He pulled her out of the car by the short leash. Hooked to the collar that circled her neck tightly, she had no choice but to move as he tugged her.  Blindfolded, she trusted him to lead her safely to their destination. That he was seriously annoyed with her was a given. The tight collar and blindfold attested to that fact. He was shutting her away from the world, and reminding her which of them was in charge.

It wasn’t her.

She wasn’t totally sure what she’d  done that had pissed him off, but she had a few ideas. He gave her a lot of leeway, but there were limits. She wondered if he’d found out that she’d been fucking around on cam with another Dom. It wasn’t serious, her chat room play, and she had permission to cum…but she hadn’t mentioned to the cam-dom that she was the property of another- it was just a quick fuck after all. Her Sir was away for the night, she had permission to cum, and he hadn’t specifically forbidden her chat room play.

No, there was no way he would know about that. And the session had been hot, brutal, wicked.

“Show me your asshole,” he’d demanded. His cam had remained black, adding to the mystery. Adding to the kink. Adding to the nasty naughtiness of it. She’d turned her back to the cam, lifted her nightie, showed him her ass.

The disembodied voice floated through the room.

“Bend over, and use those hands and pull those cheeks apart, whore. I want to see your puckered butthole.”

She’d flushed at the harsh tone, the indescribable sensation of humiliation and lust that surged through her. She was just a thing.  A fuck toy to be pulled out, and bent to his whims. Her hands had slid behind her, spreading her ass for his view.

It had gone on from there, wetting her finger, sliding it inside her ass,  fucking herself with the digit, and being made to suck her finger afterwards. It was gross, disgusting, yet she’d complied instantly. After the web sex was done, she’d fucked herself insanely, slamming through two more explosive orgasms.

She heard the tinkling of a bell as a door was open, the blast of warmth on her face as she was pulled inside.

“This her?” A rough male voice was talking to her Master. He must have nodded, because there was no further talk. She was led deeper into wherever she was. There was the soft purr of heavy rock from the corner, nothing too loud, but permeating the space.

“Stop.” Her Master’s hand pushed against her chest.  Then he was lifting her up. She felt the firm padding of a chair under her ass. His hands pressed her back and she realized she was in a tattoo parlor. Was this a mindfuck? She was totally confused.

Hands were at her feet, removing her shoes. Then she felt his hands working at her jeans, unfastening them and pulling them, and her panties, down and off. Now she was glad of the mask, as she was suffused with embarrassment. As if reading her mind, he took off her mask.

A bearded face looked down at her.

“So, you’re the bad slut getting a pussy tat, hmm?” He stared at her for a minute, then looked over at her Master. “You’re right, Frank. She has the look of a bad girl. Guilty.”

She blushed deeper.

Then was even more humiliated to have the men appear between her legs. She was pulled down closer to the bottom edge of the table, and she watched, bemused, as her Master took a length of rope out of his bag. He’d brought his bag?

Quickly he tied her legs, folding her so that her heels almost touched her ass, then slid the rope from one knee wrap, around and under the table to the other. By tightening the rope, her legs were pulled wide, unable to close. Her pussy was on full view.

A hand smacked her pussy, her Master’s.

“Right here, on these plump pussy lips.” His finger traced down one side, the other, making her shiver.

“You want the letters stacked, or written sideways?”









on her right lip






on her left lip.

The hum of the needle filled her ears as the tat man began to set up his work area.

“Never again will there be any doubt as to the ownership of this cunt. And when he is done marking your pussy as mine? He’ll design a daisy to surround your asshole…and then fuck it as partial payment for his work.”

She opened her mouth to argue, to protest, but his hand  across her lips silenced her protest before it even began.

“Never again will you fuck around on cam. Lucky for you that I was the dom on the other side, slut.”



5 thoughts on “”

    1. um…yes/no/yes/no…depends on the day. I do want to wear His mark…and then reality bumps into fantasy on the next part…um..how about a solid “undecided”? !

      1. Maybe he could come up with a design, that while it would be his mark, not anything that would let someone else know what it means if you had to have surgery or something. Tip

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