tight pussies painfully. It was a win-win to a guy who didn’t mind passing out hurt with pleasure.

He fucked the whore’s  ass quickly. Her body shook and quivered from the drugs, her tits sucked efficiently by the machine, her mouth barely filled by the little runt’s cock. His long fingers dug into her hips as he pummelled her butt, sliding in and out at a rapid pace. The machine hummed and bummped along, the wet sucking sounds making his balls grow heavy with the need to fuck, to fuck hard and deep.

“He’s gonna fuck up her asshole…”

“nah, it’ll go back to normal in a while. hurt when she sits, but she’ll deal, right? not like you don’t like to fuck her bumhole right? That’s why she’s got three holes, for variety. A wet one, a tight one, and one right between. “

“Suppose so. I get half the milk right?”

ahya, she’s about done now. see the tits are starting to shrink now? few more minutes we’ll take off the machine. Let the boys finish up first. She’s a good lil fuck. Sweet lil cow-girl.”

**the sound of sucking, of male laughter, and moans fill the stall**

(raw and dirty. not proofed. just needed to get this out onto cyberpaper. phew ~n~)

Trail Running

She was two-thirds of the way up Blueberry Mountain when her lace snapped. The sudden loss of support threw her forward, scuffing her palms, her knees.  Winded, shaken, she rolled to a sit, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Looking down at her shoeless left foot, she realized what had happened. Fuck. Digging through her rucksack, she didn’t find the spare set of laces that she always carried. What the fuck.


Had to be. That fucking cunt.

She remembered when her roommate had come knocking on her door a week or so ago, saying she needed something to make “temporary restraints” with. She hadn’t had anything of that ilk, and she’d told Sherry that. Likely the cunt had rummaged through her bag. Sher had told her that she was planning on tying up her boyfriends cock and balls, a thing she’d read about online to increase staying power…and to assert dominance. There was no doubt that Sherry was the pants-wearer in that relationship.

And now here Lyn was,  a bit over 6 miles into her 9 mile trail run, with a broken shoe. She cursed as she slid down a few feet, retrieving her shoe. Taking the lace apart, she could just about finangle it so that she could run-gently-or walk her way to her car. Only three miles to go. The repair should last that long, she hoped.

She crested the hill, palms throbbing a bit, catching her breath. She sipped water from her turtle pack, stretched.

“Well, hello pretty.”

She whirled, looking into the face of a fellow trail runner.

“Oh, hi.”

“Nice stretch.”

Why that fucker! He’d been staring at her ass as she’d been bent over.

“Thanks. Gotta go!”

He grabbed her wrist as she made to flip a wave, tugged her close. He was taller than her, thicker. Stronger.

“No hurries.”

His hand tugged hers over the hard lump in his trail running pants.

“Got me all stirred up, that little stretch of yours.”

“I’m not-” she began but he shoved a wad of fabric into her mouth. Grabbing her ponytail, he pulled her off the trail and down around some brush.

“Followed your run last week, found us a nice place over here.”

She shuddered, trying to get the mass out of her mouth, struggling and trying to kick. His fist tightened in her hair, drawing tears of pain. Her wrist was tugged up behind her back as he stepped her around behind a large glacial boulder. There was a second boulder, flat with a bit of upslope. He pressed her against it.

She saw he had things. Scary things, laid out at  the overlap of the two rocks. Handcuffs. Rope. Duct tape. His hand snagged the last item, ripping off a piece. Quickly he flipped her to her back, slapping the tape across her lips.

“Later I’ll take this off so you can suck my dick.”

She slapped at him, and he laughed. Then slapped her cheek, hard enough that she tasted the blood from her teeth cutting against that tender flesh.

“You get back harder what you dish out.”

She tried to punch him, he grabbed her throat. Her hands grabbed at his thick wrist, her eyes widened as he tightened his grip.

“Hands behind your head, lace your fucking fingers.”

She did as he said, and his hand fell from her throat. A silver blade appeared in his hand; in seconds her jogging shirt and bra were sliced in two. Her heavy tits fell free.

He laughed with delight.

“Well, I didn’t expect that. Not runners titties here. You got some meat on these girls.” Reaching out he pinched both nipples, making her squeal behind the gag. His hands circled her breasts, mashing and squeezing, before he slapped them hard.

“Wait. Almost forgot.”

He leaned away, reaching for the rope. She pushed him hard into the niche, and bolted. Fingers in her hair, and a wiry arm around her waist halted her flight.

“Not so fast. And now you gotta pay, cunt.”

He threw her onto the rock table, and she felt fresh scrapes, new bruises. Her elbow hit hard enough to make her want to vomit. He hit her with a determined violence. Controlled, but corrective. Her tits were struck again and again, her cheek slapped, her arms, and a particularly brutal punch between her thighs.

She tried to block the blows, but he landed each with studied ease.

“Hands behind your head, fingers laced.”

She complied instantly.

Grabbing her nipples, he tugged her up until she was sitting, then standing. Spinning her around he took each wrist, cuffing them behind the small of her back. Turned to face him once more, she saw the bulge in his pants had grown, pressing the thick hardness of his cock into sharp outline against the tight Spandex. She shook her head no, which made him laugh.

“oh yes, you will. I will. We will. I’m gonna fuck you deaf, dumb and blind. And when I’m done? You’ll want more. Likely you’ve never had a cock like mine, little cunt.” He drew his pants down and the behemoth sprang free. It was true, she’d never seen a cock that large firsthand. The head was huge, large as a toddlers fist, purple-red in its engorged state. It was terrifying. It …was sickly exciting. NO. This wasn’t a bad porno, this was the real thing. She’d been abducted, and was going to be fucked. She couldn’t say yes nor no, couldn’t yell for help. Her heart was beating so hard, her elbow throbbed, wrists ached from the tight band of the cuffs.

He took up the rope and wrapped it around her, quickly tying it above, below and between her breasts. Taking her left tit, he began wrapping the base with the rope. One round. A second one, tighter. And a third. Tears welled, fell. Head shaking no, he ignored her as he wrapped her right tit the same.

“This will hurt after a few minutes. Your titties will swell up and turn purple. That’s when I’ll beat them. Until then? Let’s fuck.”

He tugged her running shorts down. She didn’t kick him, though she was tempted. She doubted she could run far, tits tied and starting to ache, wrists behind her back. And she feared his response if he caught her again.

He tipped her back onto the cold rock, grabbing her ankles and pushing her knees up to her chest. She was open, vulnerable to him.

“Nice pussy. You’re wet, too, little whore.”

The thick head pressed against her lower lips for a moment until it popped between them. If her lips hadn’t been filled with a gag, she would have gasped. She’d never felt anything so big before. She wondered if he’d break her, if she’d lay there bleeding as he fucked her. He slid deeper, her pussy, stretched wide around him felt every thick vein.

He began stroking into her, splitting her around his huge shaft. His smile was feral as she looked up at him, his hands slapping her tits. They hurt, a steady thudding pain as the rope cut off the blood flow, making those purpling orbs incredibly sensitive. As he slid all the way, balls deep into her cunt, he leaned forward and grabbed a thin stick.

“Homemade cane.”

He slapped her tits, making her squirm and moan. He pressed deeper on those squirms, her abdomen feeling bloated, full of him.

He fucked into her, striking her tits randomly, then unexpectedly, pulled free, dropping her legs. She felt hollow.

Tugging her up, she felt wetness running down her thighs, he began striking her tits harder now, alternating between the cane and his hand. Lines formed, thick hard welts that would bruise later. For now there was just the pain, and the insistent, hated throb between her legs.

“Pain, pleasure. It’s a dance. You’ll learn the steps. In time.”

He shoved her back onto the rock.

“Open your legs. Wider.”

He slid inside like a hot knife through butter, leaning against her, biting her distended nipple.

Moving to lay upon her body, driving hard and fast into her aching pussy, he whispered in her ear.

“It takes me a long, long time to cum. When you cum, I’ll turn you over, and take your ass cherry, and blow into your ass.”

She came then, hard, unexpectedly intense.

Her tits pressed against the rock as he flipped her over, the heavy thickness in her breasts a constant racking pain. Her ass tightened, unwilling. Fingers swiped across her cunt, shoved into her bunghole, lubing her anus.

“Step one, lube the hole.”

She felt the pressure build as the huge cock pressed against her rosebud. Head shaking no, she tried to move but she was pinned on her own swollen, tender tits. To try to escape would rub them raw.

“Step two, fill the hole.”

Without preamble, he shoved his rock-hard dick through her resisting hole, filling her. As if her muffled scream egged him on, he pummelled her bottom, shoving deep, balls slapping on her wet pussy lips.

“Feels like the biggest shit of your life, doesn’t it?”

He slid deep again, pulled out.

“I’m gonna fill your ass with so much cum you’ll drool it out your nose.”

He slapped her hip as he ground into her ass again, whispering to her that she was such a dirty fucking cunt, that her ass loved his abuse, that her hole was gonna suck him dryer than the Sahara. Every cruel word was like a blow, making her empty cunt clench. She came, squirting down his leg, her own. Wetness drenched her running shoe, and still he pumped into and out of her ass. Her butthole throbbed, rubbed tender by every stroke now, stretched beyond what she’d ever experienced before.

“Gonna fill you up, whorrrrre….”

Hands reached under her, squeezing her already hurting tits until she almost fainted from the pain, as his cock pulsed in her guts, filling her with his spunk.

He laid upon her, panting, then pushed away. She heard a zip, a series of clicks.

“Catching the moment for posterity.”

She knew he’d taken her picture. Gods. She shivered. What next?Despite her fears of an untimely death, he surprised her by releasing her. Quickly he untied her tits, tugged her pants up, holding his jizz in her weeping ass, uncuffing her.

“We’ll do this again sometime, sunshine.”

He left, quickly, quietly.

She lay, spent and throbbing on the rock. Sitting slowly she rubbed her tits. Red lines and palm prints criss-crossed her breasts and belly. Reaching into her backpack for her spare tee-shirt, she found her wallet open. Her license was on the top. He’d taken a picture of that too. She wondered if she’d been robbed. Opening the cash slit, she found her money in place, with a folded note.

“Good rough fucks are hard to find. Call me if I don’t find you first.”

not proof-read or gussied up much, this is as raw as when it just spewed out of me. tough to be this turned on, on a No-O day…~nilla~


In Full View

They pulled up in front of the small freestanding ATM. The tiny kiosk was glass-walled, with two service units, one to the front, one in the back. She sat, looking at the booth, then glanced back at her husband.

“You go. I want to read the paper. Rough day at work.”

She rolled her eyes. Of course she’d be the one to go into the ATM. As if  her husband could be fucking bothered. Even as she shut the door-she admired her self-restraint in not slamming it-he’d picked up the paper and was nose-deep in final four stats.


She used her keycard to open the door. Or more accurately, to try to open the door. Figures. Access denied. She always had a problem with this particular ATM, which is why she had suggested the one at the mall. But no. This one was “on the way” and the mall was out of their direction of travel. Bastard. With a sigh of annoyance, she moved to the back of the small glass building and slid her card into the port. Thank gawd, this time it worked. She glanced quickly at the man who was also approaching. He wasn’t looking at her, intent on freeing his card from his wallet. He was well dressed, a nice gray suit, and definitely didn’t look like someone who would try to rob her. She slipped into the tiny lobby, and pushed her card into the slot.

She silently cursed her husband, as her toes throbbed. Fucking asshole. As if walking around for almost nine hours in stiletto’s wasn’t painful enough, he made her pay for the Chinese take-out they were going to have for supper.

Hands landed on her hips.

“I’m not here to rob you, keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve got a fine ass. Wonder if that hubby of yours has ever fucked you in public? Wonder if he’ll even take his nose out of the paper while his wife is in here, getting fucked from behind, while she makes her withdrawal?”

The voice was rich, cultured. She tried to think if she’d seen Suit Man walk past to the front of the ATM. She didn’t remember.

She felt his hands exploring her ass, lifting her skirt. Why didn’t she scream? She must be paralyzed with fear. Her heart was racing, her fingers moving slowly over the keypad.

“That’s a good girl, keep punching in those numbers. I’m only interested in your cunt.”

The  dirty word made her shiver. Her breasts tingled, pressing hard nipples against her 18-hour bra. How much money was she supposed to take out? She couldn’t seem to remember, as his hands cruised her bottom, and the hot place between her thighs.  Numbers flew in circles in her head as her panties were pushed to the side.

“Stick that ass out. That’s right. Arch your back and let me see your titties reflected in that screen. Nice. Perky little nipples. Good girl. Not a sound. Just the sound of my dick sliding into your slit. Wet. Hot.”

With a single push he was inside of her. Fingers grabbed the hair at the back of her head, arching her further. She felt the hardness of him filling her, the unseen stranger with his cock in her pussy.

He withdrew, then slid home again, this time going balls-deep, fully buried in her. He hit her cervix, making her whimper.

“Finish your transaction while I fuck your cunt. You might consider shaving down here, I can feel your bush. Smooth pussies are so much more … inviting.”

His words send shivers down her spine. Swallowing hard, she refused to admit that she was feeling pleasure, yet her hips pushed back into his thrusts.

Her fingers moved over the keypad. Fifty. Fifty dollars would do it.

He pushed hard, his balls making a slapping sound as they banged her. As he banged her. Searching fingers tugged her pussy hair, making her wince.

“Definitely shave this shit.”

Gawd, she was going to cum.

The machine spit out two twenties and a ten, then chirruped as it printed her receipt.

His finger rubbed her clit and she arched in pleasure, feeling her cunt convulsing around the invading cock. His hands slid to her hips, squeezing hard as he spurted.

“Leave my cum in there.”

Tugging the crotch of her panties across her drooling pussy, he patted her bottom. She heard the door open.

“Don’t forget your money.”

The door shut as she snatched up her bills. She saw him move past the glass walls, moving to the front machine, heard the door on that side open and close. Leaning to the side, she saw her husband still reading the paper.

Trembling, she moved out of the small building, trying to see the face of the man who had just fucked her. As she passed, he turned for one moment, and smiled. She dropped her gaze and hurried to the car, her pussy full of the grinning man’s juice.


His fist tightened in her hair as he pushed her face into the bed. Naked, exposed, excited, and fearful, she shivered.

He’d said nothing when he came in except “strip”, pointing to their bedroom.

She turned quickly to comply. His face was dark with that raw, hungry beast that rose every now and again.

The beast that wanted to hear her yell in pain, the beast that wanted to lick the tears that would well and spill down her face. The Beast that hungered.

He’d followed her, of course, and she felt as though he was stalking behind her, herding her.  She began to unbutton her shirt as she moved into the room, but he’d whipped her around and ripped the two halves apart with one violent tug. Buttons flew around the room, even as his mouth fell to savage the skin that rose above her peach lace bra.

With a violent yank he pulled the straps down her shoulders, then spun her to unclasp the hooks. He used the metal to run a jagged line of pain down her back, pressing them hard against her flesh and dragging them downward. She whimpered, tried to push him away then, but in moments found her wrists bound behind her with the lacy lingerie.

He tore at her skirt, her panties, baring her to his needs. Fingers probed, making her gasp as two of them entered her bottom, wiggling and stretching.

“You better be wet. That’s all the lube your ass gets.”

His cock rubbed up her slit, down, then back up.

“As I thought. Whore.”

With a sudden hard push, his head was in her anus, stretching her uncomfortably. This was no gentle preparation, but a taking. A rape. A using. She was his to use, his to fuck, his to beat.

She moaned into the covers as he plunged relentlessly into her bottom. He slapped as he fucked, her hip, her back, her thigh until the heat of the blows lit her fuse. It was raw, animal fucking, and she came hard as his balls slapped her cunt, came again as his fingers dug into her tender hips, came again when he ground the base of his shaft into her butthole, screwing his cock as deep as he could. She felt the pulsing rise of cum, felt the roar from his belly as he claimed her ass as his by filling it with his spunk.

She was his.

Face ground into the coverlet, asshole throbbing and leaking his juice, she smiled quietly to herself.