I stood and stared at Him, a bit aghast at my temerity.

What the fuck was I thinking, shouting at Him? Um, thinking about protecting myself.  He’s looking at me with that look. The scary look. Oh, gods I am so totally fucked.

His eyebrow popped up.

Double fuck.

I almost want to giggle, I’m so nervous. I shift from foot to foot, doing the ‘oh shit’ dance.

“Is ‘no’  your safeword?” His tone is reasonable, silky. Geezus He’s really pissed.

I shake my head from side to side. I feel tears start to gather in my eyes, but I blink them away.

“Is it?” His voice lashes out like a whip, and I whimper. Yes, I fucking did, I whimpered.

“B-b-but..” I stumble through my thoughts. He listens to me, and I can’t tell if it makes Him more or less annoyed with me.

“Did you not promise to do what I asked of you, all that I asked of you? Yes? I see.”

I am nodding my head like a puppet out of control.

“Then why did that word come out of you mouth? My sub, my slut, my whore, she does not tell me no. She may speak respectfully from her knees, she may beg, she may use her safeword. But ‘no’ does not exist in my slut’s vocabulary. Perhaps …” He pauses, looking at me speculatively.

“Oh please, Master, don’t  say it, I beg of you!” Sinking to the floor, I wrap my arms around his legs, look imploringly up at him. I can’t stand for him to think I am not willing to be fully, completely his.

Our eyes lock. Is this war? I’m praying for him to capitulate, to take it all back. Yet I know him, I fucking know he’s going to ask me if I am still his slut. And I am, I am…just…I never thought he’d go to this extreme.

Yet the need to please him curdles my stomach.

“It will hurt,” I whisper against his knees.

“Damn straight.”

I look up at him, sure that now I’m a mess, tears and mascara.

“Either you will capitulate, or you will go. It’s as simple as that. You are my slut, my property, or you are not. I cannot, will not make it any more complicated than that. I want my property the way I want it. You have no more right to say ‘no’ to my decision, than you would should I decide to shave you bald, or paint my front door sky-blue-pink.”

There was impatience here. Do it and get the fuck on with it. That implacable will of his, bumping hard against my stubbornness.

“Get up.”

Slowly I rise, tilt my head to look at him.

“Stay and comply. Or go.”

We look at each other.

I blink first.

I walk to the cross and wait for Him to acknowledge my defeat. He buckles my wrists and ankles, and fastens a restraint around my waist, “just in case.”

That sends a frisson of fear right through me.

“You may start now,” He speaks to the man who has waited patiently through this exchange. The man who will pierce my nipples, then tattoo the word ‘slut‘ across the top of my pussy.


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