Part 1 Keeping a Slut (She is Yours)

Possession is 9/10 of the law, except for humans, unfortunately. Prepare well for her captivity. In a week, maybe two, you will be able to allow her short freedoms, and if you have done your job well, she will return to you promptly, as she has been trained to. 

She woke, groggy. Her wrists hurt, the toes on her left foot throbbed, and her pussy was sore, too. Casting back in her memory, she vaguely recalled…gods yes! She’d gone to the club to meet her Sir again. He’d done a demonstration with her, of predicament bondage. And she’d cum and cum and cum – until she had, apparently, fainted.

She wondered if he had taken her to a room to recuperate; the room was very dark, with just a smudge of light coming in under the door. She tried to sit up, but discovered her right wrist was handcuffed to the bed. There was enough chain length that she could sit up, but there was no way to get the cuff off.

Listening hard she heard nothing. The club had been overloud, with music and talking voices, and the assorted screams and moans one would associate with such a place.

What the fuck was going on?


Part 2 How to Hold a Slut (orgasm control)

A slut is a slut is a slut. Control her orgasms-give her many, too many, more than she can handle. Prove to her that too much of a good thing is too much. Then close the flood gates and refuse her any relief. Orgasm control is the most effective device for controlling a slut ever created. It does more than beatings, corner-time, or silence.

Her head hung low, a steady string of drool fell from her mouth. Standing on one foot, rope cutting into wrists and her bound ankle, she was in pain.

And bliss.

The pain fed the pleasure. That’s what He had whispered in her ear as he had flogged her bottom. He’d called for a volunteer to tease her cunt.

He’d said that word, out loud, in public.

Tease her cunt.

It trembled along her skin, as goose bumps rose along with sweat. She had no idea of how long she had been here, semi-suspended, with someone mouthing her pussy. Her clit throbbed, rubbed and sucked and nibbled, and her standing leg was covered with cum.

There was a hummmm, and the press of something against her pussy. OMG! It must be one of those big-ass vibes she’d read about. His hand came around her bottom, pinching the flesh there, while his lips tickled along her belly. He was …kneeling at her feet.

Well, foot.

It almost made her giggle. Until he pressed the instrument tight against her, and didn’t let it up.

Her clit throbbed, and the next orgasm slammed into her. Oh, so sensitive after cumming, yet he refused to relax the pressure. She moaned, thrashing her head, but still those fingers and lips teased her body, while the dastardly tool continued its assault on her pussy.

The second orgasm splattered from her body, the third the same.

She lost count after that, waves and ripples of pleasure so tightly mixed with the throb of pain. Her body was racked with pleasure, aching with the abuse.

Her toes were numb, her wrists were welted, and still he drove her to orgasm after orgasm. She wasn’t fully aware when he turned the bulb off, released her from the bondage, and covering her with a thick cape he’d brought for just that purpose, carried her out to his car, still blindfolded, and barely conscious.

Part 2 How to Hold a Slut (titillate)

A first brief meeting has set the stage; now you need to cement her need for you. Entice her, tease her, bring her to full awareness of her body, and Your ability to bring her exactly what she needs.

“This is….impossible…” she gasped.

“Clearly, not,” he replied dryly amused.

A titter of laughter followed his comment. Male, as well as female, the laughter reminded her of her current predicament. Blindfolded, she’d forgotten everything as his hands had moved over her, binding her into this awkward position. Occasional swats, pinches, and strokes kept her body humming with desire. In the darkness behind the blindfold it had been only him. Only her.

The small, rational, aware part of her brain, shoved into a dark, back corner, wondered why she had agreed that this, their second meeting, should have taken place at a BDSM club that she had never been too.

She’d thought…drinks. Conversation. Trying to not seem as eager as she was for his touch, his attention.

What it had become, however, was a very public scene where she had lost her bra, had her panties yanked away, and wound up standing, nude except for her stockings and heels, on center stage.

That was when He had affixed the blindfold.

There was great comfort in that, not that she would have minded seeing what He was doing, but to not see the avid curiosity on the faces gathered close was a relief. His hand on her ass, pushing her across the stage by his hand wedged in her crack, had embarrassed her no end.  His hand had moved down her leg, to take her ankle. She felt a roughness around there, and then the tightening of the hemp rope. In moments, he had begun to pull…and her leg rose up, and up, suspended by something she could not see.

The same rope was quickly wrapped around her wrists, binding them together and above her head. She stood on one thin heel, held up by the twin ropes.

There was a sound like a crank.

“The sound is meant to unnerve, every bit as much as the predicament she is in, needing to balance on such a small area. Yet, I enjoy watching my submissive endure as much as she can handle.”

He was addressing the audience as he did whatever the fuck it was–oh my! The tension grew on wrists and ankle, as the rope holding her upright grew tauter, until she was on tip-toe.

Her heart thrilled to his prior comment.

“His” submissive. She wanted to …to please Him. The strain on her toes was surprising. She’d read about such, but had never realized just how intense this sort of thing was. Her pussy grew wetter as her muscles began to tremble, as the pain of the rope biting into her body stirred something deep inside of her.

And then he stopped.

“Here is where the fun begins.”

Was he talking to her? Or to them? She knew she would find out in short order.

Part 1 How to Hold a Slut (Communicate)

This is the critical component of the entire operation. You must now begin to reel her in; having done the incommunicado route, it is now time to make her cravings go deeper. You already want her, but you want her nearly desperate for you. Begin by talking, briefly. Let her talk more. Don’t answer all her questions. Hold back, be a mystery, but reassure, gently.

Her phone rang. It was dark, and she’d been dreaming about…something… and her phone buzzed insistently on her nightstand. Groggy, she pulled her hand out from under her pillow. It flopped around, searching for the source of the buzz. Not her clock. It was Sunday, she remembered. Buzz, buzz… her hand hit her phone, sending it skidding several inches, before she finally scrabbled it closer, and picked it up.

” ‘lo?” she mumbled.

Hello, little one.

Her head popped up, her eyes flew open.


How is my girl this morning?

No apologies from him for the early morning call. She rubbed her eyes, scratched her head with her free hand. What the fuck time was it? She peered over at her alarm clock where the green numbers glowed in the dark.


a. fucking m.

“I…” a massive yawn, unstoppable, erupted from between her lips.

“Ohmygawd…I’m sorry Sir…it’s just that…”

His laughing voice interrupted her horrified apology.

“That’s okay, little girl. I know it’s early for you. What do you have on your docket for today, hmmm?”

She tried to focus. It was Sunday. Right. And she wanted to clean her front porch. It was supposed to be somewhat mild and she had Christmas lights to take down and…

Realizing that she’d spend some time scrolling through her mental to-do list, and leaving dead-air on the phone, she started talking fast.

“Well, Sir, I need to take down my lights, and get my porch tidy and this isn’t what you want to hear is it?”

He laughed again. It was a rich sound. She couldn’t help smile with him, it was such a contagious laugh.

Not really, little one. I was thinking about…coffee….

Part 2 How to Catch a Slut (Make her crave You)

2. Feed her tidbits to keep her interest. Small portions, just enough information to intrigue. Begin giving her short rules- an orgasm allowed here, and denied there is a good start. Keeping her on the edge will begin a deep-seated craving that will draw her deeper into her need for you.

Her phone chimed late afternoon on the second day. She’d not heard from him the night before, this morning, nor at noontime. She wondered, really, what he did that kept this staccato communication. She thought about asking for his number so that he and she could talk. She wondered what his voice sounded like. Would it be a thin high voice from an older man? Or a voice with an accent?

And when the fuck was he going to give her an orgasm?

Of course, her phone finally vibed when she was in the middle of a meeting, when she couldn’t break attention to even peer a little at what she knew was his text.

Thirty-four minutes later the  meeting broke up, and she darted into the ladies room, into a stall, and took out her phone.

You may have your orgasm now. Yes, I know you are at work. You have 30 minutes from receiving this text to get it done, or you’ll have to deal with being “super-horny” for another day.

Thirty minutes? But her meeting had just gotten over and it was now 8 minutes past the deadline! That wasn’t fair, not at all!

She sent a text saying the same. And was shocked when she got a reply in minutes.

That’s the way it goes sometimes.  We’ll talk tomorrow and see how you’re doing. By the way, when you get home, before you get out of your car, in your driveway, reach up under your skirt and rub your juicy little clit for me. For a minute, no longer. Good girl.

She was torn between frustration and admiration. He’d fucked her over! And, incredibly, it turned her on immensely.

Part 2 How to Catch a Slut (Drawing her in)

1. Reverse psychology is a useful tool for the Dominant.  Holding back will draw her closer to you.  Rather than stalking her, allow her to “stalk” you. Allow her to get into the habit of wanting you.

For a week they exchanged texts. He sent one a day, rarely a 2nd one would come late at night. She never knew when her phone would chime and have it be him.

She’d begun to seriously think of him as “her” dom. He’d not done much ‘domming’ per se, mostly just an occasional suggestion. He asked her to consider thinking about touching her clit in the car at the end of her work day, rubbing it gently enough to softly crank up her need. After she got revved up, she was to stop rubbing, and drive home and have a normal evening. He would text her when she could have an orgasm.

He hadn’t texted that night.

He hadn’t texted the next morning.

It was an unusual feeling, to be so turned on for so long. To not have an orgasm. To self-deny at the hint of a suggestion. And doubt crept in. Maybe he’d forgotten that he was going to text.

But everything she had read said don’t nag the Dom, don’t send text after text begging, even though some Dom’s liked that. He’d been clear in his direction and she should honor that.

She sent the text anyway.

“Sir, uh….I’m feeling very…horny. You had me touch…and then nothing.”

She hesitated to outright ask “did you forget?” but how to phrase it discreetly? Maybe enough had been said already. She pressed “send”, and then clenched up her face in worry.

Should she have? OMG what if he got mad at her and stopped writing. She was feeling like a crazy stalker-slut. But …she needed. Needed him, needed his control.

And she needed to be fucked.


Part 1 How to Catch a Slut (Step 3)

3. Keep her waiting. Don’t respond to every text, every email…not right away. Make her begin to crave your attention. You already are focused on her, but don’t let her know that. Be gentle. Be subtle. Go slowly.

She’d sent two texts, one telling Him about how her “thinking about him” last night had gone. He was right, she could imagine anything. He could be anyone. Her neighbor, or a coworker. He could be tall, dark, handsome, in her minds eye, he could be all she needed. It was more fantasy, to be sure, but there was a hint of the “concrete” to her fantasy. Damn, she didn’t want to jump into anything rash, but she also had been searching for so long. Multiple short-term relationships stacked up like cordwood in her history; she was looking for the perfect guy…and he wasn’t out there.

Her second text had asked about a face-to-face meeting.

She’d checked her phone. Nothing.

She checked to make sure her volume was up, the vibe function was operational.


Just after noon, her phone chimed. She snatched up the phone, holding it close to her chest with two hands, her heart racing. If it wasn’t him she was going to be so disappointed.

She tilted the phone away, glancing at the corner of the screen. It was  a text. She tilted it more. It was from him! The throb in her pussy echoed her thundering heartbeat.

It sounds like you had an enjoyable evening. I’m pleased that you reached your climax, thinking of me.

That was it? She wanted more. And he hadn’t answered about meeting in person. Well, she’d wait. Maybe he had a job that precluded lots of text time. Maybe he was a doctor. Or a construction worker. Maybe he drove a subway. Or a bus. Or was a businessman. There were so many unknowns. It didn’t really matter what he did for work. She just wanted…more.


Part 1 How to Catch a Slut (step 2)

2. Get her attention, then try issuing a few ‘soft’ commands…a true submissive is absolutely dying to get some gentle directions.

Her phone pinged an hour later. Geeze, he’d waited long enough. Then again, it meant he wasn’t desperate enough to sit there with the phone and jump into a conversation, unlike some  of the other Dom’s that she’d had occasion to respond to.

S,A.D. is for Sincerely, A Dom. I don’t think we’re at the point where we need to call each other Master or any of that nonsense. This is very early stages, little girl. But if you’re interested, feel free to ask me anything. You should go into this with eyes wide open. You can call me A.D. for now.

She pondered that. A dominant who wasn’t trying to get her to send titty pictures, order her to her knees to worship his cock photo…none of the bullshit she’s been putting up with for a week. How…intriguing.

Her phone pinged again. OH, here it comes, she mused, frowning.

One small request. When you lay down tonight, think of me. For now I can be whomever you desire. Imagine my hand touching you, in just the ways you enjoy. Imagine me whispering to you about your beauty as you arch and moan. Imagine me, my fist in your hair, my mouth taking yours…goodnight little girl.

She swallowed hard. She wrote things like this in one of her stories. To have it be written for her was a curious thrill. Damn, but he was intriguing her already!

Part 1 How to Catch a Slut (Step 1)

1. Get her curious enough to respond.

Her email pinged on her phone. Some days it pinged constantly, depending on whether her girlfriends had a chat-fest on FB. Since posting a profile, as nerve-wracking as that was, it pinged multiple times every hour. She had noted that after the first rush of “fresh meat” had passed, that things had calmed a bit, making it easier to say “no, thanks, I’m not into being bitten all over my body” and whatever else it took to dissuade her would-be Doms.

This searching shit sucked.

And not the good kind of sucked, either. With a glance at her phone on the table beside her, she went back to the tale she was spinning for her blog. A second ping made her look, and even as she tilted the screen towards her, another ping.

She sighed, her train of thought broken, and picked it up.

I could be the one.

That was it for the first message.

But…you’ll never know unless you look, listen, respond.

She was torn between humor and annoyance…he’d caught her attention, to be sure.

Until then, I will sit here and hope. S, A.D.

SAD? The guy was already sad? That didn’t sound promising. But wait. It was S comma, A period, D period…some kind of funky acronym. She wondered what it stood for. Stupid Assed Dom, most likely.

Before she realized she was doing so, she responded.

“What does S-comma, A-period, D-period stand for?” And hit send.