Run 2

nilla note…this story is taking on a verrah dark have been warned

The screams echoed down the long corridor. A Master passing the door from which the screams came smiled. Another girl submitting to her Owner.

He could not resist peering inside the Piercing Room.

She was strapped down to a table that approximated a spread-eagled person. Ankles, knees, thighs, waist, neck, upper arm, elbow and wrist were all buckled tightly to prevent movement by the one being pierced, and to prevent injury to the piercer.

That one sat on a stool that brought his head and arms to the juncture of her spread legs. A  metallic click was followed by a writhing torso and a scream.

“Oh, buck up, slut,” came the exasperated voice.

Another click, another buck, another scream.

“Never heard a sub scream so much about getting her labia pierced. Although, Dalton, I’ve never seen a sub getting 9 piercings on each lip as well as one on the clit hood.”

Dalton, who stood by his subs sides, was idly pinching her tits. A ring of small blue bruises marked the passage of his fingers.

“Fidelity is an important quality. I mean to insure it,” came his implacable words.

Holt muttered under his breath “so is trust, man.” Truly, he’d never liked Dalton all that much. He wondered if the Dean knew that he was subjecting his slut to this much  torture.  While he was usually pretty lenient with his rules, this one seemed to just squeak through the lines of acceptability.

This little gal was going to be walking funny for a while.

The Master at the door saw Dalton look away from his titty torture, and glance over at him. Quickly He walked on, his step a bit faster than before.

He wondered about a visit to the Dean.




3 thoughts on “Run 2”

  1. Ouch, ouch, and ouch! 9 Piercing’s on each labia, I don’t have a labia and I can feel the pain.
    Many years ago I was challenged to get a Prince Albert, didn’t know what it was at the time. When I found out I said “No way in hell!.


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