Boonie-ville (1)

The doorbell rang with a cheerful clatter. Ed looked up, as he always did, noting that Gladys Eliot looked nervous. As well she should. His half-spectacles slid an inch further down his nose as she approached the counter.


“Ed. I…uh…I don’t have every bit of it. You know Ken has been out of work this week with his knee acting up and…”

“How much do you have there, Gladys?”

“Uh…$20. I think I have another $4 in change in my bag.” She tapped the outside of her handbag with fingers that were shaking visibly. Ed was a stern man, and being late with the monthly payment on the store account was something everyone always avoided. He took no excuses, and while she didn’t know what would happen, it for sure didn’t look good. Ed had the meanest face, the most fearsome scowl. He scared the bejezuz out of her, to be sure. Damn Ken for taking the other $30 and spending it on his damned poker game the other night. Lost the $30 AND her grandpa’s pocket watch to boot. She ought to kick his sorry ass out the door is what she oughta do. 

“Heard Ken was down at Barlow’s the other night. Likely that’s where the rest of my money is.”

She bit her lip. How he knew every blessed thing about every damn person in town was a mystery to her. He definitely kept his ear tuned. Finally she nodded. Slowly she slid the $20 across the counter. He took it, but as she scrabbled in her purse for her loose change, he shook his head. 

“You keep that. I’ll be stopping by your house tonight. Best be a good dinner, since I’ll be sharing it with you.”

He watched her swallow the knot of fear in her throat. He liked to see her squirm…and any of the others who thought that they could be negligent on their debt to him. His cock did a little dance in his pants at her very obvious nerves. Good. A little fear taught a big lesson.

“I’ll be there at 6. Dress up. Consider it part of your debt. Ken too.”

She nodded again, then scurried out the door. The bell rang as she tugged it open, the same cheerful sound echoing in the store. No doubt she was not appreciating the happy tinkles. He smiled.


She lit the candles on the table a few seconds before 6. She knew Ed was nothing but punctual. He’d be on the porch, knocking at the front door at exactly 6:00 p.m. Ken scowled, tugging on his tie.

“Don’t know why I have to wear this fucking thing,” he said, as she frowned at him.

“Because, you took the loan money and threw it away on cards,” she spat at him. “And now you’ve gotten us in trouble with Ed. Of all people. You are so stupid! You know what people say, don’t mess around with Ed. So sit down and make nice talk with him and get us out of this pickle.” She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.

“Aww, honey…” he began, but she cut him off. “Don’t you “aw honey me, Kenneth. You got us…” 

There was a heavy knock on the door. 

“That’s him!” She whispered frantically, looking around the dining room. Everything was in place, her mothers good china gleaming by candlelight. She scurried to the front door, throwing one fulminating glance at her husband as she passed.

“Come in, Ed, please,” she waved him into the parlor with a sweep of her hand. He looked around the house, neat as a pin, and smiled. Just as he imagined. 

“I’ve been in a fair many parlors, none so nice as yours, Gladys. Ah, and here’s the big spender himself.” He reached out a hand to shake Ken’s hand, and quick as a whistle, slapped a handcuff on Ken’s wrist. 


Before he could get more than that out, he found himself slammed into the parlor wall, his left wrist behind his back and cuffed to the right.  

“You bastard! What the fuck are you doin’?” Ken roared. 

Ed pulled a small device from his pocket. 

“Settling my debt with you.” Depressing the trigger, he zapped the bigger, younger man, and stood watching as he fell to the floor unconscious.

Turning to the stunned Gladys, he pointed to the man laying at his feet. 

“Pull his pants down around his ankles. Not off his ankles. With those big shoes they won’t come off anyway. I want them to stay on. Drawers down too. And hurry up or I’ll have to zap him again. We don’t want that, do we Gladys?”

Something in his tone, some vague hint of glee made her jump to her task with alacrity. He scared the piss out of her…but it was also kind of exciting. How many times had she wanted to pummel Ken for his stupid behaviour, anyway? Dozens. Hundreds maybe. It had been a very long 8 years. Twice she’d thought about divorce, but that sort of thing didn’t happen here, really. And he’d sweet-talked her out of it. Being all sugar and kissing and hugging and listening. And the sex was fantastic. For a week. Maybe two. 

Tugging his jeans off his flaccid body was some work. Thankfully she’d had to attend to the task multiple times when he’d been drunker than a skunk, so she had the moves down. In minutes her husband lay on the floor, pants and boxers around his ankles. His cock and balls hung out there for Ed and God to see.  There was a flash, and a click. She turned quickly, and there was Ed, taking pictures with his phone!

“Ed! What are you doing?!” she yelped. 

“Just some insurance. Don’t you worry about it. Now, take off your dress. I told you to dress pretty. I’m pleased that you did, but I’m hoping you dressed pretty underneath too. I’ll finish up here with Ken while you strip sexy for me.”

He pointed to a spot across the room, as he knelt beside Ken. She moved woodenly, feeling thick and awkward. And embarrassed. Humiliated. She couldn’t see what he was doing to Ken, but it looked like he was….handling…Ken’s cock. Oh God! Shaking, she began to unbutton her shirtdress. It was pretty, a persimmon color that complimented her brunette tresses. It was silk and she’d had it shipped here from New York. Ken would have keeled over if he’d known how much she paid for it, but she’d always wanted a fancy shirt dress. Shaking her head, she worked her way down the row of tiny pearls, until she reached her waist.

“That’s enough.”

His voice, husky, stopped her hands. 

“Shrug it off your shoulders. Sex me up, girl. You’re a stunning woman, Gladys, with lovely curves. Show them to me…come on, girl. Let the slut inside of you free, and show me your pretty undies, and then your tits.”

His words were blatant, sexual. She’d never heard anyone talk like that, certainly not to her. Her hips were too wide, her nose too short, her tits too big. Ken likened them to comfy pillows. He often lay his head on them, or between them. She figured his momma used a bottle on him, and he was still seeking the tit.

Trembling once more, she shrugged her way out of the sleeves, trying hard to remember how those girls in Vegas shimmied their shoulders. She’d been pretty drunk when she and Ken had tied the knot, and they’d only gone to one show….but she would try. There was a groan from the floor. Ken was waking up and would see her…yet, a wild, reckless abandon filled her. She, and he, would not be in this predicament if not for his folly. Fuck him!

She smiled to herself, little realizing how it lit up her face. Fuck him! She’d NEVER in her life thought that word. And now she’d thought it twice. She waved her tits in the air. Ed wolf-whistled, and she smiled again. Slipping her bra straps down, one by one, inch by inch, she felt like a sexy vixen. 

“Wha the fuk ar ya doin’?” slurred Ken. 

Ed had moved him so that he too could watch her show. 

“She is doing a striptease for me. For you too, although I’ll get all the benefit. I’m going to fuck your lovely wife, right here in front  of you. You’ll be able to watch, to hear, to speak…but not act. You may feel the pinch on you cock and balls as you get hard. The cock cage will keep your ass in line. It will be a while before I unlock you from it. Until I get my money, actually. Plus interest.”

“And I’m going to be coming to dinner and fucking your wife every night in front of you, until your debt is paid in full.”




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    1. Gladys is not unhappy with the situation…eventually… 🙂

      so glad you like this one, and hoping to add more chapters soon! Thanks for commenting, Cherise!


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