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Carnie Carnality

“Step right up, lay-dees and gennlemen… every fantasy come true! Hur-ry, hur-ry, hur-ry… why hello there little lady.” He was suave and handsome and had calculating eyes. ┬áThe garish sign behind his booth at the entrance of the tent said … Continue reading

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Part 3 Keeping a Slut (She Belongs to You)

spend time with your new pet, as you would with any new creature fully under your control. Give treats when she is good, be swift to punish, and issue praise when new habits are learned. Make certain to mark her … Continue reading

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Part 2 Keeping a Slut (she IS yours)

take time at the start to train her well. she will learn quickly, which is the goal, so that more time can be spent in more enjoyable pursuits. Then again, training can be an enjoyable experience…for You…. “Hello?” she called … Continue reading

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