Rough Play

Today’s post is a guest post by Anonymous. Enjoy!

Rough Play

She couldn’t move. Couldn’t see. Flat on her back, her legs were spread open.


“Yes. Fresh meat.”

She tried to cry out, but the gag kept her silent as she listened to the voices. Hands on her body, touching, probing. She cried out in her head what she couldn’t voice.

“A bit dry,” said the first voice as fingers thrust into her cunt.

“Pleasure or pain?” asked the second.


The sound of a vibrator broke the silence. It hit her clit like an electric shock. Then the cane hit her thighs. She screamed against the gag to no avail. Just as she thought she could take no more pain, she came hard. The vibrator and cane stopped. Fingers thrust into her cunt again.



The cane rained down on her thighs, breasts and mound. She bucked and screamed in pain. Muffled noises came from behind the gag. The caning stopped and as she caught her breath, she felt the nudge of a cock against her cunt lips. Shaking her head no, did no good. Brutal fingers pinched her breasts and she was fucked hard and fast. When the first one came, he was replaced by the second one.

She felt a needle prick and lost consciousness.


She woke up draped on a frame and on her hands and knees. She couldn’t move. Head propped up and legs spread wide. No gag. She saw the first cock thrust towards her face and into her mouth.

“You bite, you die.”

She nodded. Sucked cock. Face fucked. Her mouth filled with his come and he held it closed until she swallowed. Another came to take it’s place. Mouth full, she couldn’t say anything as the cane came down across her ass. He came as she screamed her pain. She gaged and swallowed.

Another cock, another mouthful. As this one fucked her face, hand on her head, another took her cunt. She lost count of the cocks and cum. She was sore and sick with all the cum inside her. She felt fingers scoop cum from her cunt and slapped across her ass.

“NOOOO!” she cried. She tried to hold her ass closed to no avail. Fingers probed and fucked her ass. Hands slapped her reddened flesh. As she tried to catch her breath, her ass was pierced by the first cock. She cried out in pain. She was gagged by a cock. The cock in her ass sawed in and out. Fingers in her cunt dipped and coated the cock. The pain was… intense. Then she felt him fill her ass with his cum. No sooner did that cock leave than another took it’s place. The one in her mouth pulled out and covered her face in cum.

She felt a cock enter her ass and then one in her cunt. A third fucked her face. She was fucked hard enough to rattle the frame she was tied to. More cocks. More come. More pain. She passed out.


She woke tied to the goal post on the football field. Cum leaked from her cunt and ass. A pool of cum and bile vomit, pale yellow was next to her head. Blinking, she saw a sign around her neck. “86 football players, 10 coaches and 3 waterboys. Paybacks are a bitch, you journalistic cunt.” is what it said. She shuddered.