The High Cost of Home Maintenance

The waning days of fall were passing quickly. They’d worked hard to winterize the house, putting in several new windows to replace the worst of the old ones, insulating the attic, wrapping the old windows that they couldn’t afford to replace this year.

He’d gone to work this morning, leaving her a chore list to attend to. They’d talked about it over breakfast. She didn’t mind, really. Making their little house in the country all snug was part of making it theirs. They didn’t have immediate neighbors, they didn’t have tons of traffic, and life moved along at a pace that they both enjoyed.

She waved him off to work, then took up her bottle of caulking, the caulking gun, and a knife. Inserting the tube into the gun, she tightened the handle until it began pressing the caulk up the tube. Then, taking up her knife, she carefully made an angled cut to open the sealed end of the tube.

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Moving around the outside of the house, she squatted and checked the first cellar window at the front of the house. It was desperately in need of sealing, and she made short work of laying a bead around the edges of the sill. In the spring they would dig out a well and put a window cover over it; for now caulking would have to do.

She went to the second window and repeated the process. Rising, she stretched. One quarter of the way done. Moving on, she quickly sealed the two side windows, and the first of the back ones as well. In 20 minutes she’d done half the windows and was jubilant. The sun was shining brightly, and it was balmy. What a bonus to getting the last of the outside work done. She went to the second back window. It was ajar.

“Oh shit.” She lay the caulking gun down, and tried to pull the window tighter with her fingertips. She didn’t want to go back inside the house,  run down to the  cellar, lock the fucking window, then run back up and caulk it. If she could just get it shut mostly tight, she could lock it afterwards.

Pressing against the lower edge, the window suddenly swung inwards, and her gun slid over the edge of the sill and began to fall. She pressed the window open as she lunged for it. She caught the gun, barely.

Yet when she tried to press back out of the window, she got hung up. With her head hanging down, she couldn’t see what she was caught on.  She tugged her skirt up with her free hand. She could feel the sun on the back of her legs. Obviously it wasn’t her skirt that was stuck. She tried to tug on her shirt but she was wedged between the lower frame and the window. Her arm was getting pins n needles so she dropped it.

What the fuck was she going to do now? Her hair hung around her face, she was stuck half-way through the window, and she couldn’t go forward and fall on her head…the floor was a good 5 or 6 feet below her here. And she couldn’t seem to back up, either.

She let out a yelp when something cold touched the back of her leg. Pressing against the stone foundation, she tried to push herself up enough to see what was going on. She dropped the caulking gun and it fell with a clatter to the floor below.  The cold, wet thing touched her again, higher this time, and sneezed.

Oh gods, it was Juno, the neighbors dog. They were forever leaving him out to wander. They lived almost a half-mile away, but Juno managed to find their yard at least once a week.

His inquisitive nose pushed hard against her rump.

“JUNO! STOP THAT!” she yelped. He stood on the back of one thigh, then sniffed again. His foot slipped down as he bent to sniff at the junction of her thighs again.

Gods, she and Marc had wild jungle sex this morning and she hadn’t showered yet.  That was likely what the fucking dog was sniffing at. Jeezuz!

“UGH! JUNO! NO NO BAD DOG!”  She yelled as he began lapping at her ass. His snuffling nose had begun to push her skirt higher, and she felt the sun on her ass.

His lapping tongue hit her moist slit. She felt him quiver. Suddenly he attacked her pussy with fervor. Lapping and snorting with delight, his tongue was tickling and fuck if it wasn’t turning her on, too.

He suddenly collapsed between her spread legs, she felt the warm fuzzy length of him along her inner thighs, as he lowered his head and feasted. His tongue slicked along her pussy, over her ass, up to her asshole, and back to her cunt.

He hit her clit over and over, making her jolt and grunt. She was dizzy from the turn on, from hanging upside down for so long.  When she came the first time it was a shock, and left her limp. Juno lapped her harder, deeper, his tongue seeking the source of the delicate taste.

There was the sound of a car door slamming shut, and a male voice hollering “Juno! JUNO! Where the fuck are you, you fucking bone-headed dog?”

She was torn between mortifying embarrassment and relief.  Anthony would help get her out of this predicament.  And he’d bear witness to her humiliating pose, his dog licking her pussy.

“Gezuz H. Jumping Keerist!”

The dog was suddenly pulled away, and hands tugged at her waist, lifting the window. In seconds she was free.

He half-carried her into the house, getting her a drink of water, making certain she was okay.

“Thank you.” She couldn’t meet his eyes. She was blushing profusely.

“Oh, thank YOU,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more entertaining. But you know, if you wanted my dog to lick you off, all you ever had to do was ask. And let me watch, of course.”

He laughed as she blushed.

“I’ll be back on Friday. Me and Juno. See you then, sweet bitch.”


5 thoughts on “The High Cost of Home Maintenance”

  1. I have a neighbor that I would love to see stuck in a window like that, but she has her own dog, and I think he smiles…… Tip,

    PS, I’m going to really enjoy your dark side my dear.

      1. You know dear that I have a dilemma every day now as to where to go first when I log on with all your different blogs. I am not gripping now, don’t take me wrong. Tip

      2. *smiling* well, Tip, i don’t write here *everyday*…though i have some pretty good ideas coming up!


  2. ROFLOL! Damn. Why oh why did I know it was going to be a dog story? I have to admit that I really like them. Guess I write too many werewolf stories with wolfy sex for them to squick me.
    Love you!

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