“hold her!”

“Fuck! the cunt just tried to kick me…”

Slaps and grunts filled the air, whimpers choked down to silent pantings, as legs and arms were held, a mouth gagged to silence.

“yeah, that’s good. Fuckin’ whore…”

“yeah, turn it on…perfect”

whimpering through the gag as something hummed against her splayed thighs, resting hard against her clit.

“best make your mind up, you are gonna cum.”

“and cum” chimed another voice

“and cum some more!” laughed another.

Tortured, her clit throbbing, she struggled. Tears passed unseen from eyes to hair-line. Occasionally she would try to fight, to struggle against all the hands that held her tight.

Sheened with sweat, she collapsed into a shaking huddle.

“Clamp those nips!”

The sharp bite of a clothes pin on her left nipple roused her and made her struggle again, again to no avail.

“How many?”

“Use the whole fucking bag! She’s got big tits…”

The sound of raucous laughter battered her. The orgasm hit hard. She shrieked, arching.

The toy resting on her clit never moved.

“Good slut. Now another..”

Hurt so much.

Another orgasm rippled through her body, as clothes pins were pinched onto her left tit, then her right.

“And now, to help you out….no virgins allowed, you know.”

She felt the pressure of something pressing against her pussylips. Pressing through and into her defenseless body. In and out it sawed, filling and emptying her.

Her clit throbbed with pain, with the intense aftermath of sensation after two orgasms.

“C’mon whore, you’ve not even started to pleasure us yet…we want to see your goo…”

Cheers and jeers.

Hands touching her everywhere, hands pulling off the pins, attaching them in new places. Pain and pleasure whirled in a blender of sensations.

Another orgasm tore through her, more intense than the last.

“Almost ready to start your pledge drive, slut. Gotta room full of pussy for you to service…”

she wondered why she’d ever joined the sorority.


3 thoughts on “Pledge”

  1. I think I’m speech less. Wanted to come up with something witty, but all I can think of is a room full of pussies and not being there just to check them out, at least the lady that is the center of attention. Tip

    1. LOL…my gawd, Tip, i made YOU speechless!! it’s the room full of pussy, i know. *grinning*…..

      that speechlessness is from all the blood leaving your head so fast…



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