Run 2

nilla note…this story is taking on a verrah dark have been warned

The screams echoed down the long corridor. A Master passing the door from which the screams came smiled. Another girl submitting to her Owner.

He could not resist peering inside the Piercing Room.

She was strapped down to a table that approximated a spread-eagled person. Ankles, knees, thighs, waist, neck, upper arm, elbow and wrist were all buckled tightly to prevent movement by the one being pierced, and to prevent injury to the piercer.

That one sat on a stool that brought his head and arms to the juncture of her spread legs. A  metallic click was followed by a writhing torso and a scream.

“Oh, buck up, slut,” came the exasperated voice.

Another click, another buck, another scream.

“Never heard a sub scream so much about getting her labia pierced. Although, Dalton, I’ve never seen a sub getting 9 piercings on each lip as well as one on the clit hood.”

Dalton, who stood by his subs sides, was idly pinching her tits. A ring of small blue bruises marked the passage of his fingers.

“Fidelity is an important quality. I mean to insure it,” came his implacable words.

Holt muttered under his breath “so is trust, man.” Truly, he’d never liked Dalton all that much. He wondered if the Dean knew that he was subjecting his slut to this much  torture.  While he was usually pretty lenient with his rules, this one seemed to just squeak through the lines of acceptability.

This little gal was going to be walking funny for a while.

The Master at the door saw Dalton look away from his titty torture, and glance over at him. Quickly He walked on, his step a bit faster than before.

He wondered about a visit to the Dean.





She needed to get away. She wasn’t sure why she was running, why she was naked. Her nipples ached as she ran, and she covered them with her hands. Oh! How they ached. The hard steel bars pierced her flesh. There was tenderness there, and she knew these piercings were new.

Her hair tickled her back as she ran, heading deeper into the woods. The sun shone at an angle to let her know the day was waning, and she felt there might be shelter to hide in the trees.

She saw the low stone wall ahead. She knew that often these marked boundaries. Perhaps if she got over it, she’d be far enough away.

Her hands were on the cool stones before she heard the faint beep. Not sure where it came from, she turned around.


She scanned the woods, but there was nothing there. Turning back she put her hands on the wall and heard it again. Once more she whirled around.

There was no one, nothing stirring in the undergrowth. Even the treetops were silent.  Off in the distance, the chittering of a red squirrel broke the quiet. With a hitch in her breath, she put her hands and a foot on the wall, and hitched herself up.

The pain hit her nipples and throat simultaneously, and she fell backwards off the wall, landing on the soft loam with a thud.

“You’d think they’d learn by now that crossing the line gave them a jolt.”

“Yup. But our job wouldn’t be nearly so fun if they didn’t.”

With a chuckle, the two men went to retrieve the day’s runaway.


The High Cost of Home Maintenance

The waning days of fall were passing quickly. They’d worked hard to winterize the house, putting in several new windows to replace the worst of the old ones, insulating the attic, wrapping the old windows that they couldn’t afford to replace this year.

He’d gone to work this morning, leaving her a chore list to attend to. They’d talked about it over breakfast. She didn’t mind, really. Making their little house in the country all snug was part of making it theirs. They didn’t have immediate neighbors, they didn’t have tons of traffic, and life moved along at a pace that they both enjoyed.

She waved him off to work, then took up her bottle of caulking, the caulking gun, and a knife. Inserting the tube into the gun, she tightened the handle until it began pressing the caulk up the tube. Then, taking up her knife, she carefully made an angled cut to open the sealed end of the tube.

 Product Details

Moving around the outside of the house, she squatted and checked the first cellar window at the front of the house. It was desperately in need of sealing, and she made short work of laying a bead around the edges of the sill. In the spring they would dig out a well and put a window cover over it; for now caulking would have to do.

She went to the second window and repeated the process. Rising, she stretched. One quarter of the way done. Moving on, she quickly sealed the two side windows, and the first of the back ones as well. In 20 minutes she’d done half the windows and was jubilant. The sun was shining brightly, and it was balmy. What a bonus to getting the last of the outside work done. She went to the second back window. It was ajar.

“Oh shit.” She lay the caulking gun down, and tried to pull the window tighter with her fingertips. She didn’t want to go back inside the house,  run down to the  cellar, lock the fucking window, then run back up and caulk it. If she could just get it shut mostly tight, she could lock it afterwards.

Pressing against the lower edge, the window suddenly swung inwards, and her gun slid over the edge of the sill and began to fall. She pressed the window open as she lunged for it. She caught the gun, barely.

Yet when she tried to press back out of the window, she got hung up. With her head hanging down, she couldn’t see what she was caught on.  She tugged her skirt up with her free hand. She could feel the sun on the back of her legs. Obviously it wasn’t her skirt that was stuck. She tried to tug on her shirt but she was wedged between the lower frame and the window. Her arm was getting pins n needles so she dropped it.

What the fuck was she going to do now? Her hair hung around her face, she was stuck half-way through the window, and she couldn’t go forward and fall on her head…the floor was a good 5 or 6 feet below her here. And she couldn’t seem to back up, either.

She let out a yelp when something cold touched the back of her leg. Pressing against the stone foundation, she tried to push herself up enough to see what was going on. She dropped the caulking gun and it fell with a clatter to the floor below.  The cold, wet thing touched her again, higher this time, and sneezed.

Oh gods, it was Juno, the neighbors dog. They were forever leaving him out to wander. They lived almost a half-mile away, but Juno managed to find their yard at least once a week.

His inquisitive nose pushed hard against her rump.

“JUNO! STOP THAT!” she yelped. He stood on the back of one thigh, then sniffed again. His foot slipped down as he bent to sniff at the junction of her thighs again.

Gods, she and Marc had wild jungle sex this morning and she hadn’t showered yet.  That was likely what the fucking dog was sniffing at. Jeezuz!

“UGH! JUNO! NO NO BAD DOG!”  She yelled as he began lapping at her ass. His snuffling nose had begun to push her skirt higher, and she felt the sun on her ass.

His lapping tongue hit her moist slit. She felt him quiver. Suddenly he attacked her pussy with fervor. Lapping and snorting with delight, his tongue was tickling and fuck if it wasn’t turning her on, too.

He suddenly collapsed between her spread legs, she felt the warm fuzzy length of him along her inner thighs, as he lowered his head and feasted. His tongue slicked along her pussy, over her ass, up to her asshole, and back to her cunt.

He hit her clit over and over, making her jolt and grunt. She was dizzy from the turn on, from hanging upside down for so long.  When she came the first time it was a shock, and left her limp. Juno lapped her harder, deeper, his tongue seeking the source of the delicate taste.

There was the sound of a car door slamming shut, and a male voice hollering “Juno! JUNO! Where the fuck are you, you fucking bone-headed dog?”

She was torn between mortifying embarrassment and relief.  Anthony would help get her out of this predicament.  And he’d bear witness to her humiliating pose, his dog licking her pussy.

“Gezuz H. Jumping Keerist!”

The dog was suddenly pulled away, and hands tugged at her waist, lifting the window. In seconds she was free.

He half-carried her into the house, getting her a drink of water, making certain she was okay.

“Thank you.” She couldn’t meet his eyes. She was blushing profusely.

“Oh, thank YOU,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more entertaining. But you know, if you wanted my dog to lick you off, all you ever had to do was ask. And let me watch, of course.”

He laughed as she blushed.

“I’ll be back on Friday. Me and Juno. See you then, sweet bitch.”

Sign Here

She was running the vacuum around the front hall where the kids had knocked over a plant on their way out the door. Late for the bus again, and her husband off to an early meeting in the city.

Well, the joys of being a stay-at-home mom were plentiful, she laughed to herself. Just as she was finishing her doorbell rang. She clicked off the  vac, and opened the door.

A man in a blue uniform stood there, holding a letter, and a clipboard.

“Registered letter, Miss.” He thrust the letter at her. “Sign here.”

She wondered who had sent them a registered letter, but the address was obscured by his thumb as he held out the envelope. As she reached for it, he took her wrist, pushed her hard inside, and shut the door.

“What?” was all she had time for before he stuffed a wad of bubble wrap into her mouth. A quick pass of tape around her mouth and head secured it.

She tried to push him away but forgetting about the vacuum, she tripped over it and fell heavily to the floor. He was on her in an instant. Her skirt was shoved up past her hips, and he was between her sprawled legs. Her hip ached where it has struck the floor, and she was shaken from her fall.

It took only seconds before she felt the probing at her pussy. He’d just pushed the crotch of her panties aside, and suddenly he was sliding inside of her.

He pumped into her, quick and hard, his hands holding hers over her head. He stared down at her through half-lidded eyes as his cock parried and thrust inside of her. She could barely breathe with the thick ball of plastic in her mouth; it didn’t seem to matter to him. He began grunting, making short jabs into her pussy.

It was over moments later, her cunt drooling with his seed.

He dropped the letter on her chest as he tucked his cock away, and walked outside. She heard him whistling as he jogged down her front steps. In moments the sound of an engine starting carried to her, where she lay, stunned, on the floor.

She gathered her wits and unwrapped the tape. It stuck and pulled in her hair as she  worked it free, then spat out the wrapping in her mouth.  Coughing and drawing long, deep breaths, she looked at the letter, where it lay on the floor beside her.

With a shaking hand she saw it was addressed to her.

She tore it open.


you have refused to have another child with me. you know that i desire more children.  the man who just fucked you is renowned for having powerful swimmers, and you are ovulating.



She heard a car in the driveway, and stumbled to her feet. Richard had engineered this? How fucking insane! What if that guy was coming back…she heard the back door open, as she stood in the doorway.

Looking up, he stood there. Her fucking husband. With a huge smile on his face. And a big lump in the front of his pants.

“Hi honey, I’m home.”




She showed up on his doorstep, soaked to the skin. She was so wet that he could see a freckle on her chest through her wet, white blouse. A blouse that had become translucent now that it was matted to her body.

Her breasts showed through clearly, perky and firm, and very braless. Her nipples were hard nuggets pressing against the fabric.

“Please, Sir, may I use your phone? My car died at the end of your driveway, my cell isn’t getting a signal…”

He looked down at her, standing there, pleading for his help. He was never one to turn away opportunity.

“Very well,” he said, standing aside to allow her entry. “Come in.”

She shivered as the warmth of the house embraced her. Gods, she was so cold! Her hair hung in wet ropes, framing her face, and dripping down her breasts. She could hear the faint sound of dripping as she stood there.

“I…I don’t want to make a mess on your floor. It’s beautiful,” she complimented him.

“It is reclaimed barn wood, and has seen its share of weather. Come inside and get dry. You’re not likely to get service out here in this type of weather. Rather silly to be driving in this monsoon,” he said, a hint of admonishment in his voice.

There was a flicker, and suddenly all went dark.

She gasped. In the dim half-light, he looked down at her mockingly.

“You go out in a driving rainstorm after all the warnings on the news, yet you’re afraid of the dark?”

“I was just…startled.” She began to wonder if she should have come here, come into a strangers house.

“The bathroom is this way.” He led her deeper into the house, and into the kitchen. In one corner was a door. He turned left and there was a second door, one only visible once in the room. He held it ajar and she saw the small powder room there.

“Strip off your clothing and I’ll throw it in the dryer.” He turned away. “I’ll get you a shirt.”

She swallowed her voice, her protest, as her teeth began to chatter. She felt frozen to the bone. Ducking inside the small bathroom, she stripped and used the small towel there to wipe down her arms and legs. She blotted her hair, and quickly soaked the little towel.

She whirled as the door to the bathroom opened. He stood there, blocking any exit, looking at her. She tried to cover her breasts, but he stepped into the room, and pulled the small towel from her.  Briskly he rubbed it down her head, over her shoulders, down her back.

She was too stunned, to cold, to protest. Even when his towel draped hand found her breasts, and began rubbing them, too, she was still too fuddled to speak a word of protest.

When the towel fell to the floor, he left it laying there. His hands cupped and tugged at her tits, his fingers latching onto her nipples. She gasped at the warmth of his hands on her frozen flesh.  But she pushed at him.

“No…no…you can’t…”

“Hell I can’t,” he growled.

Taking a fistful of her hair, he pulled her from the bathroom. In moments they had crossed the kitchen and he pulled her across the kitchen table. She struggled, but his grip on her hair was painful. She heard the clink of his belt, and began to struggle in earnest. Yet in only a moment or two, the belt was wrapped around her wrists. He tugged the strap tight, holding her bound wrists against her belly.

For a moment, his face was savage, feral. She looked up at him, wide-eyed, knowing what was going to happen. It was impossible to fight him. He was half-again as tall as she, lean and hard-muscled. His pants fell to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing boxers or briefs, just a long hard cock jutting from a nest of wiry hair.  She shuddered, and moaned.

“Please, it won’t fit, you’ll rip me apart.” She pleaded with him.

“You best pray it fits in your little cunny, or you’ll really be screaming….it doesn’t matter to me which hole it goes into…but make no mistake, girl, my cock is going to be pushing into one of those two tunnels.”

She stared at him, and wriggled, but he held her in place easily.

“NO, not my ass, not my ass, ogodplease!” she screamed, feeling the head of his shaft sliding along her slit, pressing against that tightly puckered opening. He pressed it there for a moment, making her squirm.

He enjoyed how that felt.

He pushed again, and she squirmed and yelped. In a flash he pressed hard and fast, and popped the bulbous cock-head  into her butt-hole. The sound she let out was that of a wounded animal, and made his cock hard as marble. Geezuz but he enjoyed a wriggling whore. A noisy one to boot, well, that was a pure bonus.

Holding her wrists against her belly with one hand, and standing between her kicking legs, he pressed his torso against the apex of her thighs.  Slowly at first, then pressing deeper as her anus gave way, he buried his throbbing cock into her dark back passage.

So fucking hot. So incredibly tight. The ring around her entry squeezed and flexed as her body tried to adjust to the sudden invader. It was an incredibly sensual massage all around his cock, and pressing it slowly prolonged his pleasure. Finally he was buried to the hilt, his balls pressed into her asscrack where her butt hung off the table.

He watched the tears flow, as she glared at him. Her eyes were venomous pools of hate. He smiled down at her.

“Your ass is the tightest fucking thing I’ve fucked in a long while, girl. We’re going to have a lovely time together, aren’t we?”

He laughed as she shook her head no. He withdrew, and she gasped, then screamed loudly as he plunged, hard and fast, back inside of her asshole. She shrieked and bucked, trying to push him out. He wasn’t budging. She kicked her legs, tossed her head, and hurtled invective at him.

“If you fight me too much, I’ll tie you to the table. Might not be a bad idea anyway, really. Then I can play with your pretty little titties while I’m fucking your butthole.”

He withdrew and plunged again, making her whimper and whinney in pain. He slowed the pace, making long, slow strokes that squeezed along the length of his shaft; he wanted to prolong this for as long as he could.  Eventually, even that could not forestall the inevitable, and he felt the beginnings of his orgasm beginning to boil in his balls.

“I’m going to shoot a nice, thick load of cum up your poop shoot, girl,” he growled, and he pounded a few, hard strokes. With a gurgling cry, he buried his cock in her ass, releasing her hands and grabbing her hips to grind himself as deeply as possible.

His cock surged and trembled in her ass, releasing his sex juice into her gut. His fingers bit into her hips until the last drop was expelled and he leaned forward against her, gasping.

It only took him a moment or two to recover, and he’d braced himself on her so that she could not move. She was sniffling snot and tears,  unable to speak. Her asshole throbbed. She felt the sticky semen seeping from her abused hole, as he pulled her up and off of the table, then the slow and steady ooze of it. It began trickling down the back of her right thigh  as  she stood on wobbly legs.

“C’mon,” he said, pulling her out of the kitchen by her hair. She stumbled along trying to keep up. He headed upstairs, pulling her along. She cried and begged.

“Oh, it hurts, please, please let me go. I won’t tell, I swear I won’t…og god, PLEASE…”

He looked down at her as they stopped. There was a door with a key in the keyhole.

“Looks like you’ll be staying a while,” he said. Pushing her into the room, she heard the click of the lock. She pounded on the door, but only heard his footsteps retreating down the hall.

He went downstairs at a trot and grabbed up the keys to his tractor. Several minutes passed before it came around the back of the house. She watched from the window, which was barred shut. She could just see the green vehicle heading down the long drive towards her car.

She was still watching when he returned, her car in tow behind it. Her heart began to pound when the engine quit. Soon she would hear the sound of his footsteps as he entered the house.

She knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he returned, to enter her.


Here You Will Find…

In the weeks and months to come, i will be sharing stories that are dark, sometimes fearful, and all pure fantasy. If you are squeemish, not into the BDSM lifestyle or offended by a wide variety of sex acts, you should venture no further. Otherwise, read on, and do take time to comment from time to time and let me know what you think.