He tugged her out to the backyard by the leash he held tight in his fist. He was pissed.

Super pissed.

So pissed he needed to kennel her out here, or he’d strike her in anger.

He never struck in anger. That was for fuck-ups, and people who had no controls. Being her Master, her Owner carried responsibilities.

She whimpered behind he gag he’d packed into her stuttering mouth. He hated excuses. So what that he’d come home a full day early? He had told her exactly what to do, laid out a full plan of tasks to keep her mind and body active and purposeful.

Instead, he’d come home to empty chip bags on the end table, crumbs on the couch cushions, empty dvd cases on the floor, half-empty tea mugs on the floor, the kitchen counter. She had to have used every fucking mug.

And there was only one item checked off on his list. What, she thought she could do nothing on the list for the 4 days he was gone, and get everything done in a day? AND clean up the fucking mess she’d made everywhere.

Fucking stupid cunt.

He strode into the house, after pushing her into the doggie kennel he’d build for her. He’d put a fresh bowl of water out in a bit, but for now, she needed some cage time.

And he needed a fucking housekeeper.

He peered into their bedroom. The big king bed was rumpled, and mussed. He smelled cum, and lube. He ran his hand over the sheets. Dry now, but she’d had more than one or two orgasms.

Fucking cunt!

She sure did fuck up royally, when she decided to act out. And soon she would pay the piper. He tugged the sheets off the bed, and carried them to the laundry room. Starting the washer, he went back to the kitchen and got her bowl. He filled it with water, and carried it outside.  She lay on her side, looking up at him warily.

As she should, the fucking dumb cunt.

He opened the wire door, slid in the bowl. She looked up at him. He pushed the door shut, locking it securely.

“How…” she mumbled behind the gag.

“Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. I’ll ungag you later. If you’re thirsty you’ll figure out a way to get some water into that piehole. ” He glared down at her.

“I need to go take a pi….” He broke off. Well, well. She’d pissed him off, to be sure. Maybe it was time to take punishment to a whole new level. He pulled out his cock, and began to piss.

His stream caught her face. He played it over her hair, her eyes, towards her ears, as she angled her head away. And her nose. He wanted her to smell his piss for a good long while.

She whimpered.

She moaned.

And soon, she was dripping in his pissed off.

Whistling, he tucked himself away, and turned back to the house. Suddenly, things were looking up.