i’d seen it happen

it’s how my brain works…to know just enough to see the future, but not always enough detail to avoid it

except for this time.

i’d seen the accident that would shut the entire downtown area for the afternoon and evening

so, seeing,

i detoured

and found myself in a part of town i didn’t know.

it was dark and grimy and gritty but i held on to my courage…after all, if there had been danger, i would have seen it, wouldn’t i?

And then the flash.

That’s how it came sometimes, the seeing… a flash, an image.

this one was crystal clear.

a dimly lit room

a mattress that looked to have seen better days

a woman



a man buried to his hairy bush between her thighs, his hands holding her tied, bent knees, pulling himself deeper.

it was like a mini-porn film.

i shook it off. trying to ignore that the fast-shown vignette had awakened my pussy.

yeah, i watched porn, sometimes,

…with my boyfriend.


sometimes alone.

and i would masturbate with my big blue vibe and cum hard, imagining.


that the girl getting beat

and tied

and fucked

was me.

The bong of my “low gas” alarm startled me. Shit.

Why couldn’t i be prescient about that i wondered. Ahead was a grimy gas station.

i pulled in, dingding, dingding, as my car drove over the alarm. No one came out to gas me. Fuck.

Didn’t see the self-serve sign.

But it wasn’t self-serve.

i headed inside.

not much i hated more than grimy gas stations.


moldy cream cheese


My voice echoed hollowly. No one in the office, nor in the one open bay, though there was a car on the lift. i thought i heard a noise.  ah, i spied a door at the back of the garage.

Yes, the noise was louder here. A small shed outside.

i open the door.

all i can do is stare.

she is gorgeous




and naked.

She cocked her head to the side, looked me up and down in a way that made my stomach lurch

“look boys,”

the words dripped from her red lips like poisoned honey.

“it’s fresh  meat”

it was then i realized

that the woman on the mattress

in my vision

was me.


6 thoughts on “sight”

    1. grin….just now finding comments on here…i forget to check…thanks Tip…i wondered if that was you there…


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