He slid the garter further up her leg, past the wide part of her thigh. It rested just below the fold where her leg met her folds.

“I selected the pink because it reminded me of the color of your inner lips. Succulent and fresh, and so female.”

She wriggled but could not move much. Nor could she speak, with the cock gag He’d shoved into her mouth.

He slid the garter up her right leg to match the left.

He rose from the bed and fetched a grocery bag. With a grin, He pulled the bag of clothes pins from within. In seconds it was opened.

“Brand new, fresh, tight pegs,” He said, examining one closely. He opened and closed it a few times, as if He had never seen one before. He pinched his fingertip with it.

“There is something else that will fit in here,” He said. He looked down at her, beautiful in her vulnerability.  Leaning forward, He affixed a clip to her right nipple. Her eyes closed in a wince that was part pleasure, part pain.

He took another peg from the bag. He attached that an inch away from the peg on her nipple. Three more pegs, one for each of the directions, He said, encircled her nipple. She was tossing her head from side to side now. The pressure on her nipple was fierce, now that there was no slack skin.

He flicked the peg on her nipple, watching her arch into the pain.

“Lovely,” He said, “Like a little tit flower.”

She scowled at Him.

“And speaking of flowers, let’s have a look at your ‘flower of womanhood’,” He joked. He loved to tease her about her love of romance novels. She grunted at him behind the cock gag, but He just slapped her thigh and grinned at her helplessness.

“Sucks to be you, little one!”

He threw back His head and laughed. She’d thrown that very quote at Him just the other day on the phone. Payback was not a bitch, but a Dom with a wide sadistic streak, He mused.

“Now, let’s see…” And He peered between her spread legs. Taking another peg from the bag, He pulled one lip open, and attached the clip to it.

She made a lot of noise at that. Oh, goodie!

He put three more pegs on that same lip.

“Hmmm, it doesn’t look right. I think it needs balance.” Nodding to Himself, he applied four pegs to the other lip of her pussy. She was wriggling her ass on the bed, but He resolved that by swinging up and sitting on her pelvis, leaning forward to snap them on.

“You know, little one….this is a very pretty sight, your cunt covered in pegs like this. I think I can fit a few more on here. I know you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

He never even turned around to look at her shaking her head ‘no’.

“But it sure might hurt my cock to fuck you with all these dangerous pegs stuck on here.  Hmmmm….wait…I have an idea.”

He lifted the garter away from her inner thigh and tucked the first peg under it.

“Bingo!” He cheered. In moments he had every peg on her left lip tucked under the garter, pulling her pussy open.  He repeated the action on the other side. He slid off of her, off of the bed, and came around to view His handiwork.

“Lovely. Simply obscenely lovely. Your cunt is splayed wide open, slut.”

He took the peg bag and put it on the chair. She watched him fish something out of His jacket pocket. He popped the cap off the permanent marker. Across the top of her pussy He wrote:


in His impeccable handwriting. Putting the marker away, He took out His phone, and snapped a few pictures. She watched while He pecked something out on the tiny keyboard.

He looked up at her with a smile that made her heart flip over in her chest. Before He could speak, the phone chimed. He glanced at the message there.

“Nice,” He said, His smile growing wider.

“Company’s comin’…”


7 thoughts on “Garter”

      1. LOL! Or should that be Bitch! 🙂 I have these little 1 inch clothespegs I use for clipping things together and Wolf keeps teasing me… Granted, his fingers pinch hard enough I’d probably not notice the little ones. Not going there…

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