She needed to get away. She wasn’t sure why she was running, why she was naked. Her nipples ached as she ran, and she covered them with her hands. Oh! How they ached. The hard steel bars pierced her flesh. There was tenderness there, and she knew these piercings were new.

Her hair tickled her back as she ran, heading deeper into the woods. The sun shone at an angle to let her know the day was waning, and she felt there might be shelter to hide in the trees.

She saw the low stone wall ahead. She knew that often these marked boundaries. Perhaps if she got over it, she’d be far enough away.

Her hands were on the cool stones before she heard the faint beep. Not sure where it came from, she turned around.


She scanned the woods, but there was nothing there. Turning back she put her hands on the wall and heard it again. Once more she whirled around.

There was no one, nothing stirring in the undergrowth. Even the treetops were silent.  Off in the distance, the chittering of a red squirrel broke the quiet. With a hitch in her breath, she put her hands and a foot on the wall, and hitched herself up.

The pain hit her nipples and throat simultaneously, and she fell backwards off the wall, landing on the soft loam with a thud.

“You’d think they’d learn by now that crossing the line gave them a jolt.”

“Yup. But our job wouldn’t be nearly so fun if they didn’t.”

With a chuckle, the two men went to retrieve the day’s runaway.



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